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Required Documents for Germany Tourist Visa

Dear Visitors, the personal documents you need to prepare for your German tourist visa in 2022 are in following page. The necessary documents for Germany tourist visa application (2022) should accords to your professional status, your travel expenses to meet your that your financial competency and consists of evidence documents that you will continue your work in Turkey. On the following page, you can find the list of personal / standard documents and documents for your occupational / age (employee, employer, self-employed, student, retired, under 18 years old).

Standard documents: Some of your personal documents are requested to be registered to the Schengen VIS (visa information system) security network; The other part is requested to support your financial competence, and your travel purpose.

Documents supporting your vocaational status: If you arent working, you will need to submit documents supporting your social situation. If you are an employee or company owner; company's activity certificate, tax plate, photocopy of commercial registry newspaper; if you are retired, retirement card, payroll; if you are a student, you must submit your original student certificate. If the travel expenses of students and housewives in Germany are to be cover by a family member, the financial documents of the person responsible for the expenses must be presented.

Dear visitor, please call our Euroasia GVS Schengen department officials for your transactions. Explain your vocational status and purpose of travel (tourist, commercial / trade fair participation, family / friend visit, transit) to our call center representative. Following your notification, our Schengen representative will send you the current list of documents for 2022, according to your current situation, to your e-mail address along with your visa service fee. If you wish, you can view the list of documents suitable for your personal and vocational situation in the continue of our page.

Send your documents to our nearest office in your city. And the, we'll start your visa process.

If you have a Schengen visa after September 25th 2014 with a VIS signed, you can send your documents and start your transactions from every region of Turkey. If you live outside of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Bursa, Adana, Edirne, Gaziantep, you can get information from our call center about which visa service you will complete your German visa procedures from.

Required Documents for Germany Tourist Visa 2022

Standard Documents


Passport should be valid for at least 3 months from the expiry date of the visa. Your German passport mustn't be older than ten years. There should be  two blank pages at least. In addition to your passport, you must provide a photocopy of the page containing your passport photo and identification information and, if you have  Schengen region countries's (USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Korea, Japan, New Zealand) visa's in 3 years, you should show the visa's photocopies  too. Expired old passports must also be submitted at the time of application.

In case of marriage or divorce, applications with an out of date passport wont be accepted beacuse of the change of surname.

2. Germany Schengen Visa Application Form

All fields on the Schengen visa application form must be completed and signed by the applicant. Schengen visa application form's 3rd and 4th pages' should be signed and the date of application should writte in the form too.

You can find the Germany Schengen visa application form in here.

You can find Eagvs visa request form in here.

3. Biometric Photography

1 photograph must be submitted in accordance with the biometric criteria, without retouching or photoshop, with a white background, not older than 6 months, measuring 35x45 mm and showing the entire face clearly.

4. Statement of Bank Account 

If there is a person to apply for a visa in Germany, he or she should submit the bank account statements opened in his / her name. The bank statement should include the past 3 month's account activity. The bank statement must be provided  10 days earlier before the visa appointment date. Your account must have at least 5,000 TL balance. If the application is made by all for family, the account  should cover each family member. And for each family member must have a balance of at least 5.000 TL in the bank account. It is in the interest of each applicant to have a separate bank account. The bank statement must be stamped, wet signed and presented with the bank signature circular by the bank you will provide the statement. Bank account documents provided as ATM printouts arent accepted.

5. Travel Health Insurance

You must present a compulsory travel health insurance policy of EUR 30,000 for Schengen countries with the original, wet stamp and signed. Your travel health insurance must arrange to cover your travel dates. If your insurance policy doesnt include a start and end time, it is generally accepted as 12p.m. For those who are insured for half the day, the insurance requirement isnt fulfilled for today. For this reason, you must submit an insurance policy that covers at least one day before your travel date.

For EEC and EU citizens's spouses and children (under the age of 21) are exempted from the presentation of travel health insurance. (Excludes spouses and children of German citizens).

6. Transportation Reservations

Flight reservations must provided and should include your travels's start and return travel dates.

