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Required Documents for Netherlands Seafarers Visa

The following documents are required for the Netherlands seafarer visa. The Embassy of the Netherlands in Ankara and the Consulate of the Netherlands in Istanbul may ask you to provide documents outside of these documents if it is necessary. Please obtain the requested documents by the Netherlands Consulate on time. If you have any questions about the Netherlands seafarer visa category, you can write to us at help@eagvs.com or call us on  +90 (212) 963 04 51 

Required Documents for Netherlands Seafarers Visa

Make sure that the documents you prepare for the Netherlands seafarers visa are update.

  • Passport

 A passport with at least 2 blank pages, and valid for at least 3 months after the planned return date. Your passport mustn't be older than 10 years. If the date of issuance of your passport is more than 10 years, please make the necessary renewals before the application process starts. Photocopies of visa processed pages must be provided on your passport. If you have Schengen visas, UK, America and Canada visas issued on your old passport, you must provide them as photocopies.

  • Visa Application Form

 You must complete the Schengen visa application form with complete and correct information for the Netherlands seafarers visa. After completing all sections, the applicant must sign the form where it is required to sign. If the applicant is under 18, the signature section must be signed by his/ her parents or legal representative.

Click here to see the Schengen visa application form.

  • Biometric Photo

You should use a biometric photo in Schengen photo sizes that aren't older than 6 months and the face is clearly visible.

Click here to see Schengen photo sizes.

  • Seafarer ID Card

 The applicant must submit the original seafarer's card and photocopy.

  • Signature Circular Obtained from the Turkish Company

The person applying for a Netherlands Seafarer visa must obtain a signature circular from the Turkish company.

  • Letter from the Employer

It must be written on the letterhead of the workplace and signed by authorized persons.

  • Employment Contract

A Netherlands seafarer visa requires an employment contract with the shipowner or ship, or a SGK service statement and a SGK declaration.

  • Warranty Letter from the Company in the Netherlands

It should be written and signed on the letterhead of the company in the Netherlands. The guarantee letter must clearly contain the personal information, passport number and dates of travel of the applicant to the Netherlands seafarer's visa.

  • For foreign citizens

Citizens of foreign nationals residing in Turkey must present the residence card in the necessary documents to apply for a Netherlands Seafarer visa.

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