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Italy Family Reunion

Dear visitor Welcome to Euroasia Global Visa Services, Italy Schengen visa applications can be made through our visa service. Please contact the Italian Consulate in your country of residence for detailed, accurate and updated information about your residence permit applications because of to family reunification. You can find further information to benefit from the Italian family reunification permit.

In Italy, family reunification is part of the long term (residence permit / type d / national) visa type. If you intend to live in Italy through your family or relatives, you must obtain a long term residence permit. The family reunification visa is different from the schengen visit visa. If you intend to return to your country in less than ninety (90) days, you will only need a Schengen visa to visit Italy. A Schengen visa can only be issued for a period of 90 days within 180 days. For stays of more than 90 days, you will need an Italian visa family reunion permit and then, a residence permit for stay Italy for a long time.

Italy Family Reunion Visa

  • The Italian family reunion visa is a form of visa that you must obtain for long periods of time, when you are married with an Italian citizen or if you wish to stay in Italy through a close (first degree relative) legal residence permit. You are entitled to family reunification in Italy not only when you marry an Italian citizen, but also when you marry someone who has a legal residence permit in Italy. In non married situations, it would be beneficial to have your relative as first degree relatives. In both cases, your paperwork procedures are subject to minor differences.
  • There isn't any obligation to obtain a residence permit for family reunions for persons who are citizens of the European Union or Switzerland. A family reunification permit is a procedure that should be followed only by persons with nationality in third world countries.
  • If ıt necessary to list the formalities of family reunification application in Italy; first of all, the request for family reunification must be made through the authorized institutions. At this stage, we would like to remind you that since the family reunification permit is processed in the long-term visa category, your application is not made through intermediary institutions, but directly from the Consulates and Embassies. Therefore, you must make your application by complete your documents in full.
  • After your procedure in Turkey and the family reunion approved in Italy, you need to get the permission from Italy. It because the family reunification visa isn't sufficient to reside in the country. You will only be able to stay in Italy for a long time by obtaining a legal residence permit. The residence permit; required to legally reside in the country. You must apply for a residence permit after the first week in which you set foot in Italy. During your application, you must provide your application documents in full and fulfill the necessary formalities. For the complete your procedure in Turkey, first you need to complete and include your visa application form (kit) to the Sportello Unico Immigrazione office After the application to the office, you get a paper called "Nulla Osta". You have to deliver this document to the Italian representative office in Turkey and then the application carried out with the references of this document. You will be entitled to a long term stay in Italy with your family reunion permit (Visto per il ricongiungimento familiare).
  • If you have been granted a separate work permit from your family in Italy and you have been working in Italy for a long period of time, you can also apply for a family reunion visa to your family live with you.
  • One of the most important criteria to consider in your Italia family reunion application will be your financial situation. In order to be eligible for a family reunion by legal residence in Italy, your spouse or relative mustn't have received any social benefits from the state for at least 3 years. In addition, the financial comfort to support you and your family will be among the formalities to be controlled. The address of your spouse or relative's legal residence will be of great importance during these checks. The place of residence should be in a style that is comfortable for family members. Therefore, the documents you will declare must include documents showing your residence address.
  • Another criterion to be considered by Italy when applying for family reunification is your Italian language proficiency. In addition to testing your language level by the country's own tests, you can also prove your language level with documents (certificates, diplomas, etc.). Some professional groups may be exempt from the Italian language. This information is specific and will changes according to variable circumstances, so you can get the most detailed and accurate information from the competent authorities in Italy.
  • Apart from all the necessary procedures, you will also be able to testing your compliance with Italy's compliance tests. The country's partial history, political, economic and social standards will be evaluated.
  • Because of to the long term visa type, the Italian family reunion visa is also made directly through the Consulate / Embassy, ​​so it is important to provide the originals and photocopies of your documents. The documents translation to Italian and getting apostille will be important for most of your documents.

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