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How to get a residence permit for Italy?

At Euroasia GVS, we only serve Italy Schengen visas (tourist, commercial, family reunion, internship ...). Please contact the Italian Embassy or the Consulate of Italy for a residence permit of more than 90 days, such as an Italian residence permit, work permit, family reunion, educational residence permit.

How to get a residence permit in Italy?

On this page you will find the quickest and easiest way to get a residence permit. Please contact our expert staff for any questions you may have.

In order to obtain a residence permit from Italy, you must first determine your purpose of going to the country. If you wish to stay in Italy for more than 90 days, which is the longest time you can travel on a Schengen visa, you must obtain a residence visa / national visa / type D visa. These types of visas are not subject of each other, residence permits may appear with these names.

Italian residence permit is granted for reasons such as family reunification, work and education. You can enter the borders of Italy with a long term visa for any of these purposes. During your first week in Italy, you must go to the post office in your area of ​​residence to apply for an Italian residence permit. After you receive your appointment paper to be given by the post office authorities, you will go to the Police Department in your residence area and take your application further. You can stay in Italy without any problem for about a year after your transaction is completed and you have a residence permit.

It is useful to remind you that you must renew your long term visa and your application for a residence permit in Italy within certain periods of time after obtaining your residence permit. You can continue your residence without any problems with the residence permit you have renewed before your residence permit expires.

Requirements for Getting Work Permit in Italy

One of the types of visas that can be obtained for a residence permit in Italy is a work visa. You already have a business in Turkey is important in order to receive a work permit. There will be procedures for applying for a residence permit in Italy, not only for you, but also for your employer. Your employer in Italy must apply to the Single Office for Immigration through the governor's office in your region. You will need to submit your application online (from the official website of the Italian Ministry of Interior) together with your other documents.

Your employment contract with your employer is also among the documents that will be important in your application. Your employer is obliged to personally send this document to the Single Counter Office for immigration.

During the application process, you will have a permit issued by the Single Office for immigration and you will continue your other application procedures with this document. This permit, originally called "Nulla Osta", will go to the Italian consulate to assess the compliance of your application.

Another factor that will be important when obtaining a residence permit in Italy is your job. What is your profession is, how much it is needed in Italian conditions and your company in your country will be of great importance. You must request a residence permit to the relevant department of the country's interior ministry within 30 days of your arrival in Italy.

Companies wishing to establish their own business should apply to the nearest Italian representative with the necessary visa documents and documents of the establishment of the company.

Requirements for Family Reunification for Italy

If you aren't a citizen of the European Union, you will have to reside in the country with a residence permit. A family reunion permit may be obtained because of to marriage with an Italian citizen, or if you are living with one of the family members residing in Italy or if you have been residing in Italy for a long time and you may take your family with you.

You will also need to apply to the Immigration Office for immigration in Italy for procedures for obtaining a residence permit for family reunification. With a permit from this office (Nulla Osta) should be referenced to the relevant consulate in Turkey. If your application is finalized, you must apply for a residence permit in Italy within eight days of family entry.

Requirements for Education in Italy

For the purpose of the residence permit you will receive for your education, the purpose of the educate is important during your application. The documents of the types of education such as higher education, language education, exchange programs (exchange, erasmus) changes slightly, but in common your conscience of Italian language, cultural, political, economic adaptation to the country will be evaluated.

First, you must make an application to the consulate in Turkey in order to get your education visa. After finishing the process in Turkey in eight days you go to Italy "Sportello Amico" your application form by taking permission from the competent authority that will serve your document and you need to submit paperwork to the post office.

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