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Canadian Visa Application

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On the following page, you will find topics such as Canadian visa types, visa application steps, Can Plus application privilege, application areas, visa completion time, appeal in case of visa rejection. If you need a visa to travel to Canada, you can visit our website prepared to provide you with the right guidance.

From the date of 31.07.2018, the application of fingerprints in Canadian visa procedures has become effective. However, the Canadian Consulates don't have a regional division. You can complete your transactions about Canada visa through our visa service from every region of Turkey.

The Canadian visas finalizing procedure takes between 15-35 days. Visa applications of foreign nationals will results in a longer period of time.

Through Euroasia Global Visa Services;

  • Canada Tourist Visa
  • Canada Commercial visa (business and trade fair visit)
  • Canadian Family, Relative, Friend Visit Visa
  • Canadian Education Visa
  • Canada Transit visa applications can be made quickly and reliably.

Can Plus Visa

Can Plus visa is only valid for citizens of the Republic of Turkey. In this case, the visa results in approximately 5 working days. Those who have a Canadian visa in the last 10 years and who have a valid US visa, can apply for a Canadian Can Plus visa. If the American visa expires, but includes those who have entered or exited within the last year, can apply to Can Plus Visa too. Entry exit stamp is required on the passport. Turkey citizens can benefit from the date of April 9, 2016 as CAN Plus program. You can complete your application by offering less documents with Can Plus program. Canada has kept the citizens of the Republic of Turkey subject to transit visa. With the CAN Plus program, which provides a major solution to the transit visa problem, you will have the chance to get a much easier visa if you have a US visa, a Canadian visa or a residence in your old or new passport in the last 10 years.

Canadian Visa Application Form and Family Information Form

There are two forms for Canadian visa applications: application form and family information form. Since the family information form will be submitted, it is useful to have the population registration samples taken as a full fledged population registration sample. If you need a Canadian visa application for further processing, you can write a petition. The petition can be processed without a passport by presenting the country visa and the purchased air ticket to your application. Photocopies of each page with a passport identity information and a visa must be submitted. You will receive an email from the Canadian Consulate when the transaction is completed. If you send an email, cargo / courier your documents or personally deliver to our visa service, your passport will be delivered to the relevant department by us and will be forwarded to you by cargo / courier again after the visa is processed.

Canadian Visa Application

You can apply for Canadian tourist visa, commercial visa, short term education visa through our visa service. In Canada, we will obtain the visa you need for your travel purposes without having to be present at the time of application. For short term travel to Canada, you must apply for Canadian Visitor Visa. This visa category doesn't give you the right to work and establish business in Canada. Canada isn't a Schengen member state. Therefore, the Canadian Visa you will receive will only allow you to enter Canada.

You don't need to be in person during Canada visa applications.

You don't need to be present during Canadian Visa applications. You can get your Canada visas completely by cargo or courier by sending your documents to our nearest office. There isn't any limitation of authorization for Canada visa applications. If you live in Turkey, which you can send and complete your paperwork to our office nearest your residence in delivering visa application.

Finalization Time of Canada Visa

The duration of a Canada visa changes between 15-35 days. This period may be extended or shortened in foreign passports and depending on the intensity of the Consulate. Please make sure that you have completed your Canada visa application no later than 30 days before your travel date. The Canada Consulate normally completes visa applications in a period of approximately 15 to 35 days, as it doesn't require an additional document and doesn't require an interview. However, the existence of these conditions may prolong the period. If you already have a US and Canadian visa (current or expired), the visa process may result in a shorter time.

General Information About Canada Visa

Canada wants a visa for all of travel types for citizens of Republic of Turkey citizens (passport varieties without distinction). Persons traveling to Canada for different purposes, such as trip, business relations or education are required to apply through visa application centers authorized by the Canadian Embassy and the Canadian General Consulate. The Canadian Consulate doesn't accept direct visa application requests. For your visa applications with Euroasia GVS, the documents requested by the consulate will be prepared meticulously in accordance with the purpose of your visit and the online forms will be completed. You can request the list of documents required for different visa types by the Consulate of Canada by writing to our help@eagvs.com email address.

Required Documents for Canada Visa

Before traveling to Canada, you must prepare travel documents showing your travel route, hotel booking documents showing where to stay during the trip, passport with sufficient validity for your trip, and bank passport documents showing that you have financial assets to cover our expenses during the trip. An application for a Canada tourist visa for short term trips to Canada, a Canadian commercial visa for a variety of business relations, or a Canadian family visit visa for visiting relatives in Canada can be applied. The Canadian Consulate accepts applications for Canada education visa for long or short term studies. The documents to be prepared for each visa type is different. You can get more detailed information from Euroasia GVS authorities about the documents you need to prepare for your travel purpose and you can complete your Canada visa application as soon as possible by using our simplified transaction service. Please contact our authorities for detailed information. The documents you will put in the file for your visa applications to the Consulate of Canada should be original documents reflecting your current information and status for the last months, not photocopy. Consular visa officers may request additional documents if they see it necessary.

The documents required to obtain a Canada visa changes depending on the purpose of your trip and the type of visa you require. In addition, your professional position and financial power is also effective in the visa application process.

When applying for a Canada visa, it is necessary to document how the trip is financed. If one of the family members  will sponsor the visa requestor, ıt is required to prepare and submit all income documents. If the sponsorship of a corporate firm is based, the relevant company documents signed by the company official must be attached to the visa application file.

