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Recently the most common question about the Russian visa is ‘do Turkish citizens have to obtain a visa to go to Russia?’. Turkey citizens must obtain a visa to enter Russia.
Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey signed mutual visa exemption agreement in 2010, however the agreement has unilaterally abolished on 1th January 2016 by Russian Federation. According to the implementation between Turkey and Russia, Citizens of Turkey have to obtain Russian visa for going to Russia.  Therefore, people who are Service (Grey), Private (Green) and Public (Claret Red) passport holders, are required to apply for a Russian Visa to go to Russia. In addition to this, the current diplomatic (black) passport holders’ citizens of Turkey, for 90 days without a visa to make entry and exit to the territory of the Russian Federation, can stay and be able to transit.
On our website visitors can find detailed information about Russian visa, Russian visa application, Russian relative visit visa, Russian family visit visa, Russian friend visit visa applications, Russian visa invitation format.
Euroasia GVS employees provide consultancy services regarding the completion of visa application form, the documents required for obtaining Russian visa, and the type and duration of the visa. Only the diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation are authorized to evaluate and finalize the visa application.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at help@eagvs.com or contact us via our support line for any questions and suggestions regarding  Russian emergency visa.

Types of Russian Visa

Types of Russian Visa are vary depending on entry to the country and travel purpose.  Visa types of Russia up to 90 days are as follows.
  • Russian Tourist Visa
  • Russian Commercial Visa
  • Russian Family Visit Visa
  • Russian Humanities Visa
  • Russian Transit Visa

Requirement Documents for Russian Visa Application

During the Russian visa application the person does not need to be in person at the application office.
  • Passport (must be valid at least 6 months)
  • Two photos (must be 35x45 mm size, coloured and up to date)
  • Russian visa request form

Application of Russian Visa

Before the person start visa procedure for Russia, must determine the number and purpose of your trip to Russia. Please be advised that the number of arrivals and departures will affect the visa fee. Single-entry applications are mostly approved for touristic purposes.
Applicants for the Russian visa may apply for a single entry, double entry and multiple entry visa.
Single-entry visa: It provides one entry and one exit right for the person traveling to Russia.
Double-entry visa: The person, who has double-entry visa, has two entries and two exit right with this visa.
Multiple-entry visa: It provides at least two or more entries for the person to Russia.
Citizens of countries are entitled to stay in Russia for a maximum 90 days for every 180 days, who have multiple-entry Russian visas. However, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, if they neglect this rule, they may lose their right to enter Russia.
EAGVS serves to improve the service quality of visa applicants for entry into Russia, to speed up and simplify the procedures for issuing visas, and to provide simplified transaction services for visa applicants. Simply fill in the EAGVS visa information form and note down the city information the person will be traveling to especially in Russia.

About Tourist Visa

The Russian tourist visa is issued on number of day as requested by the applicant. For instance, if the applicant will be staying in Russia for 5 days, the tourist visa is issued for 5 days. The person's visa starts on the date requested and ends on the date specified. Visa authorities will take into account the hotel accommodation reservations of the applicant. They give the visa between the dates of booking. If the person intends to travel after the visa start date, he / she should check the visa usage period.

About Commercial Visa

Applicants to attend the fair in Russia are required to obtain a Televoy visa. Applicants who are going to the fair must inform our officials about this.

Appointment of Russian Visa

It may take a long time to make an appointment on the dates when the Russian Consulate is busy. If you want to make a visa appointment without wasting time, you can contact our office. Our officer will make your appointment at the most convenient day and time. If you are planning a short-term trip to Russia and want your visa to keep up with your travel date, you must apply at least 1 month before your travel date.

Is the Schengen visa valid in Russia?

Schengen visa is not valid for entered into Russia. Likewise, entry into the Schengen area is not possible with a Russian visa.
The documents required for a Russian visa are different from Schengen visa documents. You can obtain your Russian visa through Euroasia GVS with your passport and two photos.

Russian Consulates Delimitation of Authority Area

For the Russia visa applications review, evaluation and decision-making power belongs to Russia's diplomatic representation in Turkey. These are Embassy of Russia in Ankara, Consulate General of Russia in Istanbul, Consulate General of Russia in Antalya and Trabzon Consulate General of Russia.
These agencies have no limitation of authority area.  If you send your documents to our visa Office by cargo, we will apply visa without being by person in the visa Office or Consulate. Beside, does not matter which city you live in.

