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Required Documents for England Family/ Friend Visit Visa

A England family/ friend visit visa is a type of visa that is used to visit relatives in the England. The England visit visa doesn't have Schengen status. Schengen visa holders can't enter the UK, like people with a England visa can't enter the Schengen area.

England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland can be entered with a England visa. However, citizens of the Republic of Turkey can't enter the United Kingdom directly with the Republic of Ireland visa. They can enter through the England if they start their journey from the England. You can also visit our England visa procedures page for detailed information about the England visa.

How to prepare the necessary documents for England Family/ Friend Visit Visa?

Dear passengers, we have compiled the documents you need to prepare for your visit visa applications under two headings: standard documents and documents that change according to your profession. Standard documents consist of basic documents that should be prepared for almost all types of applications. Professional documents are changed and shaped in accordance with the profession of the applicant. The following page, there is a list of the documents you need to prepare according to your profession.
After receiving the basic information from our page you can ask us anytime during working hours by contacting our contact numbers.

Standard Documents

Standard documents you need to prepare for your England family visit visa are;


  • Invitation
  • Round trip flight reservations
  • Bank account statements
  • Salary slips
  • Fully accurate sample of population registration
  • Photocopy of identity
  • Biometric photo

Professional documents

It consists of documents that contain your vocational status.

If you are an employee or company owner

  • Company's certificate of activity and chamber of commerce register (must be in English and mustn't be older than 6 months)
  • Tax plate (Must belong to the last period)
  • Photocopy of commercial registry
  • Signature Circulars

If you are retired

  • Retirement certificate (to be obtained from the e-government as a barcode.)
  • You must submit the last 6 months account statement from the bank where you receive your pension, as stamped and signed.

From which city should I complete my England visa application?

There is no regional distinction for England visa applications. You can give your fingerprint to the nearest visa service in your area of ​​residence. You can complete your transactions through our offices in Ankara, Izmir, Edirne, Bursa and Antep, especially our head office in Istanbul. You can get operational service for your biometric data declaration from our Ankara, Antep, Bursa and Antalya visa services.

Dear visitor, Although there are no regional distinctions in visa procedures in the England, we can process your applications from Istanbul in order to speed up your transactions as the authorized visa application centers of England work at certain days and times of the week. If you forward your application documents to our Istanbul head office, your transactions can be accelerated. Please confirm with our authorities whether you will receive such a service before you apply for a England visit visa.

You can view the documents that are divided by vocational groups for visa applications for the England. You can reach the England family/ friend visit visa document lists according to your personal situation and prepare your documents and send them to our company by cargo.

In addition to the list of documents, you can find information about the privileged services granted by the England Embassy and the England Consulate General to the visa applicants, the 2021 visa fee and the duration of the visa applications.

  • Send your documents to our nearest office to you.

It is possible to complete your application process for your visit visa applications for England without any effort. Euroasia GVS plans your application process meticulously from the beginning to the end and speeds up your transactions without exhausting you.

If you call our call centers and talk about the purpose of your trip and your professional situation, we will send you the list of documents you need to prepare by e-mail and sms. You should prepare your documents in accordance with the information we forward you and send them to our office addresses by cargo. When your documents arrive to us, necessary inspections are made and we inform you if there is a missing or incorrect document.

  • Your documents are become ready for application by us.

The documents you have submitted to us are scrupulously reviewed by our visa experts. One of the most common problems is that the submitted documents aren't update. Because of the this situation may be reflected to you during the application, our authorities check the dates, validity and suitability of all your documents beforehand.

Another problem encountered is that the sent bank statement is sent without a stamp and without signature and that it is dated or insufficient balance. In such cases, our authorities will provide you with a quick return and complete the application with the most appropriate documents.

  • We determine your appointment day.

We accelerate the process by taking your appointment to the nearest date for your application procedures. The date and time of the application is submitted to your approval and the appointment process is completed. Then, on the day and time of the appointment, an official will meet you at the application center. Our authorized personnel will accompany you until your application process is completed and intervene in case of any problem. After submitting the file to the competent center in person, the biometry procedures are performed and the procedures are completed.

  • We follow up your application.

As Euroasia GVS, we follow up the process by completing your transactions quickly and easily. As in the application phase, we follow the final stage of your visa meticulously. Once your transactions are completed, we will deliver your passport and deliver it to your preferred address by cargo.


Applicants wishing to visit their family/ friend/ relative in the England for a short period of time are required to complete their application in the "standard visitor visa" category.

Standard Documents

  • Passport

For a family visit applications to the England Consulate, the validity period of the passport must be at least 6 months after the date of return. The passport must be issued in the last 10 years.

  • England Online (VAF1B) Visa Application Form

The first step of the England visa application is the online visa application form, which is filled out on the Visa4UK website. After completing the visa application form, the appointment date is given through the system. Once the form is completed, the applicant can choose the most appropriate appointment date.

Online England family visit visa application form: All questions that support the visa type option and the purpose of traveling to the England should answered in English. You can't make any other transactions before complete your responses in Online England Visa Application Form. (fingerprint declaration and paper submission).
The England Family Visit visa sample application form is available here.

Dear visitor, if you fill out the England visa information form legibly and completely, we will make your application as soon as possible and submit the appointment date for your approval. You can find the England visa information form prepared by the England Consulate here.

  • Sample of Fully Accurate Population Registration

The sample of full accurate population registration should include your family and address information in full. For sample of population registration where no settlement is visible, a settlement certificate should also be obtained from the e-government. You can obtain the population registration sample from the e-government as a barcode.

This document which proves that the applicant has a kinship relationship with the inviter or the person (if any) who will be responsible for his/her own expenses, must be submitted.

  • Photocopy of Identity Card

A clear photocopy of the back and front of your ID card must be presented.

