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Required Documents for Netherlands Driver's Visa

Netherlands Driver Visa Procedures

The driver's visa covers the applications for entering the Schengen area or paSGKng the Schengen area by commercial or private vehicle. Driver visa applicants are often the drivers which is carrying international cargo and passenger vehicles to the Netherlands with submitted cars in Turkey. The required documents for Netherlands driver visa procedures are listed below. The Netherlands Consulate can request additional documents when reviewing your documents. In such cases, you must provide the requested document as soon as poSGKble.

For employees;

  • Netherlands Visa Application Form
  • Original passport (valid for at least 6 months and has at least 2 blank visa pages.)
  • Biometric photo (35x45 mm, current and white background.)
  • Company letter (Company letterhead must be accompanied by stamped and wet signed company letter addressed to the Netherlands Consulate.)
  • The company's signature circular
  • Photocopy of tax plate
  • Photocopy of commercial registry certificate
  • Photocopy of activity certificate (original document must be submitted for the first schengen visa applications)
  • SGK Declaration of Employment
  • SGK Service Statement
  • Copy of identity card
  • Personally signed declaration on flights to Schengen area countries before of application
  • Original insurance policy valid in Schengen countries with 30.000 Euro guarantee (available from our company)
  • International driver's license
  • A sample of a fully accurate population registration (including complete family and address information)
  • Bank statement or passbook (It should contain at least 5000 TL balance, the last 3 months should be presented with stamped signature and bank signature circular.)

Employer documents;

  • Employer letter should include;
  • Confirmation of the working relationship
  • The license plate number
  • The applicant's Turkey identification number and retirement allocation number, if any
  • Arrival and departure dates planned for transit
  • Information about the contract in the Netherlands
  • Documents to be submitted for transport and delivery of scheduled and previous flights (CMR / CARNET TRUCK)
  • SGK insurance certificate
  • C2 shipping permit
  • Vehicle licenses
  • Travel health insurance for Schengen countries with a 30,000 Euro guarantee (available from our company)

How Many Days Does Netherlands Driver's Visa Results?

The Netherlands driver's visa takes an average of 10 working days. Before the official holidays in Turkey and foreign passports application may take longer. Decisions on Netherlands driver visa applications are solely at the discretion of the Netherlands diplomatic miSGKons.

What to Consider in Netherlands Driver Visa Procedures?

  • If the name of the person applying for a visa doesn't match your current identity, the passport must be updated before the application. Otherwise, the application won't be processed.
  • If you have a VIS labeled Schengen visa after 25 September 2014, you may be exempt from fingerprinting. Please check with our call center authorities about your fingerprint status.
  • If you have obtained a Schengen visa after this date, it is sufficient to send your documents by cargo to our Istanbul head office.


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