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England Tier 1 Extraordinary Talent Visa

England exceptional talent visa is a program designed to enable people of certain qualifications to migrate to the England. Persons wishing to do their own business in the England or who want to prove their skills in a England institution are allowed to apply for a Tier 1 visa under the Tier 1 Extraordinary Talent Visa. As of 23rd December 2010, the Tier 1 England qualified immigrant visa was replaced by the England Extraordinary talent category.

England visa application documents must be prepared with great care and sensitivity to the application process. Call us to make your England short term and long term visa application by making use of our facilitated transaction service with Euroasia GVS. You can call our authorities for detailed information about Tier 1 England Extraordinary Talented Visa 2023 application fees and application requirements.

There are 2 stages on a Tier 1 Extraordinary Talent visa. The first is to submit documents to the England Consulate Tier visa application unit to support whether he/she  is a leading or promising entrepreneur / scientist in his/ her field of study. If the England Department of Interior finds the applicant eligible for review, the applicant may proceed to the physical application stage 2 (preparation and submission of documents). However, having passed stage 1 doesn't mean that the visa application will be approved.

England Residence Permit with England Tier 1 Visa

Applicants who are citizens of a country outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland are eligible to apply for work in the social sciences, engineering, medicine, digital technology or the arts can apply to Tier 1 extraordinary talent visa. The fact that applicants are currently resident in the England brings additional points in accordance with the following criteria. The applicants must submit their work and projects that they intend to do in the England Tier 1 talent visa category. Applications are made in two stages. First, the applicant must obtain the approval of the Home Office. Then, the applicant must prove his/ her qualifications with his/ her documents.

The residence period recognized with the England Tier 1 extraordinary talent visa is 3 years at the first stage. If the applicant provides the necessary conditions, at the end of this period, if applicant applies to the Home Office in the England, he/ she can extend this period for another 2 years. For a total of 5 years, residents of the England can apply for a permanent residence permit. They can apply for England citizenship after one year has elapsed after obtaining a permanent residence permit. Applicants who meet the 75 points requirement must prove their English proficiency. Also, the applicant's bank account must have sufficient balance to cover his/her expenses for a long period of time. Applicants who meet England residence conditions may have the opportunity to apply for permanent residence in the England after a period of 5 years.

Each year, there is limited quota in this category. Between April 6 and October 1, 500 person can apply each year. Please confirm this information by contacting the England Embassy/ England Consulate.
You must have travel health insurance for as long as you plan to stay in the England.  If you reside in the England to meet the application requirements with your England Tier 1 visa for 5 years, you can extend your visa for another 5 years. You can apply for a England residence permit after 5 years.

With Tier 1 Extraordinary Talent Visa;

  • You can work under a company, work as a company manager or perform your own profession independently.
  • You can go abroad in your visa period and enter the England again.
  • You can apply for a residence visa for your spouse and children as part of a family reunion.
  • England Tier 1 extra ordinary talent visa holders can't receive state help and can't work as doctors or dentists as an intern. Tier 1 extraordinary talent visa holders can't work as a sports coach or as a professional athlete. These are the conditions set by the England diplomatic representative.

How Many Days Takes the England Tier 1 Visa Application Finalize?

You can apply for an England Tier 1 extraordinary talent visa at least 3 months before your travel date. Applications less than 3 weeks from the date of travel aren't processed by the England Consulate. This doesn't mean that your application will be approved even if you have been approved by the consulate authorities in the first stage. Different fees are required at both stages.

England Tier 1 (Extraordinary Talent) Visa Fee

England Tier 1 Extraordinary Talent Visa fees will change based on your individual circumstances. In visa applications for extraordinary talent, the visa fee charged in the first and second stages is different. In step one, England Consulate requesting the same charge for all applicants and in the second phase of the tuition discount is applied to citizens of Turkey and Macedonia.

Application Requirements for England Extraordinary Talent Visa

There is a scoring system in the conditions of application for Extraordinary Talent Visa. Those who wish to travel and stay in the England must have at least 75 points in the projected scoring system.

If applicants who meet at least 75 points and can't meet the English language proficiency requirement and can't prove that the amount of money in their personal bank account which is sufficient to cover expenses after obtaining a England visa, can't obtain a Tier-1 England qualified immigrant visa. You can view the terms and scoring system details of the extraordinary talent visa on the following page. Our company will share with you the detailed information about the subject and the extraordinary ability to provide guidance and legal services for your visa application.

  • Education level

The first and most important requirement for extra ordinary talent visas is your level of education. You will need to submit your diploma and study documents upon review of the originals during your application. The diplomas listed here must have international validity. Those who plan to apply for a visa, first should learn is the diploma they hold is valid in the England. They can apply if the diplomas are equivalent to the England higher education system.
Undergraduate Diploma: 30 points
Master's Diploma: 35 points
PhD Diploma: 50 points

  • Financial Competence

The second application requirement for the England Tier 1 Extraordinary Talent Visa is that the applicant has sufficient financial means to support oneself and family. The following amounts of income represent the total annual income. Your application score will increase according to your annual income. The amount of income must be converted into British pounds and submitted with the account document. Based on your past work experience, the predicted scores for your income and earnings are as follows;
£ 16,000- £ 17,999: 5 Points
£ 18,000- £ 19.999: 10 Points
£ 20,000- £ 22,999: 15 Points
£ 23,000- £ 25.999: 20 Points
£ 26,000- £ 28.999: 25 Points
£ 29,000- £ 31.999: 30 Points
£ 32,000- £ 34.999: 35 Points
£ 35,000- £ 39.999: 40 Points
If £ 40,000 and higher: 45 Points

  • Extra Points

Extra points apply for extra ordinary England visa applications. If the applicant has completed undergraduate / master / doctoral studies in the England, he/ she earns 5 points. If the applicant earns £ 16,000 per year in the England, he/ she earns 5 points.

  • Age Group

In addition to the above criteria, the applicant's age is also decisive for scoring. Persons in the following age groups may receive extra points. Another requirement for England extraordinary talent visa applications is that the applicant is over 18 years of age. Applications under 18 years of age aren't processed.

People under 28 years: 20 Points
People who are 28 or 29 years old: 10 Points
People who are 30 or 31 years old: 5 Pointa

In the light of the information you will declare, you can investigate your specific situation and ask our consultants that the you meet the conditions or not.

Family Reunion with England Tier 1 Visa

Long term visas can also be applied for family spouses and children of persons applying for a England Tier 1 Extraordinary Talent Visa. Alternatively, a Tier 1 extraordinary talent visa may apply for spouses and children after the applicant arrives in the England. Those who have a England residence permit with a Tier 1 Extraordinary Talent visa can start a business and work as a self employed person. They can also work under a British firm. Individuals and family members who have settled in the England with Extraordinary Talent visas can benefit from public health care free of charge. The spouse of the extraordinary talent visa holder can also work in the England. The children can also study in England public schools. However, people with a England Extraordinary Talent Visa aren't eligible for state social benefits. When the citizens of the Republic of Turkey arriving in England with extraordiary talent visas are subsequent entry into the England within 7 days of residence are required to have police record from the nearest police office.


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