How to Apply for a Russian Visa

  • Fill in the Russian Visa Application Form
Please fill in the information on the EAGVS visa request form and send the necessary documents to our office by cargo. Based on the information, which is you provide on our application form, our officers will assist in completing the online visa application form. The Russian visa application form should complete online. The application form can be filled in Russian, English, Italian, German and French. The form should be printed. Incorrect information should not be given on the form.Otherwise, your visa application may have negative results.A little error may result in the rejection of the visa request.We recommend that you seek support from our officers during the form filling process.
  • Please send your paperwork to our office
The documents required for Russian visa application vary according to the type of visa.You have to prepare your documents completely and send them to our office by cargo.Please note that the Russian Embassy and the Russian Consulate General may request additional documents if they deem necessary or call the applicant for a face-to-face meeting.
  • Our officers will call you
Our officers will check your documents as soon as they arrive at our office and inform you about any missing or incorrect documents.If you send faulty and missing documents, our officers want from you to correct it as soon as possible.
  • We will make your Russian visa appointment

The only authority for Russian visa applications is the Russian Embassy in Ankara and the General Consulate of Russia in Istanbul, Antalya and Trabzon.Visa applications can be made through the application centres and agencies authorized by these Russian Embassy and General Consulate in Turkey.It may take a long time to get an appointment from the visa application centres in Antalya, Istanbul, Ankara and Trabzon.If you contact our officers, he/she will get your appointment on your behalf as soon as possible.
  • We send your passport
Russian short term visa applications are finalized within 4-10 working days.However, these periods may extend due to public holidays and intensity.After your visa is approved, your passport will be taken by our officer and will send it to your address via cargo.
Russian express visa applications are finalized within 48 hours.Please contact us for Russia express visa applications.

Where can the person enter with a Russia tourist visa?

When you travel to Russia as a tourist, the cities, where are tourism activities performed, should be preferred. You need to obtain a Voucher tourist certificate for your destination city in Russia. You must obtain this certificate from a Russian tour company authorized for that city.Make sure that the Voucher document includes square-coded and original signature.
The cities, where are you will visit during your journey, should be stated in the Voucher document obtained from your Russian tour operator and should be included in the tour operator's touristic travel area. In Russia, the cities, where are you enter as tourist attractions, are important, but the city you depart from does not matter. When entering Russia, the city in your Voucher document will be checked by Russian officers. In addition to this, you can choose the airport of any city when departing.
If you are going to Nazran, Vladikavkaz, Beslan, Grozny, Nalchik the investigation period may be extended. The investigation period in this cities is 15 days.

Online Russian Application Form       

One of the most important documents for Russian visa applications is the Visa Application Form. Russian visa application form should complete as online. This form should fill in electronically from the website of the Consulate Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. If you pause for more than 20 minutes during the form filling process, your session will time out and your process will be terminated by system. Therefore, remember to save your application tracking number and draft when you start filling out the form.Otherwise you will do all the operations from the beginning. The form canfillin English, Russian, German, Italian and French.The form contains questions to get to know the applicant closely.As the visa authorities of the Russian Embassy and General Consulate of Russia will consider the information in this form, please make sure that the information,which is you declare, is correct and complete.If your information is incorrect, your visa application may be rejected or your approved visa may be cancelled and criminal proceedings may be initiated against you as required by Russian law.After completing the online application form, you should print it and sign it, then paste your biometric photo of 3.5x4.5 mm in the photo section.All information stated in the visa application form must be accurate and legal.If you apply for a visa through our visa service, our Russian Department officers provide the necessary support to fill out the Russian visa application form in accordance with the instructions of the Russian Consulate.

How long to get Russian visa?

The official authorities for Russian visa applications are the Russian Embassy and the Russian General Consulates. The evaluation process starts afterpay the visa fee and submission of the documents to these agencies. According to the type of visa, times of the visa resultingshow difference.In general, Russian short-term visa applications (tourist, commercial, visiting and transit) visa applications finalize within 4-10 working days.However, these periods may vary depending on the intensity, public holidays and the decision of the Consulate officer. Consular institutions have right to extend and change the visa processing period up to 30 days in the investigation of documents related to obtaining Russian visa.If you are going to Nazran, Vladikavkaz, Beslan, Grozny, Nalchik, the investigation period may be extended. The investigation period in this cities is 15 days.

Obligation to register in Russia

If you are staying in Russia for less than 7 business days, you do not have to register yourself. However, if you are staying in Russia for 7 days or more, you need to inform relevant authorities about your accommodation address. This procedure applies to legal travel obligation of the Federal State of Russia.

