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Russian Commercial Visa

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You can find detailed information about Russian Commercial Visa Documents and application steps, sample of invitation and format of commercial invitation. We recommend that you should read information on our page before applying for a Russian visa.
You can only participate in tourist and commercial activities in Russia by obtaining a Russian visa. The Russian tourist and commercial visa does not allow to work or family reunion in the country.
If you submit the necessary documents for the Russian commercial visa to our office by cargo, our officer will apply for you without having to come to you personally.

Please contact us to start your Russian Commercial Visa process without losing time.

Required Documents for Russian Commercial Visa

  • Invitation: The Consulate General of Russia and the Russian Embassy require invitations and written applications for commercial visas.The applicant must submit the original invitation issued by the Federal Migration Department of the Russian Federation (FMS Rossii) or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (MID Rossii).
  • Passport: must be valid at least 6 months
  • Personal Information or EAGVS Russian Visa Request Form: Contacts information (travel city, travel dates, home address, mobile phone, occupation, business name, business address). If you fill the Russian visa request form and send it to our office with your other documents, we provide the necessary support for filling the application form. After the form is printed, the photograph should be pasted and attached to the application file. If you are going to Nazran, Vladikavkaz, Beslan, Grozny, Nalchik, the investigation period may be extended.
  • Biometric Photo: must be 35x45 mm size, coloured and up to date

Russia Commercial Visa Invitation

You need to provide an invitation letter to Russian Authorities for commercial trips to Russia. You can obtain your commercial invitation as original or electronically. Russia Commercial Visa provides the right to stay in Russia during 90 days in 180 days. It is not possible to stay more than 90 days. The annual visas should include the inscription "ДЕЙСТВУЕТ 90 ДНЕЙ ИЗ КАЖДЫХ 180". Commercial invitations to be provided by persons wishing to travel to Russia must be approved by the Ministry of the Russian Federation (УФМС). Invitations sent without the approval of the Ministry (УФМС) cannot be used for commercial visa applications by Russian Federations. Invitations are checked before approved by Russian Federation. The travel history of the person who will travel to Russia and the entry and exit of Russia are important. If the person has encountered any problems during his/her travels in Russia, the invitation may not be approved. While the original invitation can be applied without delay, the electronic invitation can be processed after the approval of the Russian Embassy and the Russian Consulate.

Russia Commercial Visa Processing

Documents must be complete and accurate preparation of the documents. This is most important step for Russian Commercial Visa applications. Visa officers are evaluated according to the declared documents. If there are any deficiencies or errors in these documents, visa application may result negatively. It is forbidden to engage in commercial activities with a tourist visa in Russia. You must apply for a Russian commercial visa to engage in commercial activities in Russia.

In order to apply for a commercial visa, you must have a business partnership with a business organization operating in the Russian Federation. In addition to this, you have to obtain a business invitation from the business organization.

Russian Visa Validity Period

Russia Commercial visa is issued as single entry or double entry which is valid for 90 days within one year. The duration of the visa will be determined for the duration of the commercial event in Russia. For example; If the exhibition does not take place continuously, a single or double entry visa is issued by the consulate. If the applicant wishes to open a branch or to establish a partnership in Russia related to its commercial activity, he/she can apply for a 1-year multi-entry visa. However, the period of stay in Russia should not exceed 90 days every 180 days for multi-entry commercial visas. You can follow the steps below to complete your Russian visa application.

Russian Commercial Visa Application Steps

  • Fill out the Russian Visa Application Form

The first stage of the Russian commercial visa application process is fill out the application form. The Russian visa application form should complete online. The application form can be filled in Russian, English, Italian, German and French. If the application is suspended for 20 minutes or more, the system will automatically shut down, so remember to save the initial application number. If the system shuts down before completing the form, you can login with your application number, otherwise all operations will have to be restarted.

You can get advice from our officers about how to fill out the Russian visa application form in accordance with the specified instructions.

