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Let's Plan Your England Visa Applications For Oneself!

Turkish Citizens who are subject to visas for travel to the England are responsible for the visa procedures applied by the England Consulate General in Istanbul and the England Embassy in Ankara. The person completes the heavy visa procedures; the consulate/ embassy doesn't always oblige the applicant from compelling processes. With some additional services, "getting visa" procedure become easier. Following the completion of the related documents, the last stage of visa procedure is the appointment day, the person is going to go through an easy application process with the England Visa Additional Services. This services are listed down below.

England Visa in 24 Hours

If you think your trip to the England is urgent or you don't have enough time to wait for the finalization, you can get an extra priority England Super Priority Visa application service that results in 24 hours after the application date. This value added service is only available for England Visa Applications from Istanbul. All applicants who are required to obtain an emergency visa regardless of the city of residence can make use of this service by registering through the Istanbul application office. Because of there will be a cargo delivery time in other application offices outside Istanbul, it isn't possible to make a commitment to submit an application result in 24 hours. For this reason, there is England Visa Application in 24 hours system is only for Istanbul Applications.

  • Declare your Biometric Data from Your Home or Your Office

You may submit your biometric data (fingerprint statement, photo shoot), which are required to be declared for your England Visa Applications, at your home or office without going to the England Visa Application Center. By this convenience, the person doesn't waste time by going to the relevant application center.

  • Don't Waste Time With Appointment Problems for England Visa Applications

If you have an appointment problem before your England Visa application and feel that you can't keep up with your planned England trip, you can take advantage of the England Visa Application Service, Walk In without having an appointment problem. In this way, you can complete your appointment process without appointment and get your visa result faster.

  • Apply for England Visa Applications without Wait in Line

If you don't want to wait in line for your England Visa Applications and want to make England Visa application in a comfortable way, you can get the "England Premium Lounge Visa" Application processing service. By this service, you can make use of tea and coffee service while completing your application process and complete your transactions in a more comfortable environment.

  • Apply for England Visa Without Passport

If you don't want to leave your passport at the Consulate during the 15 business day evaluation process for England Visa Applications and you need to use your passport for your travels to other countries, you can take advantage of the flexible service "Keep My Passport" visa application process. The "Keep My Passport" Service is a service like you can give your passport when consulates want it and after you can take it back. When the consulate want to see your passport, you can give it in 4 weeks whenever you want.

  • Transfer Your England Visas in Your Old Passport to Your New Passport

You can use this service of the England Consulate to carry your current UK Visas from your old passport to your new passport.

Dear visitors, the above mentioned services of the England Consulate are value added services and you will need to make additional payments for those services. Please don't forget to inform our authorities in order to benefit from these services and detailed information about the scope of these services. You can get detailed information about England Visa Application from our authorities by sending an e-mail to help@eagvs.com or you can contact us by calling our call center.
Warning! : For England Visa Application which made without making an appointment is valid only in the İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir Application Offices. England Visa Appointments can be made from the application offices in Gaziantep, Adana, Antalya and Bursa. For this reason, you must take into account the criteria for the city where you are making an appointment. With the England Premium Lounge Service visa service, the person can complete an appointment without any appointment, as well as additional services. You can also benefit from extra services such as using a computer at the England Application Center during the appointment process and making copies if there is a missing copy of the document.


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