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Visa Processes for Oman 2023

Oman starts launching e-visa application for Turkey for some other countries. Individual classical visa application for Oman visa application has been canceled and only electronic visa application is accepted. You can easily get your Oman e-visa in minutes and travel with peace of mind. In this way, you will save both your time and the extra money you will spend. However, the slightest mistake you will make on the transaction is very important for getting  applications accepted situation. For electronic visa applications that is require attention as well as ease of all visa applications; experienced, careful and professional in visa procedures. When you apply for an E-Visa for Oman; You can get professional support by connecting to our Euroasia Global Visa Services Istanbul office from +90 (212) 963 28 10, and you can have your electronic visa application made by Oman for you.

After your E-Visa Online application has been approved, an email will be sent to all who apply to Oman. The visa will be issued to your passport in Oman after landing to there.

Visa procedures are done in electronic environment and information and confirmation emails are sent directly to the applicant's e-mail. Specifying which visa type you will apply to our authorized representative (Commercial Visa, Transit Visa, Tourist Visa) will be of great benefit in terms of the speed of your transaction.

You can apply for an E-Visa for Oman on the condition that you are a citizen of any country, but there are different documents and ways of application for each country citizen and different passports. You can consult our visa specialist for information about the list of documents that differ according to your passport type.

Oman Electronic Visa Application For those who want to do the application from Turkey

In order to apply for Oman Electronic Visa, there is a list of documents requested from you, you can send this list to our company by email.

To apply for a visa, first , you need the passport; you need to send your company a scanned version of your passport. It is worth mentioning again; your electronic visa is processed for Oman, our company allows you to get an electronic visa in just minutes. Please note that your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of application. If it is valid for less than 6 months, it will be useful for you to inform the visa processing specialist you are interviewing. When applying for a visa to Oman, it doesn't matter which passport you have, and you will be subject to a visa for all passports.

You should make sure that your passport isn't deformed, otherwise it may create suspicion and disrupt for the customs officers, even if your visa has been processed.

It is important that the photo on your passport is taken with biometric criterias, that it is updated and that all the lines of your face are clearly visible when you enter Oman.

Required Documents for Oman Visa

  • Colored, Scanned Image of Your Passport
  • Colored, Scanned Photo
  • Your mother's name

If you send an email to evisa@eagvs.com the necessary documents, ıt is enough to make your application.

Oman visas are usually given for ten days and just for one entry. If you planning multi entry, you should inform that to our visa officers who gives you consultancy. When you inform us about multi entry situation, this is make the process easier and block negative situations. For your 30 days or 1 yearly visa applications, you should take information and take advices from our consultancy officers. You should know that 30 day and 1 year visa applications are different from 10 day visa applications. You need to inform us about that situations and in this manner we can easily make your application and otherwise you may encounter unwanted problems and lose time.

You can make your Oman Electronic Visa application from all the world countries, such as  Turkey, Iceland, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Sudan, China, Malaysia, England, America, Cuba, Bulgaria, Greece, Russia, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Poland,  Romania. You can apply for an electronic visa through our company without the need of the Consulate of Oman. Any mistake you may make when you apply for an electronic visa without your knowledge can lead to disruption of your visa procedures for weeks and months, so meeting with an expert visa processing expert will ensure that all visa processing details are smooth, trouble free and convenient.

There are certain criminal sanctions if foreign citizens visiting Oman exceed their visa validity. This may result for fine per day that you violate. Therefore be careful not to exceed your visa validity period, you must consult with the Republic of Turkey to Oman Consulate in case of any problem. In case of any problem, you can call Euroasia Global Visa Services to get information from our company and ask for support for the solution of your problem.

Oman Visa Finalizing Time; It changes from 1 to 4 working days, and once your visa is approved, you will receive your confirmation message by email.

Our company only provides visa application procedures, so you should ask your problems about the entering the country to the Oman Border officers instead of our experts. We cannot help you with your questions such as crossing the border, leaving the border, souvenirs from the country. The most reliable source for this is again Oman Customs officers.

In summary, all you need to do is to send the requested documents to our company by e-mail and use your visa before the expiration date of the visa. You can visit our offices to get information about visa application procedures for Oman or visa application procedures of other countries or you can contact our Euroasia Global Visa Services Istanbul office at +90 (212) 963 28 10 and get information.

If the matter is an E-Visa, we recommend that you consult with specialist companies. Contact us for getting reliable visa consultancy.Contact Information of Oman Embassy in Ankara
Adres: Diplomatik Area, Besim Atalay Street., No: 7, Oran / ANKARA
Contact Information of the General Consulate of Oman in Istanbul
Address: Rumeli Street, No: 16/6, Nisantasi / ISTANBUL


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