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Residence Permit for Italy

At Euroasia GVS, we only serve Italy Schengen visas (tourist, commercial, family reunion, internship ...). Please contact the Italian Embassy or the Consulate of Italy for a getting a residence permit for Italy of more than 90 days, such as an Italian residence permit, work permit, family Reunion and educational residence permit. You can contact us from the “contact” menü in our website for your questions and comments. As Euroasia Global Visa Services, we provide convenience for all of your Italy Schengen visa applications like touristic, commercial, family reunion, internship visa applications.

Italy Residence Permit

One of the visas for long term travels in Italy is the Italian residence permit, which is a long term D type visa. In the rest of our article in our EAGVS Italy website, you will find the procedures for your residence / national / d type visa. It isn’t possible to apply for a residence permit in Italy with a Schengen visa.

If the country view as it appropriate, Italy will give you a residence permit for reasons such as family reunification, commercial, education and work. For the residence permit, which is different from the other visa type you will get for your touristic and other purposes in Italy, the extent to which you have complied with the social, economic and political order of the country will be tested and it will be decided that you can obtain a residence permit or not for the results.

In order to apply for a residence permit for Italy, you must have reasons such as family reunification visa, commercial visa, education visa, and erasmus exchange programs. You may be entitled to a residence permit once you have received one of these visa types. After obtaining any of these visas, obtaining a residence permit will be a procedure in Italy. You must apply with in a week of during your visit to Italy. The first thing you need to do is go to the post office and apply for an Italian residence permit (permesso di soggiorno).

The longest time you can stay with a Schengen visa in the country in which you wish to qualify for a residence visa type will be 90 days in 180 days, so you must have a residence permit for longer stays. If you have a Gray (Service), Green (Special), Black (Diplomatic) passport, you are exempt from a Schengen visa for travel up to 90 days, but you will also need a visa for longer periods.

Extension of residence permit

As a result of your application forms filled and fees' paid related to your residence, you can get an appointment paper from the post office and then you should go to the Police Department in the region where you will reside. Your residence permit, which is usually valid for 12 months, should be renewed if you are staying longer in the country if your transactions are positive. Your renewals must be done before your permission expires. Otherwise, your application will be considered as being made for the first time and will require longer procedures.

Getting Residence Permit Because of the Family Reunion

If you need a residence permit because of the a family reunion, you should marry an Italian citizen or stay with your close relative who lives in Italy (for long years like minimum 8 years) if your spouse isn't an Italian citizen.

You can request a residence permit if you can make one of all these procedures. If your ex spouse is an Italian citizen, you can still submit your application by proving your divorce procedures. In case of death, you may be required to forward your application to the consulate with the necessary documents. For your Italian family reunion, you must provide both the originals and the photocopies of your documents and, if necessary, have an Italian translation.

Residence permit for Work Permit in Italy

If you want to get a residence permit in Italy because of your work permit, you are subject to different formalities and you have to arrange your documents accordingly. Non EU citizens are only allowed to work in the country with a residence permit. Different and easier procedures will apply to those who are citizens of the European Union.

Whatever your working conditions and vocational status doesn't matters, you need to have a job that existed in Turkey. This is a required property for all citizens. There will be procedures to be performed by your employer company on your own country. Your company must complete the application form for your residence permit and obtain a preliminary approval (Nulla Osta Provvisorio) from the police station (questura).

What your profession is, how much it is needed in Italian conditions and your company in your country will be of great importance. You must apply for a residence permit to the relevant department of the country's Ministry of Interior within 30 days of your arrival in Italy. Companies wishing to establish their own business should apply to the nearest Italian representative with the necessary visa documents and documents of the establishment of the company.

Residence permit for Education in Italy

If your goal is to getting an education in Italy, you can travel on with a Schengen visa for programs up to 90 days (maximum) . If your educate lasts more than 90 days, you will need a residence permit to stay in Italy, depending on your educational history and educational purposes. The documents of different types of education such as higher education, language education, inter university exchange programs and Erasmus changes slightly, but the common criteria are your Italian language and your cultural, political and economic adaptation to the country. You will be subject to these assessments after completing your paperwork according to your own study status, and will receive your study visa according to your eligibility status.

As Euroasia GVS, we always support you for your all visa applications. If you have any questions about your transactions, you can contact with as from help@eagvs.com or our phone number.


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