7. Accommodation Reservations

You will need to provide documents of your travel accommodation. Touristic visa applications wont  processed by the consulate unit until the you submit your hotel reservation document. Your accommodation documents must be issued separately on behalf of each applicant. It must include the applicant's name and surname and be provided to cover your entire travel time.

8. Additional Documents to Support Financial Adequacy

You must submit your income and real estate sources such as title deeds, vehicle licenses, additional accounts, rental income with official documents.

Vocational Documents

  • For employees;

Bank account statement

A bank passbook or document must be submitted which shows the last 3 months. It must taken before 10 days of the application date.

Company Letter

The work and permit from your company representative should contain information about your job position. Your travel date range and the dates which you are permitted from should include in the letter. The letter should be wet signed and stamped.

SGK Service Enumeration

The SGK service enumeration, which you can obtain on the SSI or e-government website with barcodes, should indicate your entire insurance history in detail. If the applicant is retired and still working, you should submit your SSI support premium document as an attachment.

SGK Declaration of Employment

You must provide a photocopy of your introduction to work statement from your affiliated company.


You should submit your payroll which belongs to last three months. The payroll must be wet signed and stamped.

Business Contract

If you arent a SGK employee, you must submit a notary approved employment contract from the company you work for.

Bank account statement

A personal/company bank passbook or statement which belongs last three months must submitted. It must taked within 10 days before the application date.

  • For Company Owners;

Activity Certificate / Registration of Chamber of Commerce

The activity certificate you will provide according to the activity of your company shouldnt be dated more than the last 6 months. If you are going to apply from a province within the jurisdiction of Ankara Embassy, you should submit only a copy of the Chamber of Commerce Registry.

Commercial Registry Newspaper

A copy of the trade registry gazette with the information that the company title and the applicant is the founder or partner must  submitted.

Current Tax Sheet

A copy of the current tax sheee for the last one year must be submitted.

  • For students and those under the age of 18;

Original and Photocopy of Consent Form

Applicants under the age of 18 must submit a certified consent document, signed by both parents, for German visa applications. In cases of a situation like divorce, the custody decision should also be presented. The Schengen visa application form  completed for applicants under 18 must be signed by both parents.

The Original of the Population Registration Sample

For citizens of the Republic of Turkey; The sealed original copy of the Fully Registered Population Registration Sample must be submitted. The "thoughts" section should  fill in the population registration sample. The first degree relative's  who is be sponsor to the student should indicated the degree of kinship and population registration sample.

Student Certificate

The original student certificate must obtained from the school where the applicant is studying.


Applicants are required to submit a petition with a wet signed, legible, round trip date and warranty statement stating that travel expenses will be covered by their first degree relatives.

Warning! The student is required to submit all income documents in accordance as specified by the occupation group, even if the person who will cover the expenses doesnt travel with student.

  • For Retires;

Bank account statement

Retired's personal bank passbook which is shows the last three months must be presented. It must taken 10 days before the date of appointment and must current and update.

Retirement Certificate

Retired person will need to submit a certificate from his or hers SSI or  e-government.

Retirement Statement

The retired person's Retirement Salary Account Statement should have 5,000. TL balance. (The last 3 months must be presented with stamped signed and bank signature circular.)

  • For Self Employed Persons;

Bank Statement

The bank account and the statement, which have been obtained in the last 3 months, must be submitted as signed and stamped by adding the bank signature circular.

Registration Certificate of Vocational Chamber 

The original and photocopy of the last six months registration document belonging to the vocational chamber to which is affiliated must be submitted.

Vocational Identity Card

If there is a self employed person with a vocational ID card, they should also provide photocopies of the ID card.

Current Tax Sheet

A photocopy of the current tax sheet which belongs the last one year must be submitted.

How Many Days Does a German Tourist Visa's İssuing Takes?

German tourist visa procedures are concluded within 8 to 15 days after your application date. This time is shows the finalizing time. It may take longer time for the foreign citizen who residences in Turkey . The German Consulate's visa office is not available on public holidays. In applications made before the official holidays, the processing time may be extended because of to the work load.


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