You can contact our Euroasia GVS call center authorities for detailed information about the Canada visa, by writing to our help@eagvs.com email address and requesting a list of required documents for your personal application. You must send the requested documents as requested and as fulfill. We would like to remind you that there shouldn't' be conflicting statements among the information you declare in your documents.

Canada Visa Application Regions

Dear visitor There are no consular districts for Canadian visa applications. For this reason, you can complete your application by sending your documents by cargo or courier from your province of residence without having to be in the application center personally. You can carry out your transactions either from our head office in Istanbul or through our offices in the following cities. For applications made outside of Istanbul, there may be a delay of 1 to 2 days because of to the workload in the consulate. By taking our consulting services from Euroasia GVS, you can make your Canada visa procedures from Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir and Ankara and  possibly from anywhere in Turkey.

Canada Visa Process in Ankara

If you wish to apply for Canada visa from Ankara and the surrounding provinces, you can come to our Euroasia GVS Ankara office and start the application process personally. Citizens who don't have the opportunity to visit, can contact us on our phone numbers or send information to our email addresses.

Citizens residing outside Ankara may initiate the visa application process by forwarding the required documents to them by cargo or courier in order to apply for a Canada visa. As soon as your documents arrive at our office, your visa application file will be prepared and submitted to the Canada Consulate in Ankara. Your visa application will be followed on behalf of you and you will be informed about the developments.

Canada Visa Procedures in Izmir

Our Euroasia Izmir branch provides service for Canadian visa applications from the central districts of Izmir and surrounding cities such as Aydin, Manisa, Burdur, Isparta, Denizli, Canakkale, Usak, Mugla, Balikesir and Afyon. You can find out what the updated visa documents are for Canada visa application 2020 and how much your visa fee for your vocational status and travel purposes by contact our authorized employees.

When you apply for a Canada visa, the telephone and e-mail information you provide in the documents you have submitted to our Euroasia Izmir branch should be current and used. The Canada Consulate may sometimes request additional documents from you using your contact information or invite you to the Consulate Visa Center for an interview. In the event of such incidents, you must inform our visa authorities of the Euroasia Izmir branch.

Canadian Visa Procedures Bursa

Euroasia Global Visa Services is give consultacing from Bursa branch to Nilufer, Osmangazi, Mudanya, Inegol, Karacabey, Mustafakemalpasa, Orhangazi, Yenisehir, as well as the central districts of Kutahya, Balikesir Adapazari, Bilecik, Yalova, Kocaeli, Zonguldak and Izmit, for Canada visa procedures.

People who apply for a Canada visa from Bursa city center or surrounding provinces can visit our work office without the need for an appointment. You can also get detailed information about visa application and visa fee by using our contact information. Our customer services will give you the list of documents required to apply for a visa at help@eagvs.com.

How to Apply for Canada Visa?

The Canadian government has categorized the visa legislation it applies to foreigners coming to their country for different purposes under various headings. There are classifications such as tourist visas, commercial visas, family visit visas and education visas depending on the purpose of the travel in Canada visa procedures. The Government of Canada requests all Turkish citizens coming to their country by obtain a Canada visa, regardless of their passport, in full compliance with visa requirements. As in all countries of the world, people traveling to Canada should clarify what their travel purpose is before applying for a visa. This is very important in visa application stages. Because the visa type appropriate for the purpose of your visit should be applied and the paperwork should be prepared accordingly.

It is necessary to apply for a visa as soon as possible with good time planning. By keeping time wide, you can remove unforeseen disruptions without problems. Please note that the Consulate of Canada considers visa applications 3 months in advance. Canada visa applicants can make their applications correctly under the guidance of Euroasia Global Visa Services, which works in coordination with the Canadian Consulate. It is among the duties of our Euroasia Canada department to determine the purpose of your travel in Canada visa applications, to prepare the appropriate documents, to make your visa appointment, to follow up your transactions and to reach the result.

Canada Visa Procedures for Foreign Passport Holders

Foreign nationals with a residence permit in Turkey's visa application to the Canadian Embassy in Turkey, or they can make to the Canadian Consulate. Foreigners are subject to the documents requested in the visa from Turkish citizens, and additional documents too. They are required to submit a residence permit that they have received in Turkey. There has brought some special applications for Iraq and Syria citizens when they will apply to Canada visa from Turkey. You can ask for a list of current documents for Canada visa 2020 for foreign citizens by calling our call center.

Refusal of Canada Visa

Your Canada visa application may be rejected for any reason. In this case, the Canada Consulate will send a letter of refusal in English explaining why the application was rejected, to your contact address. After learning the reasons for rejection, you can apply for a visa again by completing the missing parts. Please note that Consulates don't refund visa application processing fees for rejected applications. The Canada Consulate is the only responsible department for assessing visa applications in Canada. Consultancy firms have no authority in decision making.


  • Visa applications result in a period of about 15 to 35 days. This period isn't certain and changes according to public holidays and workload. As the Euroasia Global Visa Services, we advise you to apply for a Canada visa at least 1 month in advance. In this way, by extending the visa application period, you can prevent unforeseen problems.
  • It is very important that the email address you have declared in the Canada visa application form is in use and active.
  • It is recommended that the application form and the documents requested be submitted at the same time.

Dear visitor, you can find general information about Canada visa fees on our website prepared for you, you can contact our visa service authorities and learn about the current visa fee for your application.

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