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Taking Pets to the England

If you wish to travel to the England with your pet, you will need to observe the following procedures. The England is one of the countries with detailed procedures and quarantine procedures for pet transport. Procedures for the entry with pets into the England, such as cats and dogs, are regulated under the name Pet Travel Scheme (PETS). Turkey is subject to unlisted or non-EU, and that's way the entry rules is seen as the third world countries. Your pet which is you plan to take to the England must be 12 weeks or older. For detailed and update information, we recommend that you contact the England Embassy and the England Consulate General.

Required Documents for Cat and Dog Transport to England

  • Health Certificate (The test named as "Third Country Official Veterinary Certificate" shouldis taken from Provincial Directorate of Agriculture)
  • C5 Form (England)
  • Rabies Vaccination and Titration test (There is a waiting time like 90 days after test)

Rabies vaccine should be apply to pet. At the earliest 30 days (day 31) of the rabies vaccine, the veterinarian should take blood samples from the animal and the rabies antibody test should be performed by a laboratory acceptable to the UK. The earliest date for entry to the UK after testing should be 90 days (91. day) from the date the blood sample was taken.

  • Microchip Implant

The England requires microchips in pets. After implantation of the microchip, rabies vaccine should be given and that transactions must be processed to passport and signed by the veterinarian. The microchip must be implanted in the pet and the microchip number and date of the implant must be written in English by the veterinarian on its passport.

  • Pet owner's passport and air ticket
  • Pet Passport

An animal passport must be provided. You must issue a pet passport before your trip. Passports issued after the vaccination of rabies aren't accepted.

  • Vaccination card

External Parasitic Disease Test. External parasite test should made in before last 5 days of arrival in the England

  • "Third Country Official Veterinary Certificate"

Third Country Official Veterinary Certificate must be obtained from the nearest Provincial Directorate of Agriculture in your city. For going from Turkey to any European Country, the Third Country Official Veterinary Certificate should taken from nearest Agriculture Directorate. Make sure that this certificate is valid and updated. Certificates in the old version aren't accepted. You can travel to the England in 10 days of receiving the certificate.

  • Quarantine Process

In the England, there is a quarantine process for the entry of pets. If you follow these rules, your pet will be quarantined. The quarantine process can take up to 4-6 months. The England is one of the countries in which strict quarantine is applied to prevent infectious animal diseases compared to other countries. There are separate quarantine fees for cats and dogs. There is also an extra charge for vaccinations and veterinary checks. During your stay in Quarantine, you can visit your pet. But you can't take it out of the zone. The quarantine process is applied to all dogs and cats in the England which comes from Turkey. If you are planning a short trip to the England, we advise you not to take your pet. Otherwise, long term quarantine procedures and other procedures can be exhausting for you and your pet.

Other Important Issues About Taking Your Pet to England With You

  • You must complete your application for Pet Transport 8 weeks before your travel date. You can also get service from agency for your pet to carry out the journey. The agency will accompany your pet from the airport to quarantine huts.
  • In addition all of this, the echinococcus (Echinococcus multilocularis) treatment for dogs is also required for entry into the England. This treatment should be recorded in the passport by the veterinarian as which day and hour that the treatment made. You can enter the England at the latest on the 5th day and at the earliest 24 hours after the treatment. You need to do echinococcal treatment before you get a Third Country Official Veterinary Certificate.
  • You can reach companies that carry out special pet transport operations for transportation. Animal transport agencies take some of the bureaucratic procedures on your behalf and obtain the necessary permissions.

The information on our page doesn't have an official validity. If you think there is any missing or incorrect information, please inform us at help@eagvs.com.


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