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Hungarian Tourist Visa Required Documents

Dear visitor, welcome.

You can view the documents you need to prepare for your Hungary Tourist Visa application under the title standard and professional documents. Have a nice trip.

Attention to applicants of Portugal, Norway, Slovenia visa from Istanbul!

The Consulate of Hungary also accepts visa applications from Portugal, Norway and Slovenia for applications from Istanbul. The visa that will be taken will be Hungary, not Portugal, Norway, Slovenia. However, the visa application petition must be writing for the consulate of the country to which it will be traveling.

You can get detailed information for your Interrail travel to Hungary by connecting to our support line. Contact your Euroasia GVS Schengen authorities and explain your professional status and the purpose of your journey.

Hungary visa applications are concluded on average two days before the planned date of travel. Because of the intensity of the Consulate of Hungary, we recommend that you apply for a visa 30 days before your travel date.

Send the documents you have prepared to our office and we will start your Hungary Visa Application Process on your behalf. If you have received a Schengen visa with a VIS sign after 25 September 2014, if you have a current fingerprint registered in the system, you can start your visa application process by sending your documents to our nearest office without you having to come for give your fingerprint. If you don't have an update fingerprint registered in the system, our authorities will make an appointment with the Hungary Consulate on your behalf to help you with your biometry procedures. Our operations officers will accompany you in the process of giving fingerprints in order to avoid any problems in applications made from Istanbul.

Required Documents for Hungary Tourist Visa

1) Standard Documents

  • Passport

You must have a valid passport for 3 months after the end of the trip. At the same time, your passport must have been issued in the last 10 years. There must be at least 2 blank pages for your visa to be processed in your passport. All visa pages processed in the last 3 years should be photocopied and put into your application documents. The original passport must be submitted to the Hungary Consulate. Dear applicants, make sure your passport pages aren't torn or missing. If you feel there is a problem, don't forget to renew your passport before visa processing. If you don't settle your timely renewal process, your visa process won't catch up with your travel date.

If you have done any renovations in your identity card (marriage, divorce, name change process), you must also make sure that your credentials with your passport details. Please note that if your information doesn't match, your visa application may have a negative result.

  • Application form

You must make sure that the forms you fill in for your Hungary tourist visa application are filled with complete and fair information. Make sure that you type your phone numbers and addresses correctly. Don't apply with changed addresses and numbers. Feel free to share it with our representatives if there are places you think you have filled in incorrectly. Article 37 and the signature section on the last page must be signed. Article 17 must include your home address and your email address, the mobile phone number provided must be the visa applicant's. The Hungary Consulate may request additional documents from you. Therefore, it is important that your mobile phone number is written correctly and belongs to the applicant. Hungary visa application form can be filled out and printed out with blue and black pen or in computer. In case the applicant is under the age of 18, the guardian or parent of the child may sign under the completed form.
Hungary visa application form Turkish
Hungary visa application form English
Hungarian visa application form Hungarian

  • Biometric Photo

You should use a photo which is update for your applications and your face is clearly visible. If you have already taken a biometric photo, make sure it has been taken in the last 6 months. You will need to use 2 photographs for your applications. Your photos should be 35x45 mm and have a white background.
Fully Accurate Population Registration Sample
It should include family and address information, and the Fully Accurate Population Registration Sample must be submitted in sealed and original form. If the travel expenses of the applicant are covered by family members, the degree of kinship between them must be indicated.

  • Photocopy of passport and identity card

Don't forget to include your photocopy of all pages in your passport with your photocopy of your identity card. (If there is a copy of your old passport schengen visa taken in the last 6 years.) Make sure that the photocopies you have taken are clear and there are no torn, old pages. You should make sure that the photocopy of the identity card is on the front and back of a single page and your information is legible.

  • Departure and Return Flight Reservations and Hotel Reservations

By booking your flight and other means of transport (train, ferry, etc.), you provide documents supporting your return to your country. This makes a positive contribution to the visa evaluation process. You must include your accommodation and flight booking documents in your application documents. If you are going to enter more than one country, you should explain this in your visa application file and you should include documents such as train and bus tickets to be used in your transitional transfers. Applicants wishing to travel with their own vehicles must submit their vehicle insurance, green insurance and driving license. If the vehicle isn't registered in your name, you must provide the notary public power of attorney with the approval of the registered person to the Consulate of Hungary.

  • Travel health insurance

You must take out your compulsory travel health insurance to cover the minimum foreseen transit and residence time. It is compulsory for all schengen countries to have a health insurance of 30,000 euros.

