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Required Documents for Residence Permit in Italy

The Italian residence permit is a long term visa and belongs to the national / d type visa category. On this page you will find a list of documents categorized according to the reason for travelling to the country. As Euroasia GVS, we only provide services for Italian Schengen visa applications, you can get the current list of documents and application procedure for your Italian residence permit from the Italian Consulate.

List of required documents for family reunion in Italy

Italy D visa application form

You must prepare the D visa form yourself, complete, signed and in 2 copies. The information contained in the form must be arranged in a way that approves your other documents. This form should be completed for travels less than 90 days.

For stays of more than 90 days, you must complete a residence permit application form.

It must be filed by the applicant, wet signed and in 2 copies. Must be filled in completely and should not contain any conflicting information with your other documents.


Another important document will be your passport.

Your passport must be no more than 10 years old and must contain at least 2 blank pages. The copy of the original pages of your passport and the filled pages are requested by the consulate. Make sure that it is not deformed.

Biometric photo

It must have been taken in the last three months, representing your current state. 3 pieces, background should be white and dimensions 3,5x4,5. Your photo shouldn't have been used before and your face should be clearly visible.

Sample of Marriage Registration

It must contain both your information and the information of your Italian or foreign spouse and be international. Italian translation is required if it is seems necessary and it isn't accepted in the original language. Paying attention to this will make your transactions easier.

Copy of identity card and full sample of population registration

It must contain the applicant's information. The address of the population registration must include the address where you and your partner will reside.


If the person is less than 18 years of age, he / she should be presented to the consulate with evidence of family approval. 16 year old people are required to declare a court approved document in Italian.

Residence permit of your spouse living in Italy

It should be shown between your documents. At this stage, however, we would like to remind you that most of the above formalities and required documents are valid if your partner isn't an EU member. Citizens of EU member states are exempt from most of these permits and approvals. If you wish to request a family reunion from a previous marriage, you must provide the consulate with a court approved divorce document. However, this document must be translated in Italian.

International Marriage License

It should contain the information of both spouses. Alternatively, a marriage certificate approved by the Italian authorities can be shown as an alternative.

List of required documents for work permit in Italy

Italy D visa application form

It must be filled in completely by person who is apply for.


Shouldn't be older than 10 years, there should be at least 1 blank page. Filled pages should be photocopied and your passport must be intact.

Biometric photo

It must have been taken within the last three months, it should represent your current state. Your photo should not met with suspicion by the authorities. It should be 3 pieces, background should be white and dimensions 3,5x4,5. Your photo shouldn't have been used before and your face should be clearly visible.

Work permit issued by Italian authorities

You must add it between your documents. It will be carefully examined by the consulate during your application. In addition, your work document approved by your employer company is among the documents you will be asked for.

The list of documents required for your work permit may change depending on your profession. Please contact our customer representatives for detailed information about your documents and application process.

List of required documents for education visa in Italy

Italy National Visa Form

On behalf of you, you need to fill in completely.


The passport should not be more than 10 years old, the photocopies and the original pages should be ready at the time of application documents given to Consulate.

Biometric photo

It should be taken in the last three months. The photo should not be used beforehand. It should represent your current situation and should be 3 pieces, white background and 3.5x4.5 dimensions. Your face should seen clearly visible in the photo.

Your education program certificate in the country of origin must be included in your documents.

The consular documents that will prove that your education program and accommodation expenses will be covered in Italy will be important for the consulate. Your education and accommodation expenses should be included in the coverage of the scholarship determined by the relevant institutions.


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