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England Commercial Visa Required Documents

Unlike the Schengen Visa application procedure, the England diplomatic channels have issued a Service and Special (Green) passport holders, except for Public and Private (Bordeaux) Passport holders. Citizens with Bordeaux, Green and Gray passports can't enter the country without a valid United Kingdom Visa. Diplomatic passport holders are exempt from commercial visit visas that are included in the England standard short term visitor visa category, provided that they do not exceed 90 days within 180 days.

England has started the process of exit from the European Union (Brexit). While the United Kingdom was a member of the European Union, it didn't belong to the Schengen area. Therefore, the England Visa isn't a Schengen common area visa. The holders of Schengen Visa can't enter the United Kingdom, and also a person with a England Visa can't enter the Schengen Area. There are 4 major countries can enter with United Kingdom Visa to England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Citizens of the Republic of Turkey can't, however, direct entry to the United Kingdom with Republic of Ireland visa. They can enter the Republic of Ireland as long as they pass through England. In England Visa, applicants are subject to the fingerprint procedure. Even if a England Visa has already been issued before, the person is obliged to attend the application in person. There is no regional distinction for England visa applications. For this reason, you can complete your transactions through our offices in Ankara, Izmir, Edirne, Bursa, Gaziantep and especially our head office in Istanbul. You can get service for your biometric data declaration from our Bursa, Gaziantep and Antalya visa services. Dear passenger, Although there is no regional distinction in visa procedures for the England, we can carry out your transactions from Istanbul in order to accelerate your transactions because the authorized visa application centers of England work at certain days and times of the week. You may need to forward your application documents to our Istanbul head office. Please confirm this information by calling our authorities before your application. You can also contact our United Kingdom authorities for any questions by emailing help@eagvs.com.

What Are The Required Documents for England Commercial Visa?

You can view the application documents reserved for vocational groups for the England Commercial Visa in the following pages. You can access the list of England Commercial Visa documents appropriate to your personal situation and prepare the necessary documents and apply to our institution. In addition to the list of documents, you can also find information about the privileged services, visa fees and visa processing times that the British Consulate gives to Commercial Visa applicants.

Common Documents Which Required for All Applicants:

  • Documents containing your identity information (photocopy of current photocopy of ID, residence certificate, sample of population registration etc.),
  • Bank account transcripts (The last 6 months account transactions must be executed, must be taken from the bank as a wet signed stamp, must be taken maximum 5 days before the appointment and there must be enough balance to cover your travel expenses),
  • Salary slips (Last 3 or 6 months's payroll must be with the company's wet signature stamp),
  • It consists of documents valid for every applicant who plans to travel to the England for a professional activity such as flight and hotel/ accommodation booking documents (reservation is sufficient, purchase isn't mandatory, person's name and travel dates must appear correctly).
  • Vocational documents: It consists of documents that include your job status.

Warning!: The travel date the person has submitted for the England Visa must be consistent in all documents. The same dates must be declared in documents such as permission letter, petition of visa request, application form and accommodation/ flight proof documents. Otherwise, you won't be able to exercise your right to appeal as the British Consulate won't be responsible for the visa date printed incorrectly.

For Employees or Company Owners:

  • Company's Activity Certificate and Chamber Registration Record,
  • Photocopy of Tax Plate
  • Photocopy of Signature Circular
  • Photocopy of Trade Registry

For Retired Applicants:

  • Pension payroll
  • Documents such as Retiring Certificates must be submitted.

Send the documents of your vocational status to our nearest office to you

You can complete your England visa transactions through our central office in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Bursa, Edirne, Gaziantep. If you live outside of these cities, you can ask our authority for information on which visa service to complete your England visa.
In addition to the list of documents, you can find more information about the privileged services granted by the England Embassy and the England Consulate General to commercial visa applicants, the 2021 visa fee and the duration of the visa applications.

Standard Documents

  • England Visa Information Form

The England Visa Application Form is an application form that is arranged online on the computer in the Visa4UK System. Therefore, the person must fill in the information carefully and then complete and check the form. There is no option to rearrange the form for errors made on the England Visa Application Form. You are expected to fill out the form again and enter the information from scratch because of the misrepresented information. In order to prevent all these mistakes and to have a complete and correct application process, our company requests a England Visa Information Form. In this way, the information you declare in writing is accepted as correct and passes to your online application form through necessary filters and additions. Therefore, the applicant is expected to fill the England Visa Application Form carefully and with great precision. You can find the link for the England Commercial Visa Form in below. It is possible for us to send this information form by the computer or by hand.

England Visa Information Form

  • Passport

The original passport, which is valid for at least 6 months from the end date of travel, must be no more than 10 years old and must contain at least two blank visa pages. If applicable, you must also provide visa photocopies from Ireland, the United States, Schengen, Canada, Australia and your old expired visas. Persons whose identity information has changed because of marriage or divorce must complete their application with their passport containing their current name and surname. Otherwise, the applications aren't processed.