Russia Express Visa

Citizens of the Republic of Turkey in less time to get a tourist visa for Russia, who can apply for Russia Express Visa. According to Russian official authorities, Russian Express visa applications finalize within 2 working days. People, who do not want to waste time in Russian visa procedures and who need to urgent travel to Russia, can call our Call Centre for Russia Express visa applications.

Russian Visa Fees 2023

Consular fees to be paid for Russian visa applications vary according to the visa category, visa type, number of entries and the citizenship of the applicant.The amount requested from the applicant for Russian visa fee includes consular visa fee, application centre service fee and our consultancy fee. Russia visa fee can pay by cash, credit card or bank transfer.If your Russian visa application is refused, the visa fees are not refundable.Russian Visa fee includes all processing costs.
Please call our call center for detailed information about the Russian visa fee and required documents for your travel purpose.

Russian Visa Exemption

The citizens of Turkey, who have a temporary residence permit or permanent residence in Russian Federation, special and services passport ship’s logbook, sailors booklet, are exempt from the Russian visa for entrance to Russia.  Since 31 May 2017, The citizens of Turkey, who are charter flights and private flights crew with their valid passports and flight crew ID, are able to enter Russian border, stay adjacent to the airport and return with another flight without visa.

What should you do after get your Russian Visa?

When your Russian visa application is affirmative, our officer will send your passport to your address via cargo.When you get your passport, the first thing to do is check your passport’s page, which includes your Russian visa. The Russian visa issued on the passport should contain the following information.Your name and surname (in Russian and Latin alphabet letters) Date of birth, gender, citizenship, TC Identity Number, date of issue of visa, allowed stay in Russian Federation, number of invitation to entry to Russian Federation, or decision of state institutions, validity period of visa, travel purpose, information about the inviting institution (inviting legal entity), number of entrance. If there is any mistake in this information on your visa, we advise you to inform the consulate immediately.

Russian Visa for Foreign Passport Holders

The applicant has the right stay continuously for 90 days in Turkey, who are citizens of Albania, Bahrain, Venezuela, Haiti, Egypt, Ireland, Lesotho, Libya, Macedonia, Mali, Mexico, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone, Equatorial Guinea, the Republic of South Africa and Japan, have to submit their student's certificate or work permit and temporary residence permit.
Foreign passport holders have to submit originals of the residence permits in Turkey, which is compulsory for the Russian visa application. Application with photocopy documents are not accepted.

Types of Russian Long-term visa

Citizens of Foreign Nations, who plan to stay in Russian Federation for more than 90 days,are required to apply for a temporary residence or residence permit from the Russian Federation.Long-term visa types are as follows.
  • Work-Permit Visa
  • Student Visa

Russian Visa Rejection

The main criterion for the successful conclusion of your Russian visa application is the complete preparation of the documents requested by the Russian Consulates.However, even if you have prepared and presented the documents completely and correctly, there is a possibility that your visa might be negative.If your visa application is rejected, a letter from the Embassy or Consulate will be sent to you to explain the reason for your refusal.You have the right to appeal after making corrections to the reasons for rejection in this letter. It may take time for your visa to be re-examined and finalized.
  • The Russian Consulate branch may request additional documents in order to issue a visa, call for an interview or extend the visa issuing period.
  • Representatives of Russia require that the Letter of Invitation received from the inviting institution and organization from Russia must be included in the application file, regardless of the purpose of travel from the visa applicant.Original invitations with barcodes do not need to be taken. Invitations with barcodes must be delivered in PDF format by email. Signed and stamped invitations can be provided by cargo.
  • The person, who will apply to Russian visa, must have a valid passport at least six months from the date of end him/his trip to Russia
  • Applications with passports older than 10 years are rejected by the Russian Consulate.
  • Officers at the Russian border crossing do not allow people who wish to enter Russia with passports whose pages are torn, heavily worn or affixed with tape.
  • Russian family reunification visa procedure is different from tourist and commercial visa applications.
  • The Russian family reunion visa is a long-term visa. We recommend that you should obtain information from the Russian Embassy or Russian Consulates regarding family reunification, marriage or moving in with a first-degree family member.
Dear visitors; on our website you can read detailed information about Russian visa procedures. In addition to this; if you would like to get detailed information about the visa procedure for 2023 and the visa procedure for Russian visa application, just call Euroasia GVS.Our officers will ensure that preparing your documents, checking, getting your appointment for your application and sending your passport to your address after your visa is approved.

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