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England Visa Procedures

Dear visitors, you can find the visa application criteria determined by the England Consulate and the England Embassy on our website prepared to facilitate your visa application process. You can complete your England visa application using our simplified transaction service. The first and most important step for the England visa application process is the online visa application process. The England visa application form should completed online and completely. You can get the necessary support for the England visa application process from our online support line.
If you live in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Istanbul, Gaziantep, Antalya, Adana, you can complete your England visa application through our offices in your region. You can find detailed information about the applications if you live outside of those cities and the current application procedures for the England visa procedures in 2023 and the detailed information about the England visa fees.

Information about the England Visa;

You can make the following visa's transactions through Euroasia Global Visa Services;

  • General visitor visa (tourist)
  • Family visit visa
  • Commercial visa
  • Student (Education visa
  • Sportsman's visa
  • Entrepreneur visa
  • Medical Treatment Visitor visa

The visa categories we will help you with for your long term trips to the England are as follows:

  • Residence visa
  • Education visa (Tier 4)
  • Working visa
  • Tier 1 Visa
  • Tier 2 Visa
  • Tier 5 Visa
  • Ankara Treaty Visa

Is it possible to enter the England with a Schengen Visa?

Schengen visa holders cannot enter the England. Likewise, England visa holders can't enter the Schengen area. In a referendum held on 23 June 2016, the England decided to leave the European Union. Britain's Brexit process is ongoing.

Is the England visa valid in the Republic of Ireland?

With a England visa you can travel to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. However, there are special conditions for entry into the Republic of Ireland with a England visa. Below, there is a list of countries included in the visa exemption program of the Republic of Ireland.

A England visa application is required to enter the England. The England visa doesn't apply to the Republic of Ireland. However, Ireland has recently started an exemption program for some nationals. Some areas of the England are subject to a visa exemption while some parts of the England are subject to an Irish visa. Here is a list of countries that are exempt from Irish visa.

Citizens of the 17 countries designated by the Irish diplomatic channels have a valid England General C visa and can travel to Ireland if they meet the requirements of the visa exemption program.

Dear visitor, you can enter England, Scotland, Walles, Northern Ireland with a England visa. However, Republic of Turkey citizens can't enter the Republic of Ireland directly with a England visa. Republic of Turkey citizens can only enter the Republic of Ireland after entering the England.

Visa Application Procedure for England

You can complete your England visa procedures from Ankara, Bursa, Antalya and Gaziantep and with our Istanbul head office under the guidance of our company. If the information on our website isn't sufficient for you, you can call our online department officials including the England and get the support you need, you can request the 2023 documents list and the email that includes the England visa fee.

  • Bring your documents to our office.

There is no intervene in the England Embassy and the England Consulate's finalization decisions. Your visa applications may be filed longer than the stipulated date. If you prepare your documents carefully and completely and deliver them to our offices in your region, you can avoid time losses caused by reobtaining your documents and getting a new appointment date. You can send your England visa application documents to Eagvs online department by hand, or cargo, by a third party to your nearest office.

  • We'll call you when we get your application documents.

Our England visa department authorities will check the documents after you send them. They will inform you if there is a missing or incorrectly processed documents are detected; they work with you to solve your problem. Please prepare your documents completely and in accordance with the warnings on our page. You can also use our live support telephone support for England visa application stages.

  • Pay your England visa processing fee.

England visa fees change according to the requested visa category and residence time. Consists of England visa fee, consular visa fee, coordination fee of authorized visa service and service fee of our company. If you have plans to travel to the England as a family or in a group, you can receive a community transaction fee offer from our officials. There is no refund if your England visa application results in a refusal. England visa fees are for processing your visa application.

  • Check the status of your passport.

After your fingerprint statement done under the guidance of our operational authority at the England authorized visa service, we will regularly query your visa result every day while your transactions are in progress. You can also call our authorities to interrogate your visa or send an email to help@eagvs.com. England visa applications are finalized in 15 working days, except in exceptional circumstances.

  • Take your passport.

If your application is approved after the completion of your England visa procedures, you may receive your passport in person or by a third person. If you wish, we will send your passport to your home or work address by cargo.

