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Dubai Visa

Dear visitors, Welcome to Euroasia Global Visa Services,

Dear guest, Dubai is one of the 7 emirates that in United Arab Emirates. We have prepared a page for you which contains information about the procedures for the Dubai visa. You can find answers for your questions such like how to obtain a Dubai visa, Dubai visa 2022, required documents for a Dubai visa, 48 hour Dubai visa, Dubai express visa, 96 hour visa, 30 day and 90 day Dubai visa.

By sharing the purpose of your trip and the length of your stay with us, you can request information from our Euroasia GVS Dubai authorities about the 2022 required documents for Dubai visa. Request your Dubai visa documents list to your e-mail address you provide in accordance. Wherever you reside n Turkey, you can start your transactions from our Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Tekirdağ, Antalya, Bursa,  Gaziantep offices without the need to come personally.
Dubai visa office contact information can be found by clicking the link.

Does Dubai Want a Visa?

People who wish to travel to Dubai must apply for a Dubai visa. Each country has its own visa procedures as well as Dubai. Public (Bordeaux) passport holders are subject to Dubai visa procedures. E-visa must obtain from Turkey. A Dubai visa is a type of visa that is taken online, not on passport. Visas printed on the United Arab Emirates Immigration Office's letterheads with barcodes.

Through Euroasia Global Visa Services you can complete your;

  • Dubai Tourist Visa
  • Dubai Bussiness Visa
  • Dubai Transit Visa transactions

Dubai Visa Single Document, Fast Processing (24-36 Hours)

There is no regional difference between the UAE Consulates. Therefore, Turkey and even anywhere in the world, you can apply online visa as a citizen of the Republic of Turkey by scan the page 2 of your passport. In addition to the foreign nationals will apply from Turkey, they should add photocopies of residence permit.

Dubai visa applications result in an average of 24-36 hours. During the periods when the UAE Immigration Office is busy, it can take up to 3 business days.
The most preferred type of visa for Dubai visa applications from Turkey is 30 days, single or multi entry, single or multiple entry visas for 90 days and 48 hours transit visa. As Euroasia GVS, we are authorized to apply for a visa from all categories offered by the UAE Immigration Office in accordance with our agreement.

Dubai Visa

Dubai visa procedures are performed online by e-visa. While applying for the Dubai e visa, the visa isn't processed on the passport, but the passport needs to be created. There are some rules for this. The page showing the passport's picture and identity information and the page showing the remaining period of use should be scanned in color and forwarded to us. When applying for an online visa, the required visa type should be applied.
Dubai visa is obtained by applying online. For Dubai visa applications for 2022, simply scan your passport and send it to our email address ask@eagvs.com. The procedure to be followed in order to avoid problems with Dubai visa procedures should be applied properly. This will make it more possible to accept your visa. In addition, the Dubai visa must decide in advance which type of visa to apply for and make an appropriate request.

Dubai Visa Extension

How to extend the visa period in Dubai? This is one of the questions we frequently come across. Dubai visa extension is available from Dubai. There is no obligation to apply for a new visa after returned to Turkey. The Dubai visa extension process isn't as difficult as it seems, but it is a procedure that requires little details and attention. For a Dubai visa extension, you must contact the Euroasia visa advisory center 7 business days before the visa expiry date. Dubai visa extension is extended to 30 days from the visa expiry date. The Dubai visa extension includes certain types of visas and costs 270 USD.

Dubai Visa Types Which Aviable for Extension

·         30 days short term single entry
·         30 days short term multi entry
·         90 days long term single entry
·         90 days long term multi entry
·         30 day multi-entry cruise visa

Dubai Visa Required Documents

·         Front page with identification information in the passport,
·         E-visa document which inform the passport has Dubai visa

We carry out the Dubai visa extension process in the fastest way with the assurance of our business partner Emirates Group in Dnata Group in Dubai. If you want to extend your visa period in Dubai, you can contact us at +90 (212) 963 39 80.

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