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Ankara Agreement

The decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union and the evaluation of the Ankara Agreement applications were suspended by the Ministry of the Interior of the United Kingdom. However, the Ministry of Interior has recently announced that it has reexamined the application files under the Ankara Agreement.
We recommend that you prepare your application files with the Ankara Agreement under the guidance of an expert team. In the application file, the business plan should be established in an area that will create employment in the England, presenting the financial income and expenses foreseen and presenting a study based on meticulous and field research. Taking advantage of our expert team for your Ankara Agreement visa applications will help you meet the demands and expectations of the England Home Office in a more appropriate way.

What is the Ankara Agreement?

Ankara Agreement ("Turkey establish a business" visa) was signed between the European Economic Community and the Republic of Turkey in 1963 (EEC). The Ankara Agreement is a partnership agreement signed with the European Economic Community. Ankara Agreement isn't only for the citizens of Turkey, also cover the citizens of  Bulgaria and Romania too. However, after the Bulgaria and Romania become a part of EU, Ankara Agreement, just active for citizens of the Republic of Turkey. Within the legal framework that determines the EEC and Turkey signed an agreement with the EEC in Ankara, Turkey to set up business it has been recognized specific rights of citizens and businesses. Under the agreement, thousands of Turkish citizens have established businesses in the England.

Visas approved under the Ankara Agreement are generally given as 1+3 years. If the citizens who have been granted a 1 year residence permit by the Ankara Agreement with a business start visa are self employed for 3 years after 1 year, the UK will have indefinite residence permit. Within the scope of the Ankara Agreement, self employed persons are expected to submit their CVs, business plans and portfolios containing the education and experience information appropriate to the job they want to do. Applicants are also expected to investigate whether there is a need for work in the England and to certify that they have sufficient capital for themselves and their family members to come to the England, financially, until the implementation of the business project.

You can contact us to get detailed information about Ankara Agreement and to create your file with a consultancy firm that specializes in England Immigration Law. For this, we look forward to welcoming you to our office with your CV and professional portfolio, if any.

Requirements for Ankara Agreement Visa

  1. Experience in the field presented in the business plan
  2. Applicant must have a sufficient level of English grammar to maintain his/ her daily life (the language level isn't obligatory to be submitted with the exam result)
  3. The Ankara Agreement self employment visas are given to the applicant for one year. Then, England residence permit is extended for 3 years when the applicant submits documents proving the activity in one year. In order to obtain a residence permit indefinitely, they must have carried out their economic activities for a total period of 4 years without violating the labor law of England, and have to support the documents they have obtained through the profit works that can support themselves and their families. The fact that less than the foreseen earnings were made during this period may lead to the rejection of the application or the extension of a 12 monthly visa instead of a 3-year extension followed by an indefinite residence permit.
  4. The applicant is entitled to apply for England citizenship after a total of 5 years of permanent residence permit. For this reason, the only visa that provides direct immigration request to the England as soon as possible is a business start visa organized under the Ankara Agreement.

Advantages of Ankara Agreement Visa

The most preferred immigration visa application for professional workers who want to live in the England and entrepreneurs who have experience in their field is the Ankara Agreement. The immigration visa, which has the shortest duration of the residence visa, is a business start visa application made with the Ankara Agreement. Below are the advantages of living in the England with reference to the Ankara Agreement;

  • It is sufficient to provide sufficient capital to establish the company declared in the business plan.
  • There is no obligation to open a business in the England and employ workers with your Ankara Agreement visa. You can work in the field where you are trained or experienced. The only requirement is that you do the work you have declared in the work plan.
  • Advanced level of English isn't required and exam results aren't taken into consideration.
  • Depending on what you intend to do in the England, you must have a certificate level education and work experience. There is no requirement to be a university graduate to apply for the Ankara Agreement.
  • If your Ankara Agreement is approved for a business start visa, you can apply for a family reunification visa with your children under the age of 18 and your spouse . Your spouse is also entitled to work in the England.
  • You can make a Home Office  work.
  • You can do mobile jobs.
  • You can establish a personal business.
  • You can take over the business
  • You can establish a limited company.
  • You can take over the limited company.
  • You can apply with your spouse

Most Preferred Jobs Under the Ankara Agreement

  • IT specialist
  • Lawyer
  • Teachers who give special lessons
  • Auto repair shop
  • Hairdressing
  • Au Pair
  • Paint whitewash
  • Cleaner
  • Electrician
  • Importer and Exporter
  • Construction works, decoration
  • Public relations
  • Journalism
  • Advertising
  • Cafe, bar, restaurant or market operator
  • Shoe craftsman or repairman
  • Web Designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Boutique Employee
  • Textile Employee
  • Tailor

Family Reunion with Ankara Agreement

You can also get a residence permit for your children under 18 years of age and your spouse. The spouse of the owner of the Ankara Agreement business establishment visa shall also have work permit. The spouses of the visa holders of the Ankara Agreement for business establishment shall have the right to work independently of the established business. If the spouse of the Ankara agreement visa holder wishes, he/she may be employed in a separate job in the England or start a new job.

Ankara Agreement Worker Visa

The Ankara Agreement doesn't only apply for a business start visa. Applicants have the right to work without starting a business as long as the following conditions under the agreement. If you have consistently worked with the same employer for 12 months in areas that are part of the England under bilateral agreements on a worker visa, you can also apply for a work visa. Citizens applying for a labor visa can obtain work visas if they prove the following three articles. After obtaining their visas, they must work with the same employer for 3 years. At the end of the 4th year, the applicant can make a sector or workplace change in the visa for workers applied under the Ankara Agreement. After the 4th year, visas are extended in three years. The main criteria of the Ankara Agreement workers visa are as follows;

  • Work with the same workplace in the England for at least 1 year
  • Having worked in the England for at least 1 year with the right to legal work
  • Giving assurance that they will continue to work with the affiliated workplace

Those who apply under the Ankara Agreement worker visa must complete their application before the end of the England visa period. With the new regulation made in the Home Office immigration laws, you must submit your application at the latest 28 days before the visa expiration date.

If you don't meet the requirements (in 3 years of receiving your visa) (if you leave your current job), you must notify the England Immigration Office. If you make a job change in 3 years, you can continue to use the rights granted by the visa through this job if the relevant units approve your application. However, applicants who cannot continue their work because of any family situation or health problems during the labor process should immediately inform the Home Office of their reasons. England Home Office can use initiative in such cases.

Rejection of Ankara Agreement Application

In case the applications for the Ankara Business Agreement are rejected, the applicant is entitled to an Administrative Review. As of 6 April 2015, those who are self employed within the scope of the Ankara Agreement can only request an Administrative Review. Prior to this amendment, the applicant had the right to file an appeal with the England Immigration Court.

In Ankara Agreement visa applications, unprofessional application files may be rejected. You can get support from our company in creating detailed business plan which is mandatory to submit in the application procedure to Ankara Agreement. We provide all services (preparation, presentation, translation, guidance, field research) of Ankara Agreement applicants under one space. England Ankara Agreement, England short term visa, England residence permit through marriage, England family reunion, England worker visa, England residence permit, England work permit applications are some type of visas that we provide a simplified transaction service.

You can call our call center for detailed information about Ankara Agreement visa application conditions and application fees and ask your questions to our visa service authorities.


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