England Tier Visa Applications

For PBS Tier 4 (student) visa applications, after 28 June 2013, biometrics declaration is required as well as video interview. Please note that applicants for the PBS Tier 4 England student visa must select the "Interview VAC Appointment" type when completing the online application form. Students who apply for a student visa can obtain the most update information from our authorities for the facilitated and reliable application service. England student visa application is make in online. For detailed information on the visa application process, visa application documents and 2023 visa fees for your England business situation and travel purpose, please contact our England online department contact center as an email.

For England Tier visa applications, please send your "Cas Number" (registration number) to our authorities through help@eagvs.com and learn the documents you need to prepare.
Tier visa applications are evaluated in the England. Therefore, evaluation periods may be extended and visa applications may take up to 30 days.

How Many Days Take The England Visa Issue?

Applications for except residence permits are issued in 15 business days and applications for residence permits result in an average of 12 weeks. In many cases applications can be concluded in less than 15 working days. When the England Consulate is busy, applications may take longer than 15 business days to complete. In case of applications lasting more than 15 days, you can call our authorized person and ask question your visa application status.

For your application before certain holiday periods in Turkey and the England, visa processing time should give attention. You can apply for a visa up to three months before the planned date of travel. If you wish to be informed about the visa or if you have any questions regarding the visa application process, you can contact our call center representative.

When the visa application process is over, we will send your passport to your address as soon as we receive your passport.

If you live in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Istanbul, Gaziantep, Antalya or Adana, you can complete your application through our offices in your region.

Our Offices Which You Can Apply For England Visa.

England Visa Procedures, Ankara

You can complete your England visa application with the support of Eagvs online department from Ankara. You can complete your England visa procedures in Istanbul, especially in Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Gaziantep, Antalya, Adana without changing the city. The first step of visa application for England is complete the visa application form.

England Visa Procedures, Bursa

You can complete your England visa procedures through our office in Bursa. You can get operational service from Bursa for your fingerprint and paper declaration.

In order to apply for a visa from Bursa, you can call our call center representative, learn the necessary conditions and request an appointment date.

If you wish, you can contact us at help@eagvs.com by writing your travel purpose and planned travel time with your contact information. Our England department official will get back to you as soon as possible.

You will need to prepare documents appropriate for your business situation during the applications made from Bursa. In order for your visa application to be processed by the England Consulate in Bursa, you must fully meet the application requirements.

Control of your documents will be provided by our authority. In case of missing documents or misrepresentations, you will have to provide your documents as soon as possible. This doesn't mean that your application will be approved even if you have submitted your documents in full. Only the England Consulate is authorized to evaluate your England visa application.

England Visa Procedures Izmir

Applicants residing in Izmir can complete your England visa applications through our Izmir office. For England visa procedures, you can ask our authorities for the 2021's information list which includes the documents that are suitable for your business situation and the fees that change according to the visa categories.

Question your fingerprint status by calling our call center for England visa procedures. You can request an appointment from our authorities by determining the appropriate appointment date and time within the appointment date range of the visa application unit.

Dear visitor, England visa application process from Izmir may take 1-2 days. The application from İzmir isn't eligible for the England Express visa application. Only the passengers applying to our Istanbul head office can benefit from the England Express Visa which is concluded in 24 hours.
Mobile fingerprint application for England visa procedures and England 24 hours visa application can't be used from İzmir, Bursa, Gaziantep, Ankara, Adana, Antalya. For the time being, express and mobile applications are only available for passengers applying from Istanbul.

England Visa Processes Antalya

By examining the information forms and application conditions we have prepared for you, you can complete your England visa application in a short time with the guidance of our Antalya operation authority. You can contact our Antalya office by calling us.

Dear visitor, consular fee is higher for applications made from Antalya compared to other application services. If you are planning to complete your England visa application in Antalya, please check with our England department official for current tuition fees and visa application procedures for 2021.

Rejection of England Visa Application

The England Consulate has a system where all visa decisions are regularly audited.

