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Ticket for Interrail to Italy and Italy Visa

Dear Visitors,

In the following page, you will find information about the railways, ferries, the most preferred Interrail routes in Italy and information about the Schengen visa for Italy. You can get detailed information about your Italian Interrail Schengen visa application and current visa fee information from our call center.

If you are going to travel by InterRail, you must provide an InterRail ticket purchased on your Italy Visa application for prove you're going to Italy by interrail.

Italy by Interrail

With its rich culture and warm Mediterranean people, its historical and architectural richness, Italy is one of the most preferred countries of the persons who want to travel with Interrail. Italy's railway network is well developed. In addition to high speed trains, train networks on main lines are quite frequent and reliable. Booking for high speed trains are required in Italy. There is an additional charge for the reservation, you may not pay the reservation fee by using alternative lines on short journeys. The main line of the country is starting by Turin, which is located in the north south plane,  and then reaching to Salerno by Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples, along the lines of Venice, Milan and Bologna and along the eastern and western Mediterranean coasts. There are also many local lines extending to the countryside.

Departure times for all Trenitalia trains can be reached by Interrail application. In addition to the high speed trains of Trenitalia, Italy's official railway operator, Italo, a private railway company, also has several trains. However, Interrail does not apply to Italo trains. In Italy there are many more private railway companies serving on their railway lines. The Interrail is valid for only a few of these trains. For the remaining trains, you will need to purchase tickets separately.

We recommend you to book domestic buses and trains that you will use Interrail Pass.

Trains in Italy with Interrail

In Italy, the Interrail Pass is valid for the trains of Trenitalia (State Railways), Trenord and SAD railways and intercity buses of ÖBB. Thello train tickets are subject to a discount on the Interrail ticket. Interrail tickets are not valid for Italo, RZD, FdC, FdS, FSE, ... trains. Day trains, Trenitalia's “Le Frecce” high speed train, Frecciarossa, Frecciargento and Frecciabianca trains, TGV and Thello trains to France, Eurocity (EC) trains to Switzerland, Intercity from Venice to Vienna and Klagenfurt. You can use your Interrail ticket on (IC) buses. Additional charges may apply for Eurocity (EC) trains from Bologna, Venice and Verona to Munich.

All night trains except the Moscow - Nice line operated by the RZD railways are valid for InterRail. You can buy your Thello night train tickets with a sale between Venice and Paris. International night trains must be booked. We recommend you to book domestic night trains.

Interrail by Ferry in Italy

There are many ferry lines starting from Italy. InterRail is available on some ferries to Greece. Other ferry routes include Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Bar, Durres and Barcelona.

Italy Interrail Visa

Italy Schengen Visa is the type of visa to be applied for travels to Interrail. Italian visa applications include fingerprinting. If you have received a Schengen visa after 25 September 2014, you may be exempted from the fingerprint application. You can question your fingerprint exemption status by contacting our support line with our Schengen department official.

Italian diplomatic missions have regional divisions. People who reside in Istanbul, Amasya, Artvin, Bilecik, Bursa, Canakkale, Corum, Edirne, Erzurum, Gumushane, Izmit, Kars, Kirklareli, Ordu, Rize, Sakarya, Samsun, Sinop, Sivas, Tekirdag, Tokat, Trabzon, Yalova  must complete the scan at the authorized data processing unit in Istanbul.

You can obtain detailed information from our Schengen representative about which residence center to complete your fingerprint scanning process according to your residence area.

Italian visa applications are finalized on average 5-15 business days.

You can obtain your Italy visa in 72 hours by paying an additional service fee. You can get detailed information about Italy visa in 72 hours from our support line.

You can call our call center for an informational email for the 2022 Italian visa fee, application process and required personal documents.

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