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Germany Visa

Attention to those who will apply for a Germany visa!
Germany visa deliveries are concluded within 15 days after the date of appointment. These are anticipated time periods and may be extended or shortened depending on the Consulate.
Please do not purchase Hotel and Flight tickets before your visa application is finalized.

Germany Visa Processing

Welcome to Euroasia Global Visa Services.
Dear visitors,
Our website has been designed to provide a simplified visa application process for those applying for a Germany Schengen visa.
You can see visa application documents and application conditions decided by representative offices of The Federal Republic of Germany in Turkey and find Germany visa application form below. Ordinary (Burgundy) Passport owners from Turkey Republic are subject to visa application procedures for all kinds of travels to Germany. 
In order to benefit from the simplified visa processing service, you can call our Call Center by using the information on the Contact Information menu of our website or you can send your questions and opinions to our help@eagvs.com e-mail account. Thank you for contacting Euroasia GVS …

Germany Visa Types

  • Tourist Visa
  • Trade Fair & Exhibitions Visa
  • Family, Friends or Relatives  Visitor Visa
  • Airport Transit Visa
  • Visa for Cultural, Film Crew, Sports, and Religious Event Purpose
  • Training/Internship Visa

Germany Visa Processing

Schengen Visa categories of Consulate of Germany with a maximum stay of 90 days differ as follows: Tourist Visa; Trade visa; Family Visitor Visa, Internship Visa, Training/Internship Visa and Sports Activity Visa. If you submit your application for Germany Schengen visa to our offices in person or by mail, we check the accuracy of your documents. We will notify you if we find any missing and / or incorrect documents in your Germany Schengen visa application file, and will try to help you to proceed without delay. We recommend you to complete your Germany visa application with these aspects in mind.
*If you have a Schengen visa  on your current or old passports received after September 25, 2014 and noted within VIS you may not need to declare your biometric data. In this case, if you submit your application documents to our Istanbul Head Office via Cargo / Courier from any city in Turkey, we will make your visa applications without needing you to be here in person.
*If you do not have a Schengen visa VIS issued after September 25, 2014, we will invite you to the relevant authorities for your biometric data statement.
*If you are planning to travel to more than one Schengen country during your vacation to Germany, you must apply for a visa to the consulate of the country where you will be staying for the longest time, or if you’re planning to stay in every country for the same time periods, you should apply for a visa to the consulate of the country you’re travelling to first. If you are going to apply for a Germany visa through our offices, you must start your Schengen field entrance from Germany; and you must spare the longest time to your Germany travel between all of the countries you’re visiting. 
*The documents you will prepare for your Germany visa applications must be up to date. In some cases, you may need to present some of your original documents. You may need to provide new documents if seen necessary.
* Dear visitors, You can reach the detailed information about Germany visa fee and application process in 2020 on our page below or by calling our Schengen visa  authorities.

How to Apply for a Germany Visa?

Ordinary (Burgundy) Passport owners of Turkey Republic that are going to visit Germany are subject to visa application procedures. If they don’t have a valid multiple entry Schengen visa in their passports, they can enter this country after they take Germany Schengen visa. The owners of Turkey Republic Green (Special), Gray (Service) and Black / Red (Diplomatic) passports can enter Germany without visa only if they don’t stay longer than 90 days.
The Consulate of Germany has authorized visa application centers to simplify visa applications.The authorized Germany visa application center serves to applicants with its offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Antalya, Gaziantep and Trabzon. For an easier and faster service, applicants can use authorized Application Centers if they want.
Persons who do not wish to benefit from the application centers will need to contact the Consulate of Germany directly. For applications made directly to the Consulate of Germany, the date of the visa appointment may be given at a later date and the visa processing time may be extended. It should be noted that the Consulate of Germany has a limited number of application quota and the applicants must apply for visa as soon as possible. You can apply for a Germany Schengen visa maximum 3 months (90 days) in advance.
*Germany Schengen visa application form - Schengen visa application form

National Holidays of Germany Consulates (2020)

• January 01, Tuesday - New Year’s Day
• April 19, Friday - Good Friday
• April 22, Monday - Easter Monday
• May 01, Wednesday - Labour Day
• May 30, Thursday - Ascension Day
• June 04, Thursday - Ramadhan
• June 10, Monday - Whit Monday
• August 11, Sunday - Sacrifice Holiday
• October 03, Thursday - German Unity Day
• October 29, Tuesday - Republic Day of Turkey
• December 24, Tuesday - Christmas Eve
• December 25, Wednesday - 1st day of Christmas
• December 26, Thursday - 2nd day of Christmas
• December 31 - New Year’s Eve

Germany Schengen Visa Biometric Data Submission

All Schengen visa applicants are required to submit their biometric data when applying for a Germany Schengen visa. Appointments for applicants who will submit their biometric data (fingerprint) for a German Schengen visa will be taken by our authorities. If you have declared your biometric data in your previous Schengen visa applications, you will be able to obtain your Schengen visas by sending your documents to our offices by cargo or by third parties without having to come here in person. Germany Schengen visa applicants under 12 years of age do not need to submit their biometric data. Government officials who are traveling by official invitation are exempted from the declaration of biometric data during their travels in Germany.

