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Gate Visa for Greece Islands

Turkey citizens and third country nationals with a residence permit in Turkey wishing to travel to the Greece islands make their visa process carried out at the port. On average, you get 3-4 days accommodation on the islands with a visa issued to the Greece islands. This period may be extended depending on the hotel reservation documents provided by the applicant. In order for your visa to be ready when you arrive at the port, we will carry out your applications on behalf of you if you send us the following documents 5 days before the trip.

Greece gate visa application applies to the following islands;

  • Rhodes,

  • Kos

  • Pony

  • Meis (Kastellorizo)

  • Chios

  • Samos

Required Documents for Greece Island Gate Visa

  • Passport

Passport validity period must be at least 3 months after the end of travel.

  • Photo

2 biometric photographs in 35x45 mm, taken in the last 3 month and background should be white. Example for photo

  • Photocopy of Identity Card

Front and back side should be shot on a single sheet

  • Personal Bank Statement and Bank Signature Circular

The summary of the account should be at least 4000 TL balance, the statement of the bank should be stamped and wet signature by the bank and the signature circular of the bank should be taken.

  • Hotel and ferry tickets

Must have been purchased.

Attention for Greece Door Visa Applications!

Greece Gate Visa is way to application with a simple way to citizens wishing to travel from Republic of Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus. Greece gate visa is a single entry visa. It just for some islands, not for entering the Greece. Taking gate visas may take a long time depending on the passenger density. Greece gate visa procedures take less time than Greece Schengen visa procedures. Therefore, the revival of tourism in terms of bilateral relations between Greece and Turkey has made important contributions. As of the expiry date of the gate visa, the Greece gate visa expires and cannot be extended.

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