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Bulgaria Residence Permit for Educational Purposes

Students studying in Bulgaria for more than 3 months are required to apply for a student visa in the D visa category. A student who receives a Bulgarian D visa should also apply for a residence permit when he / she goes to Bulgaria. Students who will benefit from the Erasmus Exchange Program must apply for a D visa if they will study in the country for more than 3 months. Although the standard documents for Bulgaria D visa are the same, there may be differences in the documents according to the application purpose. The duration of the finalization of long-term D visa applications; C is much longer than a visa and the application process is complex. In order to avoid any problems during your visa application and to prepare your documents completely, you can call us and get live support from our Bulgarian Department officials. Euroasia GVS officials will assist you in all your procedures from preparation of your D visa documents to your appointment. You can reach detailed information about the list of documents, application stages, student visa fee and visa completion time required for D Visa applications for educational purposes. You can call our authorities for detailed information about the current visa procedure.

Required Documents for Bulgaria's Student Visa

The list of required documents for the student visa may have been updated or changed. You can call us to learn about current procedures. D Make sure that the documents to be declared in the d type bulgaria visa applications are up to date.

  1. D Visa Application Form: Must be completed and signed by the applicant.
  2. Passport: Must be valid for at least 2 years and have two blank pages to process the visa.
  3. Biometric Photo: Taken in the last 6 months with a white background.
  4. School Admission Certificate: Stamped, signed document from the Ministry of National Education of Bulgaria (Udostoverenie).
  5. Student Certificate: It must have been taken from the registered school.
  6. Bulgaria Residence Certificate
  7. Judicial Register: Apostilled, translated by certified translator from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria
  8. Fully Inclusive Population Registration Example: Must include family ties an must be stamped and signed.
  9. Bank Account Summary: Signed and stamped account statement from the bank opened in your name with a balance of at least 1500 Euro.
  10. Lease Contract: If you stay at a home, a notary approved lease in Bulgaria (declaring that the applicant will stay in his / her home)
  11. Commitment: Notarized document showing that one of the parents will cover the costs of education in Bulgaria.
  12. Consent: Notarized document from parents if the applicant is under 18 years of age.

Additional Services: One of the documents required by Bulgaria D Visa applicants is Travel Health Insurance. The original and photocopy of this 30 thousand Euro guarantee document which is valid in all EU member states must be submitted. Those who will go to Bulgaria by vehicle are required to have Green Insurance ’. If you request these two documents, you can get them from your visa service.

Bulgaria Student Visa Application Stages

Send your documents to our office: The first step of the D Visa application for educational purposes is to prepare the documents completely and in accordance with the specified regulations. Otherwise, the Bulgarian Consulate and Embassy may reject your visa application or your visa exit period may be extended. We recommend that you seek advice to avoid this. You can call our office and get detailed information about the current documents list and procedures from our authorities. Then you can send your documents to your nearest Office.

We will check your documents and call you: As soon as your documents arrive to our authorities, they will provide the fastest control. If there are any old documents, faulty or missing documents, they will call you immediately and ask you to correct them.

Pay your visa fee: After connecting to our call center, upon your request, our authorities will send you an email with the visa fee prepared in accordance with your personal situation and travel purpose. This fee covers the visa fee, appointment fee and our consultancy fee received by the Bulgarian Consulate. You can also pay the fee in foreign currency at the time of application.

We will arrange your appointment: D visa applications for educational purposes in Bulgaria can be made to the Bulgarian Consulates in person. It is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country concerned who decides whether the visa will be issued. As there is a division of authority between the Consulates and Embassies of Bulgaria, you must make your application according to the city of residence. For example; Those who reside in Edirne, Kırklareli and Tekirdağ can apply from the Bulgarian Consulate of Edirne. By reviewing our site you can learn about the jurisdictions of Bulgarian representatives. Appointment, which is one of the most important stages of the application, may take a long time due to the intensity of the consulates. You can contact our officials and arrange your appointment at the appropriate day and time for you.

What is the next phase of your visa?

You can apply for a visa in person at the Consulate or Embassy of Bulgaria in which you live. You must submit your documents to the Bulgarian representative on the day of the appointment. Please note that visa authorities may call you for an interview if it seemed necessary. The police will check in 15 days after you have submitted your application to the address you have stated that you will be staying in Bulgaria. D asks your landlord or neighbors whether or not you stay at that address, otherwise your D visa may result in negative results. If your D visa is positive, you will have to go to Bulgaria at a later stage. You will apply for a permanent residence permit from the Foreigners Department at the Police Station of the city where your school is located. The documents requested in this application are almost the same as the documents you submitted in the Bulgarian D visa application. You can get your Bulgaria Session Card two weeks after your application.

How Many Days Takes Bulgaria Student Visa Finalize ?

The average time to answer for questions on how many days a student visa in Bulgaria is taken. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country concerned. Therefore, the times may vary. However, long-term visa applications results take in approximately 45 to 60 days. Officials of the Consulate of Bulgaria give vouchers to the applicants so that they can monitor the status of their files. You can query the status of your application with this voucher number. In case you complete your transactions with Euroasia GVS, we share the results of your passport by questioning the status of your passport on your behalf in the whole process.

In case of any deficiency in the documents submitted for student visa, the consular unit may apply for additional documents from the persons. In this case, you can contact our Bulgarian department and ask for help in obtaining your documents.

As Euroasia GVS, we support you with your long term visa applications and we do our best to ensure a smooth application process. If the file you have prepared for your application is missing or wrong, the consulate may request additional documents and the evaluation period may be extended. In order to avoid such situations, we advise you to get support from our company for your visa.

How Much is Bulgaria Student Visa ?

Student visa fees in Bulgaria consist of consular fee and service fee of our company. As the visa fees determined by the Consulates may be changed and updated from time to time, you can call our call centers for the most accurate information and talk to our customer representatives.
It is possible to complete your long-term visa applications with effortlessly by Euroasia GVS.  You can get detailed information about the necessary documents and the process and plan your application process with our representatives.

You can ask your call center during working hours for your questions such as how much student visa in Bulgaria and where the visa fees are deposited. There are banks with which each agency is contracted for fees. You can complete your transactions through the branches of the banks.

Applications without a visa fee will not be processed. Don't forget to submit the receipt showing that the fee has been deposited with your application file to the relevant consulate.


  • During the D Visa applications for educational purposes, the students are required to submit the notarized documents, such as originals, to the Bulgarian Embassy and the Consulates of Bulgaria.
  • Make sure that your documents are not dated more than 3 months old.

You can apply for a long-term visa application in order to study in Bulgaria under the consultancy of our visa service. You can contact our call center with your questions about education visas or you can contact us via ask@eagvs.com mail address.

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