How Long Does It Take to Get Germany Visa

Germany Schengen visa procedures result in approximately 2-4 weeks after the date of appointment. This is the estimated period and does not include applications made with missing documents, applications made from cities outside the consulate's duty area and applications made with foreign passports. In addition, the period may be longer or shorter depending on the Germany Consulate. The applications made by foreigners who have residence permit in Turkey may take longer to finalize. Please make sure to apply for a Germany visa at least 15 days before the date of travel to this country. Please note that the applicants who have less than 15 days of travel to Germany may not be able to catch up on their travel dates and may even face visa refusal.
The applications made before the national holidays of Turkey or Germany may take longer to finalize because of the excessive busyness of counsulates. There may also be 1-2 days delay in the processing of applications made outside of Istanbul and Ankara.

*Make Your Visa Application Considering The Consulates’ Duty Area

There is a regional restriction for applications for a Germany Schengen visa. For this reason, the visa applicants will have to apply to the Germany representative office / German visa application center that serves for the city where they live. Cities served by the Consulate General of Germany in Istanbul; Balıkesir, Bilecik, Bolu, Bursa, Çanakkale, Duzce, Edirne, Eskisehir, Istanbul, Kirklareli, Kocaeli, Tekirdag, Sakarya and Yalova. Residents living outside of these cities can also apply for Germany Schengen visa from Istanbul, 
however, applicants should be aware that they will be subject to a long processing period, as the application files will be forwarded to the relevant Germany Consulate. Visa applications of these applicants will result in an estimated time of 2 to 5 weeks.

*About The Applicants Who Do Not Work Under Any Social Institution, Applying For a Germany Visa

We strongly recommend the applicants who do not work under any social institution to receive support from our authorities.
Please contact our call center or send us an e-mail using help@eagvs.com e-mail adress for more information and support.

*About The Required Documents for Germany Schengen Visa

The documents you need to prepare for Germany Schengen visa applications will vary depending on your occupational group and the purpose of your trip. You can request preliminary information mail from our Call Center authorities to learn the documents you will prepare for Germany visa or you can learn the documents you need to prepare by visiting the headings in the menu on the left side of our page.
First degree close relatives who will sponsor the family member who will apply for a visa should prepare all income documents as if they’re applying for a visa for themselves. In addition to the documents mentioned in the relevant section, you may also be asked to prepare new documents by the Visa Department of Consulate or by our authorities.You must complete every requested document.

*About the Foreigners Who will Apply for a Germany Visa From Turkey

The applicants from the countries that don’t have a visa facilitation agreement with Germany can apply to Germany Schengen visa from Turkey by submitting their Turkey residence and work permission documents with the other required documents. Also the residents in different neighboring countries that are in the duty area of Germany Consulates can apply for Germany visa without needing to have a residence and work permit from Turkey Republic. Applicants in this and similar situations may be requested to have their application documents translated into English and prepared for a German visa.
Third-country nationals with a residence permit in Turkey can make their Germany Schengen Visa applications from representative offices of Germany in Turkey. Third-counry nationals must submit their residence permission documents in addition to the documents Turkish citizens submit during their Germany visa applications. Citizens of foreign countries who do not speak Turkish should complete their application procedures with the accompaniment of a translator
There are some specific applications for citizens of Iraq and Syria when applying for Germany visa from Turkey. Please ask for the updated list of required documents for Germany Schengen visa for third-country nationals from our authorities.

*Germany Visa Procedures for Citizens of Iraq

Iraqi citizens can complete their short-term Schengen visa procedures through the Erbil idata office as of the date of 01.05.2016.The obligations for Iraqi citizens to come to the German Embassy in Ankara for application have been removed. Iraqi citizens are required to submit long-term German visa applications to the visa section of the German Embassy in Ankara. Appointment must be made through idata. Iraqi citizens should apply for short and long term visas in person. Since biometric data, such as fingerprints, must also be declared, a personal application must be made.
Iraqi citizens must come on the visa application appointment day with all of the complete and filled documents that are required and the documents must be translated in German. The visa application office does not accept translations in Iraq due to the frequency of incorrect translations. Translation of an interpreter must be made in Germany or Turkey. The contact details of the applicant must be included in the application form. Iraqi citizens can only complete their German visa procedures with the accompaniment of a translator if they plan to apply from Ankara or Izmir and do not speak Turkish, German or English.
Iraqi citizens who have residence permit in Turkey can receive guidance and interpretation services from our company during their visa application process.