  • Transportation and Accommodation Reservations

You must provide round trip transport reservations and your booking documents with hotel contact and transport details if you are staying at the hotel. If you are staying at the address of the inviter, the inviter must provide this information in the invitation letter, the letter must contain the address of the residence, the passport or residence permit of the inviter must be accompanied by a photocopy.


The dates of the transportation, accommodation reservations, permission letter, request for visa and all other documents submitted for application must be consistent with each other. Otherwise, it may have a negative impact on the visa evaluation process and your travel dates may result in a different way than you expect.

  • Current Bank Account Statement

The applicant must submit the bank account opened in his/her name or the bank statement containing the last 6 months of account activity. Although the balance of your bank statement will be shaped according to the status of your trip, it is recommended that you have at least 5,000 TL in your account.

Money information in the bank account can also be presented in Euro or GBP. It is useful for you to submit your bank account statement 5 days before your visa appointment date. Bank account statements should be obtained from the bank in stamped, signed, not from the ATM. The bank statements must be submitted with the signature circular.

Please note that if you plan to travel to the England as a family, there must be a balance of at least 5,000 TL for each applicant in the account of the family member to cover the family's expenses.

  • Additional documents supporting financial adequacy

If applicable, you must submit your title deed, vehicle license, additional account statement, rent agreements that show that you have additional income and your real estate documents as supporting documents.

Requested Documents from Inviter in England

  • Invitation

You can't complete your application without an invitation letter from the England inviter. Signed by the inviter and the person's address and contact details must be complete. You can present the original of the document sent by mail or print out the document sent by mail. However, the invitation letter must be signed even if it is received in the mail environment. If the applicant is a citizen of the United Kingdom, a copy of his or her passport or identity card must be attached to the invitation letter and a photocopy of a residence permit if he/ she isn't a England citizen. If you have more than one relative living in the country, you will need to share their information for application. If the inviter going to cover the travel expenses, the last 3 months salary slip and bank account statements of the invitater must be added.

Documents Changing According to Vocational Status

For SGK employees:

  • Employer letter (the letter should written on the company you work in Turkey's letterhead, addressed to the England Consulate, should include the position in the company, including the date range you leave the company, the company must be submitted in written by an authorized employer post stamp.)
  • SGK Declaration of Employment
  • SGK (4A) service statement (can be supplied with barcode with your e-government password)
  • Salary payroll (Last 3 months, current stamp and signed)

For Employers:

  • Petition for Visa Request (On your company's letterhead, submitted to England Consulate, showing your travel dates and signed.)
  • Certificate of Activity in English (Must be received in the last 6 months)
  • Photocopy of the company's signature circular
  • Photocopy of tax plate (deadline)
  • SGK 4b service statement (can be supplied as barcode with your e-government password)

For Retireds:

  • Retirement account passbook (for the last 6 months from the bank which the pension is lied, stamped and signed)
  • Retirement certificate (available from E-government as barcodes)

For Lawyers, Doctors, Pharmacists, Dentist, and Engineers:

  • Chamber of Commerce Registration or Occupational Identity Card

For Foreign Applicants:

  • A Turkey Residence Permit Card should submit as a photocopy. The card should has validity for 6 months.

For applicants under 18 years of age:

  • If the person to apply for a England family visit visa is under 18 and if  he/ she will be traveling alone or if with one of the parents, the original notarized consent document must be submitted.

Appointment for England Visiting Visa

A England visit visa appointment is made after you fill in the online visa application form. The "Book Appointment" section of the Visa4UK website makes an appointment with the England Visa Application service, where the physical application will be made, according to the client's place of residence. Our officials will submit the appointment date and time for your approval in accordance with the information you provide.

England Visiting Visa Fee

England Embassy and Consulate family / friend / relative visit visa fees change according to the category to be applied and the required visa period. The e-mail to be sent to you by our England Department official includes the fees for 6 month, 2 year, 5 year and 10 year visas.

Special visa fee information will be given in the email, which is the privilege granted by the England Consulate to the applicants and the England super express visa which will be concluded in 24 hours. If you want to benefit from these services, just inform our official. Your visa application transaction will be start in the quick application process. You can ask our call center authorities for your email, which includes England visa fees and documents for your travel purpose, or you can send your contact information and your travel purpose to help@eagvs.com. Our officials will get back to you as soon as possible.

How Many Days Take the England Visit Visa Result?

For questions about "how many days the England" visit visa will be issued", applications will be finalized in approximately 15 business days. If you wish to benefit from the "Priority Services" of the England Consulate in your visa applications, you can complete your application with Express or Super Express privileges. The Super Express visa is issued in 24 hours and the Express visa is finalized in 3 to 4 working days after the date of appointment.

You can send documents that change according to your vocational situation to our office in person, by cargo or by a third person. Your documents will be checked by our England department officials as soon as they arrive.

We provide information when you find missing or incorrectly prepared documents. We receive your appointment day in 2 days and we inform you of the date and time of your appointment. Our operation supervisor will accompany you to avoid any problems on your appointment day.

Things That You Need To Give Attention Before You Apply for a England Visit Visa

  • The England Embassy/ Consulate may request additional documents from the applicant during the evaluation process.
  • It is the applicant's responsibility to comply with the requirements of the applicable rules for visa applications in the England family visit. If you submit a missing document, your application may be rejected. In case of England family visit visa applications, the visa fee is non-refundable if the application is rejected.
  • During the evaluation process, you may be invited by the England Consulate for an interview.
  • The England Consulate file officers take their decisions in accordance with the documents submitted. For this reason, you should support your travel purpose and business situation, you need to submit documents that don't contradict each other. It is important that you submit documents supporting your application as well as submitting documents proving your financial adequacy.
  • Your invitation letter from your relative who lives in the England must be in English.


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