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Documents for Commercial Visa in France

Dear Guests, Welcome. 

You can view the list of documents you need to prepare for your France commercial visa applications and detailed lists of documents that change according to your professional situation in the following page.  You can explain your occupational status and purpose of travel (trade, fair participation, business trip, project development...) to our Schengen department official.
After your notification, our authorities will send the current list of documents for 2023 according to your current situation to your email address. If you wish, you can find below the list of documents that differ according to your personal and professional situation and the information notes you should pay attention to while preparing your documents.

Required Documents for France Commercial Visa

(!) Please make sure that the documents you submit for your France business visa applications are up to date (taken or prepared within the last 3 months).

  • Standard Documents

1. Invitation Certificate

An invitation, which must be in accordance with the national legislation of France, should be submitted. The original or fax copy of the commercial invitation must be submitted with the following information about the inviting company in France. The invitation letter from the French company which is the sender of invitation, must be written on the company's letterhead and can be submitted as stamped and wet signed (original document or fax copy / internet printout). A copy of the identity card of the inviting company official and invoices for previous trades may be requested.
 Name and full address of the inviting company,

  • Name of applicant, company name and position in the company
  • Requested visa period (If more than one trip is required, it must be stated in the petition.)
  • Purpose and duration of the trip (Company - fair name must be specified.)
  • Please state that travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the company in France.

2. Passport

Passport valid for at least 3 months after the expiry date of the visa. Your passport which you will use for France visa applications must not be older than 10 years and must have at least two blank pages. In addition to your passport, you must submit the page of your passport with your identity information and your France and other Schengen country visas that you have received in the last 3 years, photocopies of the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand visas.

Identity information, validity periods, photocopies of the sealed pages should be provided in addition to the processed (visa) pages of your previous passports, if any.

(!) In case of marriage or divorce, applications made with a passport with invalid identity information will not be accepted due to change of surname.

3. Photocopy of Identity Card

You must submit a copy of the front and back sides of your ID card. In addition, you must submit your temporary ID card you get from civil registry while applying for France visa if you have applied to the new ID cards which have chips on them for Turkish citizens.

4. Example of family register certification

You can obtain your family register certificate from the civil registry closest to your residence address. Make sure that the “thoughts” section is filled when you take your family registration certificate. Your family and sibling information should be included without missing information in your registration records. The identity register copy taken over e-government is not valid as it is not fully certified.

5. France commercial visa application form

The France business visa application form must be completed fully and must be signed by the applicant in person. France visa application form is completed online. Our Schengen department officials provide the necessary assistance in completing the online France visa application form. 

The Schengen visa application form in French or English, carefully and completely completed, dated and signed. The final page of the Schengen visa application form must contain 2 signatures, one in box 37 and the other at the end of the page. Parents must sign the papers for minors.

> You can find EAGVS visa application form from here.

6. Biometric Photo

1 Photograph must be submitted in accordance with the biometric criteria, with white background, without retouching, not older than 6 months, measuring 35x45 mm and showing the entire face clearly. 35x45 mm photos with a white background should not be used in any of the visas in your passport before. In addition, your photo which will be used in your visa application must represent your current state.

7. Bill of Bank Account

If a person is to apply for a visa for France, he / she must present the account statement opened in his / her name. Applicants whose expenses are covered by their first degree relative must submit the bank account of the sponsor along with their personal bank accounts. Applicants who do not have an account on their behalf in the bank should submit their sponsor's account statement. The bank statements must be up-to-date, including the applicant's account transactions in the last 3 months. Bank transcripts must be provided 10 days before the visa appointment date.

> For France Schengen visa applications, the account must contain a minimum balance of 5,000 TL for each applicant. If the application is to be made by a whole family, there must be at least 5.000 TL balance for each person.

> Account statements provided as ATM printouts are not accepted.

8. Travel health insurance

You must present your original travel health insurance policy which is valid in Schengen countries with a guarantee of 30.000 Euros warranty, as wet stamped and signed. Your travel health insurance policy should be arranged to cover your travel dates. If your insurance policy does not have a start and end date and time, it is usually accepted at 12 noon. Insurance is not considered to be fulfilled on these days. You must therefore submit your insurance policy covering at least one day before and one day after your travel date.

Dear visitors, we provide the original insurance on your behalf for your business visits (trade fair, conference, business trip, etc.) up to 15 days evaluated in the France Schengen visa category.

9. Transportation Reservations

You must submit the transportation reservations for your trip. In case of your request, we make appropriate flight reservations according to your travel dates.

10 Accommodation Reservations

If you are staying at the hotel on your business trip to France, you must provide proof of your accommodation. Your accommodation reservation documents must be issued separately on behalf of each applicant.  Reservations must include the first and last name of the applicant. The applicant must clearly state the place of residence during the travel to France in the application form.

11. Additional documents supporting financial adequacy

You must submit your income and real estate sources such as title deeds, vehicle licenses, additional accounts, rental income with official documents.

