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Work Permit for Italy

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At Euroasia GVS, we only provide Schengen visa applications for Italy. Information on the Italian residence permit, work permit, long term education and family reunification on our website has been created to provide useful information to Italy D Visa applicants. Please get the latest information from the Italian Consulate.

You can find the procedures for applying for a work permit in Italy in the following section. The Italian work permit is named as long term visa types. Long term visa types are also called residence permit / national / d type visa types. Even if you have a work permit, the residence permit is inclusive because you must also obtain a residence permit. If your work permit lasts less than 90 days, you can also stay with your Italian Schengen visa, so that the Schengen visa is a type of visa that is valid for up to 90 days of travel. You can apply for your Schengen visa through intermediary companies, but the national / d type visa is accepted directly by the consulate.

The Italian work permit is valid for third country nationals and citizens of the European Union and Swiss citizens are exempt from the Italian work permit. After obtaining a work permit in Italy, the country will give you a long term visa, a residence visa. In Italy, work permit (Lavoro subordınato) is also a request for action to be carried out more easily if you have a job in Turkey. If you dont working in Turkey and you have received higher education in Italy and it's based on your proficiency with education remained in the country it means you need to work in Italy.

Application for Italy Work Permit

  • You will have certain formalities to fulfill for your Italian work permit application. At this stage, the firm you are working in your profession that you perform in Turkey will be important. There will be procedures for your employer as well as formalities. The more complete the documents you and your company will declare during your application, the sooner your transactions will take place.
  • The first thing you need to do is apply to the Prefettura (Prefettura), the application center for third country nationals from whom you come to Italy, to apply for the Sportello Unico Immigrazione.
  • The governor's response on this issue will be important. The application of the Sportello Unico Immigrazione for Immigration must be followed. After this stage, all necessary documents and approval from the governor's office should apply to the Italian Ministry of Interior. At this stage, the procedures to be followed by your employer should be considered. The employer is required to sign a contract with the employee for this work permit. Your company must send a copy of this contract to the appropriate authorities mentioned above. As a result of this application, the original document that will be given to you will be the document called  "Nulla Osta"  be given by Italy.
  • Once all your procedures have been completed and received by the competent authorities, the last thing you need to do is to request a residence permit (Questura) within the first week after you set foot on the Italian territory. Your application should be submitted to the police department closest to the area where you will live.
  • Even if you have obtained your Italian work permit visa, you won't be able to legally reside in Italy after you don't have a residence permit. Therefore, you must obtain a residence permit with your work permit. If your work permit will last more than 1 year (the residence permit can generally be issued within 1 year) after you have approved your residence permit application, you must renew your residence permit. You must apply before your legal residence permit has expired, otherwise you will be treated as if you were to obtain a residence permit for the first time and your procedures will become difficult.
  • If your purpose is to establish your own company in Italy (Lavoro Autonomo), you must complete all of your documents and apply to the nearest Italian representative after obtaining the necessary permissions to open your company. The result of your application will be announced after a certain period of time and if it is positive, you can legally establish your own company in Italy by obtaining a visa under the name avor " Lavoro Automonoé ”. Of course, this type of visa alone won't be sufficient without a residence permit, and wont be considered sufficient for your residence in the country.
  • Finally, we want to remind you that you will need to meet certain requirements for your residence permit and Italian work permit. These will be your historical, cultural knowledge, economic and political cohesion, and finally your Italian language proficiency, which will measure how well you can adapt to Italy. However, the most important factors to be considered among these criteria will be your economic situation and your language proficiency.


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