If you have applied for a visa in a category with an appeal (full appeal) right and have convincing remarks about the reasons for the rejection, you can forward your request to the England Consulate to reconsider your application. The letter stating the refusal decision contains information on how to appeal the decision. You may exercise your right to appeal the rejection decision given to you in accordance with the directives of the Consulate.

If you don't have an appeal right or administrative review right in your visa application category, your application won't be reevaluated. In this case, you have the right to make new applications. However, be careful to complete your new application considering your reasons for rejection.

If you have any special circumstances that you would like to consider with your application and if that make your trip to the England necessary, you can notify the England Consulate's advisory service.

England visa applications are subject to an average of 20 business days. However, this period may be extended in cases requiring special investigation.

England Visa Categories

What are you going to England for?

In order to apply for the right visa type, England visa applicants must first clarify what purpose they will travel to the England. People traveling to the England for the following reasons please remember to inform our officials about the subject of your trip.

  • Touristic trips to the England or to visit family and friends in the England,
  • To conduct business and academic visits to the England,
  • To go by transit transit through the England on your way to another location,
  • To go to the England to stay for a long time because of the spousal and kinship relationships,
  • Go to England to marry or to establish a civil partnership,
  • To visit your child studying in the England,
  • To go to the England for special medicine, treatment support,
  • To go to England for official diplomatic relations and state enterprises

Standard Visitor Visa for short trips to the England

People who will travel to the England for tourism or visit family members and friends in the England can apply for a England Standard Visitor Visa.

In addition, people traveling to the England for the following reasons are also required to apply for a England Standard Visitor Visa.

  • Family visit visa,
  • General visitor visa,
  • Child visit visa,
  • Business visitor visa, visas for academicians, doctors, dentists,
  • Sport visitor visa,
  • Entertainment visitor visa,
  • Applicant entrepreneur visa,
  • Special medical treatment visitor visa,
  • Approved target status visa,

In addition, people traveling to the England with content such as job interviews, meetings, customer visits, fairs and conferences will need to apply for the England Standard Visitor Visa.
If you are attending an event in the England, please don't forget to share your attendance documents with our authorities for your England visa application.

Things That You Need to Pay Attention for England Visa

  1. The documents you will submit for your England visa applications must be received in the last 3 months.
  2. The documents submitted to the visa section of the England visa application are archived. However, if a document such as the diploma which is you need to isn't returned to you, you have the right to request your original documents from the consulate by sending an e-mail to the England Consulate indicating the original documents you require.
  3. The England Consulate may request additional documents in the visa processing process in addition to the documents required to be submitted as standard. You can forward additional documents requested by the England Consulate to the England Consulate from 10:00 to 11:00 in Monday to Friday. The document can't be delivered outside the specified times.
  4. England visa applications unlike Schengen visa applications, they offer 6 months, 2 years, 5 years and 10 years of application options for travel purposes. Consular fees and service fees for each application are change.
  5. Unlike Schengen procedures, service (gray) and private (green) passports holders are also subject to a visa like public passport holders. Persons with diplomatic passports are exempt from the visa procedure for maximum of 90 days within 180 days.
  6. All documents must be submitted in English. We translate your documents that need to be submitted in English. Please contact our call center authorities for more information.
  7. For England visa applications, application fees, application forms and appointments changes depending on the type and duration of the visa requested.
  8. The appointment must be consistent with the type of visa application filled out. Wrongly selected appointments according to the type of visa requested and visa applications made with a form that isn't filled with information supporting the purpose of travel are rejected.
  9. If you wish to take back your England visa application, you will need to inform our company immediately. If you wish, you can complete the request form to take back your visa application through the England Consulate's advisory service. When you take back your application, your visa application will not be evaluated and your documents will be returned to you. However, there is no refund including the Consular fee.
  10. You can obtain the current list of documents related to the documents to be submitted for the application of the England visa from our website, you can contact us by phone or by e-mail to help@eagvs.com.
  11. If you contact us by telephone, we will share with you the list of documents you will need to submit for a England visa application.
  12. You can send your documents to our address by cargo to easily apply for a England visa.
  13. Your application will be made by us on the first day of available. We will organize and share your appointment for England visa fingerprinting.

Please contact us for any other questions and comments regarding the England visa.


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