  • Professional Documents

Applicants must submit the following documents appropriate to their situation. 

Employees under SGK:

1. Fair Participation Certificate (if any)

The exhibitor who will set up a stand at the fair which will be held in France is required to present the fair participant exhibitor card. Those who will set up a stand at the fair are exempted from consular visa fees. The French Consulate visa department decides whether or not a visa fee exemption is applied to the applicant according to this document.  If the stand will not be set, an exhibition ticket or invitation must be presented.

2. Employer Letter

Wet signed and stamped original of the petition containing the following information of the company you work for must be presented. In the employer's letter, the applicant's duty in the company, the required visa period, the purpose and duration of the trip (company and fair name must be specified). There must be a guarantee that the costs in France will be covered by the company.

3. SSI Certificate of Employment
You must provide a photocopy of your certificate of employment from your company.

4. SSI Service Breakdown

This document, which you can obtain through the SSI or e-government website, should indicate your entire insurance history in detail.  If the applicant is retired and still working, SSI must submit additional support premium payments.

5. Salary Payrolls

You must submit your stamped and signed payrolls for the last 3 months.

6. Business Contract

If you are not an SSI employee, you must submit a notary approved employment contract proving the business agreement between you and your company.

7. Bill of Bank Account

You must submit your company's bank passbook or statement for the last 3 months. Bank account statements must be provided within the last 10 days.

8. Activity Certificate/Chamber of Commerce Registration

Depending on the activity of the company you work for, the photocopy of your activity document not older than 6 months must be submitted. 

9. Trade Registry Gazette

10. Current Tax Board

A copy of the last year's updated tax board must be submitted.

11. Additional Income Documents

Land registry, vehicle license, rental income, additional account statements, etc. other income should be submitted.   

Business Owners:

1. Fair Participation Certificate

If the owners of the companies that will open stands at the fair which will be held in France submit the fair participant card, they will be exempted from visa fees. If the stand is not to be installed, the exhibition entrance ticket and invitation must be submitted.

2. Certificate of Activity / Chamber of Commerce Registration

Depending on the activity of the company you work for, the photocopy of your activity document not older than 6 months must be submitted. From the applicants whose documents are in jurisdiction of Ankara Embassy, only Chamber of Commerce Registration is asked.

3. Trade Registry Gazette

A copy of the commercial registry newspaper with the title of the company and the information that the applicant is the founder or partner of the company must be submitted.

4. Current Tax Board

A copy of the current tax board for the last year must be submitted.

5. Bill of Bank Account

The bank account statement and bank account passbook of the company provided within the last 10 days belonging to the last three months must be submitted.

6. Additional Income Documents

Property and additional income documents such as title deeds, vehicle licenses, rental income documents (if any) should be submitted.


Document showing the pension (last 3-month bank statement wet signed-stamped and retirement wallet).

A document from the SGK that you receive a pension.


Farmer's certificate issued by the chamber of agriculture which he/she is connected and photocopies of the title deeds.


Residence and work permit in Turkey.  Turkey residence permit must be valid for at least 6 months and it must be valid for 3 more months after the returning date.

Things to Consider For France Commercial Visa Application

You can complete your France business visa procedures through our company. You can view the list of commercial visa documents suitable for your occupation (business owner, employee, retired) in the following page. 

  • If someone else covers the applicant's costs (for mother, father, relatives, etc.) for your France business visa applications, the financial and professional documents of that person must be attached to the file and the sponsor who pays the costs must prepare a petition for the applicant.
  • The recommended application period is 30 days due to the intensity of the Consulate of France before the holidays.
  • In case you apply for a commercial Schengen visa for France, incorrect and incomplete documents will result in a waste of time. Therefore, we recommend that you prepare your documents carefully and completely.
  • While applying to France Schengen business visa, don't forget to mention the special cases, travels in the future and flights in your company letter and petition.
  • If you prove your travel history (previous passport and the issuance of visas received in the last 3 years), long-term visa may be obtained. The Consulate is able to issue long-term visas depending on whether your visas are used correctly and the number of previous visas. Do not forget to include your previous passport and visa in your documents.
  • The French Embassy in Ankara and the Consulate General of France confirm your visas if the main point of your trip is France. Once your Schengen visa is approved, you must ensure that France sets your first entry limit. After you enter France, you are entitled to free movement in the Schengen area.
  • We make your flight and hotel reservations and provide you with a compulsory travel health insurance of 30.000 Euro for the Schengen region countries within your service price, taking into consideration your travel dates.
  • If you have any VIS stated multiple entry visa you received after 25th September 2014, you can send the required documents for your visa application to our offices from everywhere around Turkey with cargo or courier. We will apply on your behalf in no time.
  • If you live in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Bursa, Adana, Edirne, Gaziantep, you can get information from our call center about the visa service to complete your French visa procedures.

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