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Residence Permit for the Family of the Person with a Bulgarian Session

Persons who marry a Bulgarian citizen and families of the persons  who have obtained a residence permit by opening a commercial representative office or establishing a company in Bulgaria can also obtain a residence permit if they have fulfilled the necessary procedures. All they need to do is apply for a Bulgarian D visa. You will find more information about the procedure and documents required to apply for a D Visa to the family of the person with a Bulgarian residence.

D Visa procedures are a bit tiring and complicated. We recommend that you seek advice to avoid any problems during the application process. You can contact Euroasia GVS officials to find out the current list of documents and manage your visa procedures from beginning to end.

Required Documents for Apply for a Visa to the Family of the Person with a Bulgarian Residence

  1. Passport
  2. 2 biometric photos
  3. Fully Accurate Population Registration Example
  4. Criminal Record: It must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria and must be Apostilled.
  5. Photocopy of Residence Permit
  6. Lease Agreement: Must be notarized from Bulgaria 
  7. Commitment: Notarized undertaking from the landlord (declaring that the applicant will stay in his own house)
  8. Bank Statement: A Bulgarian bank account with a balance of at least 3000Euro / 6000 Leva.
  9. Commitment: Certified undertaking issued by the person with residence permit, indicating that he / she will live with the family members at home in Bulgaria and that the costs will be covered by him / her. (Deklaratsi A)
  10. Marriage Registration: Example If your partner is your spouse, you should get a Marriage Registration Sample from the Population Department. This document must be Apostille from the governor's office and District in Turkey, must be translated into Bulgarian and should be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  11. Birth Registration Example: If the residence permit is taking for your child, you will need to take a Birth Registration Sample. This document must be translated into Bulgarian, approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Apostilled.

Additional Services

Those who apply for a D type Visa for Bulgaria Residence Permit are required to have Travel Health Insurance in all EU countries. You can easily make your insurance transactions through our company. For information about insurance, please contact our authority.

In addition, those who want to go to Bulgaria with their own car or company car should have "Green Insurance ". You can remove these two documents in our office without wasting much time. For Green Insurance", it is sufficient to send your vehicle's license to our office. During visa applications, you can also make translate, notarize and an appointment from our office.

Procedure for Visa Application to the Family of the Person with a Bulgarian Residence

Families of persons with residence permits in Bulgaria may also obtain a residence card after completing the necessary conditions. As Euroasia GVS, we support you throughout your application process and make your transactions easier. You can call our call centers for details of your application. Our professionals, who provide professional support throughout the process, will advise you on all necessary procedures so that you don't experience any problems during the application

Send your documents to our office by cargo.

The most important step in order to apply for a D visa to the family of the person with residence permit in Bulgaria is to prepare the documents completely. In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria, which is responsible for assessing whether the visa will be issued, the assessments are made according to the documents.

Any missing documents you submit will be a waste of time during the application process. You can contact our officials and request current lists of visa documents appropriate to your situation and prepare your documents accordingly. You do not need to send the documents to our office in person. You can send by courier to our nearest office.

Our representative will call you and inform you.

After we have received your documents we will checked them and then applicant will informed. If there are any missing, incorrect or dated dates between your documents, our representative will inform you by telephone or by e-mail. They will ask you to complete these documents as soon as possible.

We will set your application date.

After your documents are prepared in full, the date of application is determined on the basis of the days you are eligible with our authority. D visa applications can be made to the consulates in person.

You must submit the documents you prepared for the application to the consulates in person. We will assist you on the day of application by an official.

Bulgaria Ministry of Foreign Affairs is authorized to evaluate and finalize the visa application procedures. The visa officer may sometimes refuse your visa because you have missing documents. If your visa does not result in a positive outcome, you have the right to appeal to the Bulgarian courts within the legal period.

How Many Days Does Bulgaria D Visa Take?

The visa applications of the family of the person living in Bulgaria are concluded within 45 to 60 days. Please note that additional documents may be required if required during the application process. In such cases, the process of evaluating visa applications may be extended.

What is the next step after taking D type Visa?

The person whose visa application is positive will go to Bulgaria and apply for a residence card to the Foreigners Department of the city where he / she resides. Residence cards are issued in 3 months, 6 months and 12 months periods in the first place. If the residence permits are renewed for 5 years, the person can obtain citizenship application.


  • The residence permit application is made to the Foreigners Department in Bulgaria together with the originals and notarized copies of the documents to be declared.
  • 15 days after applying for a  D visa, the Bulgarian police may go to the address of your residence in Bulgaria and ask to do research. Your application for a Residence Permit may be canceled if  neighbors or landlord cannot confirm the information you have provided.
  • D type visa holder should go to the Foreigners Department and apply for a residence permit. If he/she  does not make this application during the visa period, he/she may have to reapply.

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