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How to Obtain Citizenship in Italy?

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At Euroasia GVS, we provide short term Italia visa applications. Please contact the Italy Embassy or the Italy Consulate for detailed information on current application and compliance requirements for long term Italia visas, Italian residence permits and Italian citizenship.

Here are the procedures for acquiring Italian citizenship under the  Italian citizenship requirements.

Italy Citizenship Requirements

In order to obtain citizenship in Italy, first, a residence permit must be obtained. A residence permit is also a type of visa for family reunion, work and education. For short visits to Italy, issue a Schengen visa is enough to travel, and this type of visa can be issued within a maximum of 180 days with a 90 day stay. For travels more than 90 days, you will need a residence permit. Residence permits are renewed each year by going to the necessary offices in Italy. After 10 years of residence, you will be granted citizenship if certain conditions are met. This process can be even less for people in different positions.

If the mother and father are Italian citizens, you will acquired the right to citizenship called automatic acquisition. This means that you have natural rights and citizenship without being subject to any procedures. If children over the age of 18 have been born on the territory of another country, then they must choose which country they will use their citizenship for. For dual citizenship, it is also necessary to prepare documents and to obtain approval from the necessary institutions in Italy. If only one of the parents is an Italian citizen, the citizens of Italy can be granted with the approvals obtained from the necessary authorities. One of the automatic gains is the acquisition of citizenship by adoption. If the Italian mother or father adopts a child of foreign nationality, this decision must be approved by the Italian Judicial Authorities and if it is taken in a foreign country, it must be enforced separately by the juvenile courts in Italy. Only if these conditions are met can citizenship be obtained through adoption. If the child is over 18 ages, the child must be resident in Italy for 5 years. An individual who lives in Italy for 5 years without interruption will be able to claim Italian citizenship.

The acquisition of Italian citizenship is most practically achieved through blood ties (Ius Sanguinis). Persons who aren’t directly through the parents but who want to get citizenship by the blood ties can also apply with a petition declaration. In acquiring citizenship by petition, the person requesting citizenship must be an Italian relative from birth to second degree. In addition, the person applying for citizenship is required to live in Italy for 2 years under the age of minority or to remain in Italy without interruption since the relative is born.

If you are granted citizenship in Italy, you also have the chance to become a dual citizen. To do this, you must also fulfill certain formalities. If you combine your life with an Italian citizen or a person who has been living in Italy for a certain reason, you can obtain a residence permit and become an Italian citizen in a shorter time by shortening the 10 year process mentioned above.

Not only in family reunification, you can obtain a long term visa by obtaining a work permit for certain reasons and then apply for citizenship. The availability of a work permit will change according to the vocational requirements in Italy. After completing your higher education in Italy and obtaining a long term residence visa, you can qualify to work in Italy through this diploma or training and then apply for citizenship.

Dual citizenship and Retake of citizenship

You have acquired your citizenship, but for some reason you may lose your right to regain citizenship by performing certain formalities. For this, first you must reside in Italy for a while. Then, if you work under the Italia (even abroad), you can request to regain your citizenship.

The right to dual citizenship in Italy doesn’t appear to be an optional case, except in some exceptional cases, in Italy. Therefore, children under the age of 18 who have Italian citizenship must decide which country they will become a citizen of their own accord and apply for citizenship. Exceptions to dual citizenship; a disease, a serious occupational commitment is important in situations where the initiative can be shown specific issues. In these exceptional cases, it is necessary to obtain a certificate of approval from the competent authorities if a dual citizenship application is required. The competent authorities will vary depending on the countries in which you are requesting citizenship.

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