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Netherlands Orange Carpet Visa Procedures

The Orange Carpet visa was introduced by the Netherlands   Government in 2008. With the Orange Carpet application, visa facilitation is provided for business people who have commercial ties with the Netherlands. The Netherlands orange carpet application was developed in order to prevent problems faced by individual and group applications of company owners or employees traveling to the Netherlands for commercial reasons and having a commercial relationship with the Netherlands in the past. This is a simplified visa procedure for company employees who have to visit the Netherlands regularly or for organizations with significant cooperation with the Netherlands.

With the Netherlands Orange Carpet visa application, it is aimed to shorten the visa processes and to prevent the loss of time by the abundance of requested documents. In addition, some of the same company employees participating in the fair, although some of the visa applications have been approved, some factors such as the rejection of visa applications or the issuance of short term visas have paved the way for the orange carpet visa.

On the following page you will find only the documents and application requirements for the orange carpet visa, which the Netherlands diplomatic representation recognizes to Turkish business people. You can get detailed and update information about orange carpet from our authorities.

Dear visitor, there is no obligation to apply for the orange carpet in person. In accepting applications from anywhere in Turkey; we will complete your application on your behalf as soon as possible. For this purpose, it is sufficient to forward the documents listed below to our Istanbul head office by cargo or a third person.

How to Apply for Orange Carpet Visa Application?

There is no obligation to apply in person in Orange Carpet application. Turkish business visit / business travelers who will travel with the  commercial reasons for travel, the Netherlands Embassy in Ankara or the Netherlands General Consulate  authorizing the visa application unit or contacting our visa service Euroasia, can receive special business visa.

The requirements for the companies that will apply for Orange Carpet visa are as follows:

  • Netherlands subsidiaries of Turkish companies or Turkey companies participations of Netherlands companies
  • Turkish companies with long term and important commercial relations with a company in the Netherlands
  • Employees who regularly visit the Netherlands for work
  • The originating company  at least two (2) year term ended with the employment contract with Turkey originating company or companies with Netherlands based institutions or companies, two years documenting the cooperation carried out in Turkey originating from institutions or companies and employees Netherlands They may apply for Orange Carpet visa.

Benefits of Orange Carpet Visa

The benefits of the application for orange carpet for business travelers to the country can be listed as follows:

  • Orange carpet visa is approved as one year for the first application and 5 years for the second and subsequent visa applications.
  • Visa processing takes 3 business days on average.
  • Avoiding the difficulties faced by business people who travel frequently to the Netherlands
  • Less required documents
  • To send the required documents for visa application by mail or visa service services
  • The visa applicant isn't required to apply for a visa in person (however, he/ she is required to submit biometric data every 5 years.)
  • Orange carpet visa applicants are exempt from presenting purchased airplane reservations, travel health insurance and visa documents proving their financial status.

Required Documents for Netherlands Orange Carpet Visa

  • The Original of Passport

The passport you will present in Orange Carpet visa procedures shouldn't be older than 10 years. There should be 2 blank visa pages. Must be valid for 3 months after the planned return date.

  • Schengen Visa Application Form

A complete, carefully completed and signed Schengen visa application form must be submitted personally by the applicant.

  • Biometric photo

Photo should in 35x45 size and submitted according to the standards (face visible), freshly taken (not older than 6 months), background white.

  • Reference letter

Application stamp for Orange Carpet, signed by the company representative with the letter of eligibility. An original recommendation letter from your company must be signed by the person concerned, the purpose of the travel and the requested visa period must be specified. The letter of application for company letterhead should contain general information about the company. The travel accommodation and all other expenses to be incurred during the journey must be accompanied by the information the company undertakes.

  • Photocopies of passports

Photocopies of the current passport and all visa provided pages of passports, if any,  (ID details, validity periods, visa and stamped pages, if applicable, etc.), old Schengen, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Japan, New Zealand visas, if any.

  • Residence for foreigners

Foreigners must submit the residence permits for apply to Netherlands visa from Turkey.

  • Trade Registry document
  • List of company employees to travel to the Netherlands
  • OCF (Orange Carpet Ease) Registration Procedure

Your company in Turkey is a member of OCF (Orange Carpet Facility) membership, fill out the application form and complete the form specified in both the application form, contact the relevant authorities the necessary documentation to sending e-mail. After evaluating the applications, the General Consulate of the Netherlands informs the applicant about the outcome. The registration procedure changes between two weeks and four weeks. If company in Turkey accepted to Orange Carpet, company employees can benefit from the concessions provided by the Orange Carpet.

Orange Carpet Commercial Visa Procedures

  • The company participating in the Orange Carpet, owners of visa applications mentioned above, the orange carpet covered when they travel by visa during your stay in all Schengen countries will occur on or after will meet all financial expenses and is the guarantor that wish to meet. Please note that once any Schengen border has been reached, local immigration authorities have the authority to request approved invitations, documents showing financial status (valid credit card or cash), hotel reservation (when it comes to business travel) and travel health insurance. You may not be allowed to enter the Schengen area if you don't present them. The Embassy or General Consulate cannot be held responsible if you aren't allowed to enter the Schengen area by local immigration authorities.
  • If your first entry and most staying country isn't Netherlands, you can't get benefit from Orange Carpet Application.You will need a visa from the Schengen country where you will be staying long and first.
  • Improper use of the previous visa may affect the visa decision and the duration of the visa.
  • As an example, if you use your first one year visa for other Schengen countries, you will no longer be given a five year visa and will be redirected to the country of your first year of regular travel.
  • The Consulate Department may request additional documents or decide on your visa for different validity periods.
  • The orange carpet doesn't include family members and passengers accompanying the tour operator or other purpose. Orange carpet doesn't include your company's customers or business partners.
  • The orange carpet agreement may be canceled at any time by both parties in writing. If a person wishes to stay for more than 90 days (residence visa) in the Schengen area or in the Netherlands for commercial purposes, the short term visa won't enough. A person who wishes to stay longer than 90 days must apply for a temporary residence permit (or MVV). This application will be processed through the Embassy or General Consulate, but will be decided by the Immigration and Citizenship Office of the Netherlands Ministry of Justice. For more information on MVV procedures, visit the Department of Justice website.
  • Complete and fact-filled documents will increase the chances for your application to be processed without delay. The Netherlands Embassy and the Netherlands General Consulate may request additional documents if it necessary. The submitted documents aren't returned.
  • For orange carpet visa applications, a reference letter is requested as in the commercial visa. The letter of reference of the person authorized to sign the reference letter together with the photocopy of the person's passport or identity card must be presented with the signature of the authorized person. The company must include the information that Orange Carpet meets the eligibility criteria.
  • In group applications; if the application is accepted; Company employees who will organize business trips to the Netherlands is need visa application form, one photo, a letter of intent from the company and insurance start up document.
  • The company must state the preferred time and the reason for the request for the visa in the letter of intent. The orange carpet visa is approved for up to five years, taking into account the validity period of the applicant's passport and the result of previous visa applications.

You can get detailed information about the Netherlands Orange Carpet visa procedures from our support line or by forwarding your questions to help@eagvs.com.

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