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Frequently Asked Questions about England Visa

  • Which countries can I enter with an England visa?

The England visa (United Kingdom visa) provides access to the UK countries (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

  • Can I enter the England with a Schengen visa?

No, you must apply for a England (United Kingdom) Visa to enter the England.

  • Can I travel to Dublin (Southern Ireland/ Republic of Ireland) with a England visa?

If you want to directly go to Ireland, the answer is no, you are required to take Ireland Visa. For direct flights with schengen or England visa from Turkey doesn't provide permission to enter this country. But if you go Ireland with pass through over England, the answer is changing as "yes". With a 180 day residence type C visa, you can make your first enter to the England and then visit Ireland. If you want to go back to Turkey after you entered the Ireland, you can make your next trip to Ireland directly, not need to pass through over from England.

  • Can I travel to the England with my Ireland visa?

No. You can only enter to Ireland with your Ireland visa.

  • How many days takes the England Visa Application results?

The England Consulate's evaluation period for standard applications changes from 15 to 20 days from the date of your appointment. However, different of England visa related services are offered. If you have an urgent trip, you can purchase a 24 hour UK visa, a 5 day UK visa, and an appointment without reservation. Visit our England Visa's special services page.

  • Previously, I have been denied from England visa application. Can I apply again? How long do I have to wait for reapplication? Can I get a visa?

You can apply again, there is no waiting period. In case you receive your rejection letter, our expert staff can determine the points that give you negative results and make your next application a positive result. If there has been no change in your situation since your previous application, your application will be close to negative results again. However, if your application has been rejected for 10 years in accordance with Article 320 (7b) of the UK Immigration Laws, all re-applications will result in a negative outcome.

  • What documents are required to make an application for England visa?

You can review the pages on our website that are appropriate for your situation;
England touristic visa
England commercial visa
England visiting family/ friends/ relatives visa

  • From which cities can I apply for the England Visa?

You can apply to the England Visa from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Adana, Antalya and Gaziantep.

  • How many days will England visa be issued? Can I get a long term visa?

A 6 month, 2 year, 5 year or 10 year visa application can be made to the England Visa. If it is your first application, it is more appropriate to ask for 6 months.

  • How long can I stay in the England with my visa?

You can stay in the England between the start and end dates of your visa, there is no restrictions.

  • I don't work, I have no income to prove and I want to travel to the England, can I get a visa?

For different situations, a visa can be obtained with a correct application by making studies in accordance with the situation of the person. It is possible for people without financial income to get a visa if their mother, father or spouse will be financial sponsor to applicant.

  • I have a green passport, do I need a visa to travel to England?

Yes, you will need a visa.

  • I want to go to England for the purpose of language school for less than 6 months. What kind of visa should I apply for?

Short term C type visa applications should be applied for the educations which isn't exceeding 6 months. Tier 4 visas are required for educations that last longer than 6 months (undergraduate, graduate, doctorate, language education).

  • There are no photographs among the documents I have to prepare. Don't I need it?

Your photo for the England visa will taken by the consulate's authorized biometry center at the time of application.

  • What should be the format for family visits and commercial visa’s invitations?

You can get a sample of the invitation format by contacting to our relevant authorities.

  • How to write a petition for visa application?

You can get a sample of your petition for your sitiuation by contacting to our relevant authorities.

  • Do I have to personally come for apply for a visa?

Yes, it is mandatory to apply for England visa in person. Third persons can't apply on your behalf. Even if you have already received England visa before, you will still need to be at the application center to process your new application.


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