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Greece Captain Visa

If you wish to apply for a Greece captain visa, please contact us before you start preparing your documents. If you are connect to our call center, our Schengen department officials will inform you about the captain's visa and Greece visa procedures and will send you an e-mail regarding the current list of documents. You can get support from our authorities for the documents you need to submit during your Greece captain visa application.

Required Documents for Greece Captain Visa

  • Passport

Passport validity period must be at least 3 months after the end of travel

  • Photo

Two biometric photographs in 35x45 mm, taken in the last 3 months, background should be white.

  • Guarantee letter written by the boat owner

The letter should signed by the boat owner addressed to the Greece Consulate

  • Boat Documents

Contract with the owner of the boat,

Photocopies of the captain's marine man passport and maritime related card

  • Petition

It must be written and signed by the Captain to the Greek Consulate and the purpose of the trip, the dates and the sponsor of the trip must be specified in detail.

  • Personal Bank Statement and Bank Signature Circular

The summary of the account must be at least 5.000 TL in the last 3 months and the bank statement must contain the stamp and wet signature of the bank and the signature circular of the bank should be taken.

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