  • Copy of identity card

You must provide a photocopy of the back and front of your national identity. (A legible photocopy of the ID with photo)

  • Transportation and Accommodation Reservations

You must provide round trip flight reservations and booking documents with hotel contact and transport details if you staying at the hotel. Airplane and hotel documents must be issued separately on behalf of each applicant. The name of the applicant and the correct travel dates must appear on the reservation.

  • Bank account statement

Visa applicant must submit a bank account statement opened in his' her name. Your bank statements should include retrospective 6 monthly account transactions. The balance should be shown in your personal bank account (TL/ Euro/ GBP/ USD). Bank account statements must be obtained 5 days prior to the date of visa appointment. You must have a balance of at least 5,000TL in your bank account or statement. Your bank statement should be stamped by the bank you have received, wet signed and presented with the signature circular of the bank. Printouts from ATMs and internet bank aren't accepted as they can't be wet signed stamped.

  • Sample of Fully Accurate Population Registration

A sample of fully accurate population registration must be taken from the Population Directorate, including the family and address information, should be submitted. The “thoughts” and "explanations" part of the population registration sample should be processed. The purpose of presenting the population registration sample is; prove whether first degree family members living abroad and in Turkey the situation is officially to be informed about and family members.
Additional Documents to Support Financial Adequacy

  • House deed
  • Vehicle License
  • Additional bank account statements
  • Lease agreements and
  • Real estate documents

Required Documents from the Company Operating in the England:

  • Invitation (The invitation should written on letterhead of the company, must include the invitation of the company and the person who sent the invitation, the purpose and duration of the business trip. The invitation must be accompanied by a photocopy of the authorized person's passport or national identity. ).
  • Fair Invitation (Exhibition entrance card, exhibition ticket or exhibition documents must be submitted. It is for applicants who apply to participate in the fair in the England.)

Documents Changing by Vocational Status

Additional Documents for Employees

  • Employer's Permit Letter (Original letter of the petition, written in English, addressed to the Consulate, stating the person's position in the company, starting date, salary amount and travel date range, is required)
  • SGK Declaration of Employment (should provided as wet signed and stamped)
  • SGK (4A) Service Statement (Please note that it should be update and you should take it with your E-Government password as a barcode.)
  • Salary Payroll (Last 3 months, stamped and signed payroll receipt must be submitted.)

Additional Required Documents for Employers

  • Petition for Visa Request  on your company letterhead in Turkey, addressed to the England Consulate, you'll petition include your position in the company, your travel date range (in English.)
  • Certificate of Activity in English and Chamber Registration Record (Must be received in the last 6 months)
  • Photocopy of the Company's Signature Circular
  • Photocopy of Trade Registry
  • Photocopy of Tax Plate
  • SGK 4B Service Statement (You can obtain in the current date with your e-government password.)

Additional Required Documents for Retires

  • Retirement Salary Account Card (It is necessary to include the last 6 months account transactions by the Bank and print a wet signature stamp)
  • A Retirement Certificate (currently available as barcode in E-Government) must be submitted.

Requested Documents for Lawyers, Doctors, Pharmacists, Dentist and Engineers

  • Lawyers, Doctors, Pharmacists, Dentists, Engineers should provide a Chamber Registration Record or Profession Identity Card about their jobs. Ensure that the documents provided are update.

Additional Required Documents for Foreigners

  • The Residence Permit Card of Turkey should be provided as original and also photocopy for foreign applicants.

England Online Visa Application Form (VAF1C Application Form)

The first step of applying for a England Commercial Visa is to complete the VAF1C application form. The online England Visa Application Form must be completed through the visa category to be applied for by creating an account from the "register an account" section of the official England diplomatic portal. After the "sign declaration" section is approved, it must be signed for acceptance of the declaration made during the application and accepted from the online application system. Please send your questions and comments about the England online visa application form to our departments. For a sample application form, please visit the England Visa Commercial Visa Application Form section on our site. The points to be considered when filling out the form for each applicant will be different from each other. For this reason, it is recommended that you accurately convey vital issues such as your travel purpose, type of application and personal information to our competencies.

England Commercial Visa Fees 2023

England Commercial Visas are issued for 6 months, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years. However, with standard visas, the maximum length of stay in the England is 6 months (180 days). Your England Commercial Visa must support your travel purpose for the periods you request. England commercial trip visa fees changes depending on the visa requirements requested. You can ask our call center authorities about the visa fees and documents which are appropriate for your reason for travel or send the mail to help@eagvs.com which contains your contact information and travel purpose. Our officials will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can forward the documents appropriate to your vocational situation to our office in person, by cargo or by a third person. Your documents will be checked by our England Visa Department officials as soon as they arrive. We provide information when we identify missing or incorrect documents. We receive your appointment day in 2 days and we inform you of the date and time of your appointment. Our operation officer will accompany you on your appointment day.

After the process is completed by giving your fingerprint, the process will continue with waiting for your visa result. After your visa is issued, our company will send you your passport and other documents required for travel.

How Can I Understand My How Do I Understand My England Visa Application Result?

