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Tier 5 (Sportsman and Artist) Temporary Work Visa

A subcategory of the England Tier 5 visa is the temporary work visa for artists and sportsmans. Sportsman and artists who apply for a Tier 5 temporary work visa can do the job they have declared in their visa application, as well as a second job in 20 hours per week.

For the England Tier 5 artist/sportsman visa, you must fill in the online form completely and accurately. Tier 5 visa application process is a long and difficult process. There is a possibility that your visa application will be rejected even if you make a small mistake. You can complete your visa application in consultation with Euroasia Global Visa Services to minimize the possibility of your application being rejected.

Under the Tier 5 England visa artist definition mostly refers to series/film actors, dancers, artists working in the fine arts, filmmakers and working persons in movie making. In the field of sportsmans, internationally successful sportsman who wish to reside temporarily in the England can apply for each sport in order to contribute to the development of their profession. However, in addition to the fact that the visa type in the category has achieved international success in its own sports branch, it must be approved by the England Sports Administration. The work conducted in the England should be related to the line of business of the sponsoring organization whose sponsorship agreement is made.

Required Documents for England Tier 5 Visa

  • Current passport which is valid for at least 6 months and any previous passports and visas
  • Personal bank account document of the sportsmans if the sponsor won't cover the applicant's expenses. The bank account must contain at least 945£ 90 days prior to the date of the visa appointment.
  • Tuberculosis test result depending on the region where the applicant is a citizen
  • Official invitation certificate from the sponsor person or organization
  • You will need to translate all your information into English or Welsh (Welsh) by a sworn translator.
  • Please note that the England Consulate may request additional documents depending on your personal circumstances.

Extension of Tier 5 Sportsman/ Artist Visa Duration

If you need to leave the England and return again as part of the work you do, the sponsor document should indicate that the visa is required for multiple entries. England Tier 5 visa, even if the performers will perform more than one temporary work in the England, the sponsor can issue 1 sponsorship certificate for all performances. Artists who work with more than one sponsor may obtain separate certificates from each sponsor. However, in this case, there should be no more than 14 days between each performance. Sportsmans and artists must apply to extend their visa before the valid visa period expires. England Tier 5 artist and athlete visa applicants may extend their visas for up to 12 months or up to 14 days to the maximum period specified in the sponsorship documents (whichever option is shorter, the applicant should choose). Otherwise, they may apply to extend their stay to 2 years under certain conditions in the England and with the same sponsor.

How Many Days Takes the Tier 5 Visa Application Results?

From the date you apply for a England tier 5 visa, the application period is 3 weeks.

Family Reunion with England Tier 5 Visa 

Persons with temporary work visas can apply for a England residence permit under their family reunion visa for their spouses and children under the age of 18. Applicants who are eligible for family reunion under a Tier 5 visa must certify that they have sufficient financial income to support for spouse and children.

Things that you need to give attention before applying for a Tier 5 Artist /Sportsman Visa

  • With a Tier 5 artist /sportsman visa, the applicant can work in a second job without exceeding 20 hours per week.
  • The earliest date on which you can apply for a Tier 5 artist's visa is 3 months before the date indicated on your sponsorship certificate. The start date of the applicant must be included in the sponsorship certificate.
  • A England Tier 5 artist /sportsman visa can stay in the England for maximum of 12 months, or must leave the country up to 28 days after the date specified in the sponsorship certificate. One of these two options should act as the holder of a England 5 Tier visa according to which the residence time is short.
  • In order for sportsman's to obtain a Tier 5 visa, the value of their professional activities in the England will be added to the sports life. The sportsman must apply with the reference number of the sponsorship certificate. The athlete must have at least 945£ in his/ her personal bank account in 90 days of the visa application.
  • If the A class sponsor has stated in the sponsorship document that the will cover all costs of sportsman, the sportsmans isn't obliged to show at least  945 GBP in his/her bank account.
  • Applicants are required to keep an average amount of 630 £ per applicant under the England Tier 5 visa in their bank account.


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