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Dubai Visa Services

You can get your visa with EAGVS Dubai visa services just with a single document (passport) in 24 hours from your province without coming in person.
With the EAGVS Dubai visa services, you can also apply for a Dubai visa on Fridays and Saturdays. When you send the passport image and the visa fee receipt to us, we make your transactions on the same day. Dubai e-visa fee can be paid by  bank transfer. You can find more information about Dubai visa fee for visa in 24 hours, Dubai "Hello Service" fee and long and short term Dubai visa prices in all other categories.

We have formal agreements with the competent agency Dubai Emirates Airlines Turkey. The Dubai visa is valid for all 7 emirates, including Abu Dhabi, Acman, Fuceyre, Ras al-Hayme, Sharika and Umm al-Kaywayn. You can use your Dubai visa at any time in the emirate.

Dubai visa applications cannot be made individually by the applicant. Dubai isn't a type of visa such as printed on the passport. The Dubai visa is an e-visa. A Dubai visa can only be issued by authorized agents on the official website of the Dubai Immigration Office. As Euroasia GVS, we are one of the authorized agencies in Dubai visa application.

Dubai Visa for Foreigners

Foreigners residing in Turkey can make their applications with EAGVS Dubai visa services. Foreigners like Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Qatar, can get a visa to Dubai with Euroasia GVS with their Turkey residence permits. For the citizens of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Bangladesh, the UAE Immigration Office receives 274 USD surcharge in addition to the Dubai visa fee.

Dubai Visa Services Visa Application Process

Your Dubai visa application is processed after your visa fee is payed. If Dubai visa fee isn't received, application isn't processed. Under no circumstances can a refund be made once your Dubai visa application has been submitted to the Dubai Immigration Office System.

Dubai visa prices are based on your travel purpose. We conclude all types of Dubai visas suitable for your travel purposes in 24 to 48 hours. Please contact us from +90 (212) 963 39 80 for detailed information and to start your Dubai visa application process.

Wherever you live in Turkey, we starting transactions if you send us your passport's colored scan. You can send the image of your passport to our e-mail address ask@eagvs.com.

dubai visa services


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