  • Send Your Paperwork To Our Office by Cargo

The next step after completing the application form is that prepare the necessary documents for the Russia commercial visa. After receiving information from our officers about the list of required documents for the Russian Commercial Visa, you can prepare your documents and send them to our office by cargo. Please note that the Russian Embassy and the Russian Consulate General may request additional documents if they deem necessary or call the applicant for a face-to-face meeting.

  • We Are Making an appointment for a Russian Visa Application

The Russian Embassy and Consulate General of Russia in Istanbul, the Consulate General of Trabzon in Russia and the Consulate General of Antalya are authorized to decide on Russian Commercial Visa applications. These representations do not have any space limitations. Therefore, you do not need to bring your documents in person. When you send it to our head office by cargo, we can apply to Russian Commercial Visa with your documents from Istanbul. Russian visa applications can make in the application centers, which are in Istanbul, Ankara, Trabzon and Antalya. Appointments from these centers may take a long time. 

  • We Send Your Passport to your address

After your visa has been approved and issued, we will deliver your passport from the consulate and send it to your specified work or home address by cargo.We recommend that you should check the pages of your visa when you receive your passport. If there is a mistake in your name, surname, photograph or visa entry-exit dates, please inform the consulate visa department immediately.

Russian Visa Fee 2023

Russian visa fee consists of consular fee, transaction center service fee and visa service, consulting service fee. You can also benefit from the express visa service offered by the Russian Consulate. Russia Express Visa service is a value-added service. Please ask for the Russian standard tourist visa and Russian express visa fee for 2023. The duration of the express visa is 48 hours after the application date.

Required Documents for Foreign Citizens

Residence Permit Certificate: Foreigners with a TR residence permit for 90 days must submit original residence permit. This situation is valid for following countries nations; Albania, Bahrain, Venezuela, Haiti, Egypt, Ireland, Lesotho, Mexico, Mali, Macedonia, Libya, Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Oman, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Equatorial Guinea, Citizens of the Republic of South Africa, Japan, Sierra Leone must submit the original residence permit. Also Algeria with permanent residence in Turkey, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Angola, Vietnam, India, Iraq, Iran, China, North Korea, Georgia, Nigeria, Nepal, Rwanda, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, Chad, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia.

Student Certificate / Work Permit: The student or work permit must be attached to the file in order to prove that he / she has a TR residence permit for 90 days.
Russian Tourist Visa applications are evaluated and finalized within 3-10 working days. However, this period may be extended due to public holidays and intensity. We recommend that you should make your application at least 1 month before your travel date to Russia. If you wish to obtain a Russian visa in less time, you can also apply for a Russian Express Visa, but you need to pay an additional fee. Express visa applications are finalized within 48 hours (2 days).

Rejection of Russian Visa Application

Even if you submit required documents without deficient and mistake for a Russian commercial visa, your visa may be rejected. The Letter of rejection is sent by the Consulate. The reasons are given in this letter. After making the arrangements about your application, you can appeal to the Russian Consulate or Russian Embassy.

Entry to Russia with Commercial Visa

The fact that you have obtained a Russian commercial visa does not mean that you will have a definite entry into Russia. The Russian border police will decide that you can or not enter the country. We recommended that you should bring your documents on your Russia trip, which are travel documents, invitations, contracts, tourist acceptance documents, round-trip tickets.

  • Applications with passports older than 10 years are rejected by the Russian Consulate.
  • Officers at the Russian border crossing do not allow people who wish to enter Russia with passports whose pages are torn, heavily worn or affixed with tape.
  • The invitation for a Russian commercial visa must be approved by the Russian Foreign Ministry. The invitation document must be original.
  • The person cannot take an extension for Russian Commercial Visa periods by the Russian authorities.

According to the implementation between Turkey and Russia, Citizens of Turkey have to obtain Russian visa for going to Russia.  Therefore, people who are service (grey), private (green) and public (claret red), passport holders, are required to apply for a Russian Visa to go to Russia.


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