*Germany Visa Procedures for Citizens of Syria

Syrian citizens wishing to travel to Germany should apply for short-term and long-term German visas in person and submit their biometric data. Syrian citizens should complete the required documents and submit all of them if they will make an application for Germany visa from Turkey. German translation of all documents must be submitted with the conformation of German Embassy in Beirut. Citizens of Syria should also provide documents that proves the Polio vaccination is shot when applying for a German visa. If the Syrian citizens applying for a Germany visa are residents in Turkey for more than 3 months, they must submit their resident permission documents with the other documents. Syrian citizens must also submit a foreigner identification certificate for leaving Turkey. Syrian citizens with residence permit in Turkey can make their Germany visa applications through our company.

Cities We Serve In

As Euroasia GVS, we accept Schengen visa applications from all over the Turkey and we provide follow-up of visa procedures. Since biometric data (fingerprint) registration is mandatory for Schengen visa applications, the visa applicant must be present at the competent authority in person. You may be exempt from the biometric data declaration procedure if your Schengen visas that you have received in the last 5 years have a VIS statement. You can inquire your exemption status from the biometric data statement to our call center officers.

Germany Visa Procedures Ankara

If you have a Schengen visa with a VIS mark on your current passport or previous passports after 25 September 2014, we will complete your visa application if you submit your documents personally or by cargo to our Ankara office. You can complete your German visa procedures through our Institution no matter in which city you live, especially if you are in Ankara, Bursa and Izmir.
You can complete your Germany visa application process from our head office in İstanbul, or our other offices in Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Antalya, Edirne and Gaziantep offices.

Germany Visa Procedures Izmir

Applicants residing in Izmir can complete their Germany visa application through our office in Izmir. For the visa application for Germany, you can ask our Schengen department authorities for the information e-mail, which includes the current list of documents and the German visa fees. Inquire about your fingerprint status for your Germany visa procedures by calling our call center. Request an appointment by specifying the date and time of appointment that best suits you during the appointment date range of our visa application unit.

Germany Visa Procedures Bursa

We provide a simplified processing service for applicants who will complete their Germany visa procedures from Bursa and surrounding areas. In order to obtain your Germany Schengen visa from Bursa, we recommend that you follow the procedure below. You can call our office in Bursa to complete your Germany visa procedures from Bursa. The applicants completing their application from Bursa or surrounding areas can see a list of the required documents specified  by Germany Consulate under the “Required Documents” section.  If you have obtained a VIS-issued Schengen visa within the last 59 months, you may be exempt from fingerprint submission. If you have a VIS-issued Schengen visa, we complete your visa application on your behalf if you send your documents from your region of residence to our Istanbul head office by cargo. If you are temporarily absent in the province where you live, you can also complete your Germany visa applications through our office that serves for your region. If you are going to apply from provinces other than our Istanbul head office, your procedures may be delayed for 1-2 days due to the cargo delivery time.

Germany Schengen Visa Refusal

If your application for a German Schengen visa fails, you will receive a letter of rejection signed by the Consulate in English. You can find out the reasons why your visa application was rejected by examining the items marked in this rejection letter. A visa refusal for a German Schengen visa is not something banning you from leaving your country. The Applicant has the right to apply for a new visa by completing the Schengen visa compliance requirements in full. If your German Schengen visa application is rejected, there is no refund of the visa application fees. The Consulates of Germany are the sole competent authorities to decide on the visa application process and the evaluation period of the visa application.

Things To Consider If You’re Applying For a Schengen Visa

Since the beginning of 2018, the Schengen group countries have increased the Schengen security measures. A Schengen visa does not guarantee your right to enter the Schengen area. If you do not have explanatory documents to support your trip, the border police may not allow you to enter the country, even if you have a visa. Failure to meet the obligations for accommodation may result in the decision to deport the police forces. Therefore, even if your Schengen visa is approved, here are the points you should pay attention to especially at the border gates during your journey:
• You must present your passport with a valid visa at the border gate to which you will enter Germany. There are also documents that the border police may request:
• Keep your accommodation reservation document and your return flight ticket, in a place that is easily accessible.
• If you are traveling to Germany for commercial purposes and family visits, have your approved, stamped invitation letter with you.
• Have the documents that supports the fact that you are able to cover your expanses during you trip (cash, travel checks, passbook, international credit cards, etc.) with you.
• The same applies to people with a D visa. In the case of domestic security checks, the D visa holder may be required to submit documents supporting the reason for their stay in Germany.

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