2) Documents showing how to cover travel expenses

You need to confirm with your documents that you can easily cover your expenses during your trip. The bank statement must submit currently, (belonging to the last 3 months, signed and stamped by the office) and the statement submitted must be received from the bank at most 1 week in advance. If a third party finances your expenses, the sponsor must write a petition which states that the applicant will cover all costs during the journey. Your application file should include the working and income documents of the person who meets the expenses and the bank account statement.

You must have a balance of at least 5,000 TL(equivalent in Euros or in dollars) per person for tourist trips to Hungary.

3) Vocational Documents

  • Payroll

You should submit your payroll must be stamped and signed for the last 3 months.

  • SGK Declaration of Employment

It must be update and with barcodes given to the applicant by the employer.

  • SGK 4A Service Statement

You can get your 4A service statement from SSI Directorates or by e-government website. Your service statement must be barcoded.

  1. Activity certificate received in the last 6 months
  2. Trade registry should include in document which is clearly indicating the company's title and partners
  3. Tax sheet in which the closed tax period is processed
  4. Signature circular (signature declaration of the person authorized by the company official or the person authorized by the company official)
  • Employer Permission Letter

The letter must be printed on the letterhead from the applicant's place of employment, signed by the company authorities and stamped. The authorization letter should include the travel dates of the applicant and the information indicating that the employee will be on leave. The petition may be written in Turkish, English or Hungarian.

  • Consent

If the person under the age of 18 is traveling with any of his or her parents, or if he / she will be traveling with a third party other than a parent, a notarized consent must be obtained. The consent must be received in the last 3 months and the child's identity card's photocopy must submit.

  • Students

Your student certificate must be obtained from the school and updated and added to the documents. Student cards, photocopies of student cards, student card you use on public transport don't replace student certificate.

  • Retires

A retirement certificate or retirement salary payroll from the e-government site must be approved and approved by the bank account where the retirement salary is located. You will prove your pension with the documents received.

  • Farmers

Farmers are required to share the farming certificate issued by the Chamber of Agriculture they are registered with the information of the animals registered on the title deed and the vehicle license, if any, and insurance payments.

  • Freelance Staff

Freelancers can receive documents from their companies. If necessary, they can enter into contracts or present a portfolio. Prove the projects in which it is included with the documents containing the income information. If the insurance payments are made, the applicant must receive an e-government signed or barcoded SSI dump.

  • Lawyer, Doctor, Engineer, Pharmacist, Foundation University Staff

Citizens with such professions should receive a letter from the chamber to which they are affiliated and submit their income card with their duty identification card.

How Many Days Takes the Hungary Tourist Visa Finalize In?

The Hungary Consulate will announce your visa results 2 days before your travel date if you complete your visa application process. If your travel time is long and you are going to move to other countries, please indicate your intermediate travels with your petition and add your travel tools to your countries. The time available for foreign citizens residing in Turkey may be longer. This period may be shortened and extended depending on the Hungary consulate. If you have submitted your documents incorrectly and incompletely, this will be reflected in your application process. Given the factors such as the time to obtain the missing documents and the density of the Hungary Consulate, the average time given will be extended. At the same time public holidays in Turkey and Hungary, process may move a little later. For these reasons, we recommend that you apply for a Hungary tourist visa 1 month in advance. In case you prepare the documents you have examined on our page and send them to our nearest application center, we complete your Hungary tourist visa application on your behalf. Please note that the only competent authority in the finalization of your visa is the Consulate of Hungary. If you need any support during the visa process in Hungary, you can send your questions and comments to us at help@eagvs.com.


  • Because of workload before the official holiday in Turkey and Hungary (Feast of Ramadan, Festival of Sacrifice, Christmas and Easter Feast),  advicing time to application is 30 days before.
  • The missing documents for your Hungary Schengen visa applications will be a waste of time during your processing. For this reason, we recommend that you complete your documents carefully.
  • You must declare in the company letter and petitions, special cases, don't forget to mention your next travel and intermediate flights for your Hungary Schengen tourist visa applications.
  • Providing proof of your travel history (issuance of visas issued in the last 3 years in old passports) increases your chances of obtaining a long term visa to Hungary. The Consulate of Hungary is able to issue a long term Schengen visa based on your travel history.
  • The Consulate of Hungary will confirm your visa if Hungary is the main point of your trip. Once your Hungary Schengen visa is approved, you must first enter Hungary. Once you have made your first entry to Hungary, you will be entitled to travel to other Schengen regions.

For tourist Schengen visa applications for Hungary, you can request an informative email with a list of documents for your personal situation and the 2023 visa fee by calling our support line.

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