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England Tier 5 (International Agreement) Temporary Work Visa

A England Tier 5 Temporary Work visa is a visa category that allows the applicant to work for a certain period of time in the England to participate in an internship in voluntary charitable projects or licensed institutions in the England. The Tier 5 visa is issued as a work visa by the England Border Protection Agency (UKBA).

The England Consulate accepts applications for Tier 5 temporary work visas through visa application centers authorized by the Border Protection Department of the Ministry of Interior (UKBA). Euroasia GVS is one of the centers that accepts Tier 5 visa applications. Euroasia Global is applying for England Tier 5 Temporary Work visa processing applications. However, all England Tier 5 temporary work visa applications are subject to the evaluation and finalization of the Border Protection Department of the Ministry of Interior (UKBA).

Visa Categories of England Tier 5 Work Visa

Tier 5 visa applications are categorized as follows according to the travel purpose of the applicant. You can apply for a England  Tier 5 Temporary Work Visa from all categories through Euroasia Global Visa Services. If you contact us, our representative will advise you on the application procedure, application completion process and visa fee.

  • Tier 5 international agreement
  • Tier 5 artist/sportsman visa
  • Tier 5 charity employee visa
  • Tier 5 religious officer visa
  • Tier 5 youth project visa

England Tier 5 International Agreement Visa

In the United Kingdom, if you enter into contracts for employment under international law, the type of visa to apply for is a Tier 5 Temporary Work/ International Agreement visa. The first requirement for a Tier 5 visa is to be employed by a licensed sponsor in the England. The applicant must be eligible for the work proposed by the sponsor. The applicant can apply for a Tier 5 Temporary Work Visa under the International Agreement with a licensed sponsorship certificate from the sponsor. Your sponsor must also provide any other information you may need during your visa application.

You can complete your visa application up to 3 months before you start working in the England. The date you start working is the date on your sponsorship certificate. The England Consulate finalizes applications for  work visas in three weeks.

The maximum period of stay in the England with a Tier 5 visa under the International Agreement is 2 years or 28 days longer than the time specified in the licensed sponsorship document. In some cases, it is a total of 6 months in a 12 month period, or two weeks longer than the period specified in the sponsorship document, whichever is shorter. If your assignment in England ends early, you may be asked to leave the country in 60 days. You need to leave the England if your visa end date is less than 60 days away.

Thing That You Need To Give Attention About England International Agreement/Temporary Work Visa

  • In international agreement visas, your job position must be consistent with the sponsor organization specified in the certificate.
  • You can apply to your temporary work visa at least 3 months before the date of commencement of work.
  • Your start date must be stated on the sponsorship certificate.
  • You may study in the England (for some courses you may need an Academic Technology Certificate. Your education shouldn't interfere with your sponsorship.)
  • You must work in the job described in the sponsorship document.
  • You can work as a second job in one of the jobs mentioned in the age "shortage occupation" section on a Tier 2 visa.
  • You may work in another sector for up to 20 hours per week in your own sector (Excluding special service personnel, contracted service or independent professional business development.)
  • As part of the family reunification, you can also apply for a England residence permit for your family during your visa period.
  • In coverage by Tier 5 visa, You can travel to Turkey for a short time from the England and then you can come back to England, also you can travel to other countries in the short term.
  • As an international employee, you won't be eligible for funds recognized by the United Kingdom.
  • You can't enter and work in the England without a visa.
  • Having a sponsor certificate doesn't mean that your visa application will be approved.

How Many Days Takes the Tier 5 Visa Application Results?

The England Consulate will finalize Tier 5 visa applications in 3 weeks. Persons applying for a Tier 5 visa must complete their application by planning their application 3 months in advance and specifying their travel purpose and length of stay.

Residence Permit Duration with Tier 5 International Employee Visa

  • You can extend your Tier 5 temporary work visa up to 6 years by renewing it every 2 years unless the business situation defined by the sponsor continues actively. To extend your Tier 5 Temporary Work visa, you must apply before the end date of your visa.
  • If you are in a special service from the diplomatic household and have applied for a visa after 5 April 2012, the maximum residence period may be 5 years or until the date the sponsor is assigned to another country.
  • Contracted service workers and independent professional workers can stay up to 6 months in a 12 month period.


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