A England visa is a type of visa that is print on a passport. Therefore, if your visa result is positive, your visa will be issued as a United Kingdom Visa. If you receive a negative answer in case of a possible rejection stamp will be printed on your passport and the England Visa Reject Decision will be delivered to you as a document. In the event that the England visa is negative, the person's right to reapply is subject to the justification provided. The personal refusal document explains in detail why it was refused.

Take advantage of the exclusive services of the England Consulate for your Commercial Visa Applications!

  • England Express Visa (Priority Visa)

Priority Visa is a special service that reduces the visa processing period from 15 working days to 3-4 days. The application which is processed with additional service fee is valid for applications made from visa application offices in cities such as Istanbul, Ankara Gaziantep.

  • 24 hour England Priority Visa

One of the privileges granted by the England Consulate to Turkish people is the England Visa in 24 hours. This visa applications are finalized in 24 hours following the fingerprint declaration of those who are urgently required to travel to the England. If you wish to benefit from the Prior Super Priority visa privilege, known as the England Visa in 24 hours, please inform us. The application processed with additional service fee is valid only for England Visa Applications from Istanbul.

  • Walk in service

The England Consulate also offers walk in services for busy business people. The optional walk in service allows customers to come to the visa application center at any time without an appointment date and complete their application.

  • Mobile Fingerprint

Your mobile fingerprint, which is required to be declared during your visa procedures, comes to your home or office by file service department officers without the loss of time.

  • Pass Back Service

If you need your passport during the process, you can benefit from Pass Back service. You can get your passport back on your appointment day, and you can proceed with your photocopy of your passport. Generally, you should submit your passport to the visa application office where the fingerprint is issued when the England Consulate sends an e-mail stating that your transaction has been completed in the back "pass back" service preferred by applicants who will apply for more than one visa in the same process. Once your passport has been delivered, it may take 3 to 4 business days for the visa to be issued to your passport.

  • Passport Passing Service

If your passport has expired and your England visa is still valid, you can move your England Visa to your new passport. You can benefit from this service of the England Consulate.

Don't forget to inform our authorized person in order to benefit from the above mentioned premium services of the England Consulate.

How Many Days Take England Commercial Visa Results?

England Commercial Visas are issued in 15 working days (3 Weeks). England Express Visa Applications are finalized in 3 to 4 business days and Super Express Visa Applications are completed in 24 hours. Additional service fees apply for Express and Super Express visas. You can send email to learn standard, express and super express visa application fees.

Things that you should know about England Business Visit (Commercial) Visa Application

  • For England visa applications, if the applicant is a man and isn't a student, he may be required to submit a document explaining his military service in English.
  • England  Commercial Visa is in the standard visitor visa category. The England business meeting includes visits to conferences, trade fairs and international trade organizations. There is the possibility to apply for a 6 month, 2 year, 5 year and 10 year England Business Visit Visa for a England visa. However, with England Commercial Visas, the total entitlement to stay in the country is 6 months (180 days). Therefore, it is necessary to leave the England at the end of 6 months. Timely arrivals and departures are important for your next visa and passport application status. The entry and exit stamp printed by the relevant officer at the airport during each entry and exit is an application made to keep track of your visa period violation cases.

Frequently Asked Questions about England Commercial Visa

  • For the England visa, the person is expected to prepare the required documents in the first place in accordance with his/ her vocational status. It isn't the responsibility of the England Consulate if your visa result is negative because of the missing or incorrect documents.
  • There is no right to appeal against the wrong applications. It is recommended that you pay attention to the nuances of the necessary documents provided to you by professional teams. Any errors or missing documents submitted for the England Visa may result in a negative outcome of your application. For example; All submitted documents must be kept up to date. For the Company Owner and employees, the chamber of commerce registration and activity documents of the company must be obtained in English in the last 6 months.
  • Even if the documents are out of date, even if they have been accepted by the application center, they may cause you to reject them because of incorrect documents. There are 3 rules to be taken into consideration when getting Bank Account Statement; The first one must be taken up to date (maximum 5 days before the appointment) and wet stamped by the bank. Secondly, if the person is an employee, he/ she must definitely include the bank statement where his/ her salary lies. The third and most important rule is that you have enough balance to cover your travel expenses. A person can offer more than one bank account, but it shouldn't contradict what the source is in a large amount of bank accounts.
  • Submission of necessary documents in accordance with your departure purpose. For example; If the person declares that he/ she is going to the England for a commercial job interview, an invitation letter should be sent by the company in the England. This invitation letter should written on company's letterhead, should be signed as stamped, the passport number of the person, name and surname and the name of the company he/ she works for. In the invitation letter, the person must indicate the number of days and for what purpose he/ she was invited, while the authorized person who signed the invitation must request a residence card or front of passport.
  • Declaring Income Information. The England is a country that attaches importance to an individual's income level and honest declaration when giving this information. Therefore, you must first provide your income information on your application form so that you can formally submit it. For example; If your salary information appears to be 3,200 on your payroll, it is expected that the salary amount in your bank account and the salary letter in your working document provide the same information. Otherwise, you will be asked to formally explain why it looks different.


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