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Russia Transit Visa Required Documents

You may need a transit visa for transit flights through Russia, or for road and rail transit through Russia. You find information on following page about, Russian Single Entry Visa, Multi Entry Visa, Russian Airport Transit Visa and Russian Rail and Highway transit visa.
Citizens of Turkey, stateless and other citizens, who wish to transit through Russia within 10 days (highway or railway), within 3 days (airline), need to make transit visa application to Russia.  

Russian Airport Transit Visa

If you are leaving the airport transit zone, you need to obtain a transit visa. At the same time, you may not need a visa if you are not leaving the airport transit area. If you are going to change airplanes at the same airport in Russia, which has a transit zone, the passenger has to prove his/her documents about the entrance to other country. if the passenger has related documents about his/her travel, passenger can enter to Russia without transit visa. However, it does not exceed 24 hours.

Highway Transit Visa

The duration of the transit visa is determined by the validity period of the arrival ticket to Russia, the date of entry to the destination country and the duration of the visa for the country. If you are traveling through Russia by highway, the duration of the transit visa is calculated based on the shortest distance on your journey. The duration of the road transit visa is max 10 days. The duration of the visa is given on the assumption that the person can drive or travel approximately 500 km per day.

Russian Single Entry Transit Visa

Citizens of Turkey, stateless and other citizens, who wish to transit through Russia within 10 days (highway or railway), within 3 days (airline), need to obtain Russian Single Entry Transit Visa.  

Russian Double Entry Transit Visa

The validity period of double entry Russia transit visas should not exceed 1 month. If you are going to pass through Russia and your returns over Russia will take longer than 1 month, you should get a single entry transit visa for your first pass from Russia, and you need to obtain another single entry transit visa for your return.

Russian Transit Visa Required Documents

You will find more information about the Russian transit visa and the necessary procedures. Our representative will prepare your documents, fill out your application form and make an appointment about Russian Transit Visa.

  • Travel Tickets: Air tickets for entry and exit to Russia.
  • Visa of the country of destination: The applicant's visa, passport or the petition and documents explaining the reason for going to that country must be submitted.
  • Passport: must be valid at least 6 months
  • Personal Information or EAGVS Russian Visa Request Form
  • Biometric Photo: must be 35x45 mm size, coloured and up to date

People who will make transit by highway and railway;

  • People who will enter and exit Russia as transit, must draw the regions on the online map and indicate the road map.
  • If you arrive and depart Russia by bus, ticket reservations should be offered and the distances must be calculated in km for all routes within Russia.
  • If you plan to fly by plane, you must provide the flight ticket to Russia and from Russia.
  • Fill out the Eagvs application form: fill in the Eagvs application form and add it to your application documents.

For foreign passport holders;

Foreign passport holders apply to visa, who must submit their residence permit of the Republic of Turkey.

Travel to Belarus and Kazakhstan via Russia

According to the Customs Union Agreement between the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan, flights are considered domestic (domestic flights)between these countries. Therefore; if you are traveling to any of these countries, you need to pass the passport check in one of these countries which will be enough for border control. Thus, border and passport control will only be carried out in one of these countries. However, if you are traveling from Russia to Belarus or Kazakhstan as a transit, you will need a Russian transit visa for a foreign citizen.

Russian Transit Visa Application Steps

  • Fill out the Russian Visa Application Form

The first stage of the Russian Transit Visa Application process is fill out the application form. The Russian visa application form should complete online. The application form can be filled in Russian, English, Italian, German and French.

You can get advice from our officers about how to fill out the Russian visa application form in accordance with the specified instructions. Please note that the Russian Embassy and the Russian Consulate General may request additional documents if they deem necessary or call the applicant for a face-to-face meeting.

  • We Are Making an appointment for a Russian Visa Application

When you send it to our head office by cargo, we can apply to Russian Transit Visa with your documents from Istanbul. Russian visa applications can make in the application centers, which are in Istanbul, Ankara, Trabzon and Antalya. Appointments from these centers may take a long time. 

  • We Send Your Passport To Your Address

Russian Transit Visa applications are evaluated and finalized within 4-10 working days. We recommend that you should makemyapplication at least 1 month before your travel date to Russia. After your visa is approved, our officers will take your passport from the consulate and send it to your address by cargo.


  • When you enter or exit Russia, you need to have visa in your passport. if you will be traveling through different countries over Russia, you may also be required to present original copy and photocopies of these countries visas.
  • The Russian Embassy and Consulate General of Russia in Istanbul, the Consulate General of Trabzon in Russia and the Consulate General of Antalya are authorized to decide on Russian Commercial Visa applications.
  • Russia single-entry transit, double-entry transit, road transit and airline transit visa fees may vary. Please call us for the 2023 Russia visa fee, application procedure and more information.


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