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Citizenship Procedures in Italy

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At Euroasia GVS, we provide short term Italia visa applications. Please contact the Italian Consulate for detailed information on current application and integration requirements for long term Italia visas, Italian residence permits or Italian citizenship.

There are many different factors for obtaining Italian citizenship. If citizenship is obtained, it may be possible to leave the original country of birth or receive dual citizenship in return for certain procedures. Citizenship is also available for people residing in Italy for 10 years. This process changes according to personal circumstances.

In order to apply for Italian citizenship, first, a residence permit must be obtained, a residence permit is required for longer periods of time and citizenship can be obtained at the end of all these processes. Citizenship can also be obtained by some reasons such as marriage, work and education. Although the formality of each is different, the common criterion you will be asked is to evaluate cultural and linguistic factors in order to adapt to the country.

In order to become an Italian citizen, you must meet certain criteria. These criteria are very diverse, you must determine the conditions that meet your standards and apply for it. There are many categories of Italian citizenship. By examining the following information in detail, if you determine which category you are eligible for and complete your documents accordingly, your application process will be shortened.

Application to Citizenship for Italy

Automatic citizenship acquisition (Ius Sanguinis)

The acquisition of citizenship can be achieved automatically through "ius sanguinis". In other words, if your parents are Italian citizens, you are considered an Italian citizen without being involved in any procedures. If only your mother is an Italian citizen, you may still be eligible for Italian citizenship without having to adhere to any procedure. A child who is under 18 years of age must also make a separate selection in order to obtain the citizenship of the place of birth and Italian citizenship. Citizenship of both countries (dual citizenship procedures) can be granted through exceptional circumstances. Therefore, the child must reach a decision before the age of 18 and carry out the citizenship procedures in that country.

The acquisition of Italian citizenship isn't only a right granted to parents' own children. In case of adoption in the family, the citizens can be granted citizenship by means of Italian parents according to certain criteria. It will be possible to examine this situation by juvenile courts and to exercise the citizenship right with certain approvals. If the child is a minor, an application must be made 5 years after adoption, ie after obtaining a legal residence permit.

Gaining Citizenship with a Petition

Citizenship with the petition does not involve the acquisition of Italian citizenship because of to the innate blood tie, and in this alternative, citizenship can be applied for because of to legal residence permit. If your mother or father is not an Italian citizen, you can apply for citizenship through an Italian citizen of the distant second degree. The important thing to note is that your relative doesn't have an Italian citizenship acquired later and is a native Italian citizen. Another important criterion for acquiring citizenship with the petition will be to work at the state command. In this case, you can apply for citizenship because of your profession.

The subject that is subject to the request for citizenship with your petition in your citizenship acquisition is that you can obtain citizenship due to your marriage. After you have terminated your marriage, you will be required to legally reside in Italy for six months, after which you will be able to apply for citizenship.

An important consideration in your application for Italian citizenship will be whether you have a legal residence in the country. In cases where you cannot request citizenship with blood ties, marriage and how long you have lived in Italy, it will be extremely important. If you have been legally residing in Italy for 10 years with the exception of exceptional circumstances and have fulfilled other requirements, you can apply for citizenship and receive positive results. Other important criteria other than residence will be procedures such as the absence of a criminal record in the country and the fact that your financial resources are sufficiently robust to live your life without the need for any social assistance. In some cases, a residence permit of less than 10 years will be sufficient to apply for citizenship. Among the factors that will shortened this period are your outstanding achievements in your profession and the fact that you have worked for at least 5 years at the state service.

Our article on Italian citizenship compliance and application process is prepared to provide useful information. Please inform us if there is a mistake in our page about current procedures.

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