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Required Documents for Getting a Bulgarian Passport

The procedures to be followed by those who wish to obtain a Bulgarian passport are compiled on the following page. Bulgarian citizens living in Turkey,  can complete their passports through the Republic of Bulgaria's diplomatic representations. The Ankara Embassy, ​​Istanbul General Consulate , Edirne General Consulate  and Bursa Consulate are authorized to accept passport applications. You must make an appointment for your application. Our visa service will help you to complete your appointment in electronic environment in accordance with the date you set.

Bulgaria consular units, gives passports to Bulgarian citizens living in Turkey, for support in renewal, extension, identification procedures, births, deaths, marriages, divorces, legal and notary provides such as approval processes. In order for these legal and administrative processes to be carried out, individuals must also carry out certain procedures. Necessary documents related to the transactions to be made should be submitted to the relevant consulate unit.

Bulgarian citizens can make the application of diplomatic missions in Turkey for Bulgarian passport. The Consulates located in the consular page (in our web site) contact addresses of existing diplomatic representatives in Turkey. The documents to be submitted for the passport application are provided in the continuation of our page. You can read the procedures for passport applications on our page, you can ask us any questions you may have at our contact addresses or at bg@eagvs.com.

The information on our page has been prepared in order to be useful to you. However, before you get prepare for your transactions, prepare the necessary documents, don't forget to confirm the currentity and accuracy of the information. Persons who wishing to take a passport must be present at the consulate department in person and have their signature, face and fingerprint scanned. Passports are issued for 5 years. Upon request, a new passport may be issued before the expiry date.

Euroasia GVS is one of the leading companies in Bulgaria consulate operations with its years of experience. Our representatives help you quickly and easily, without wasting time. You can reach our representatives, who can get support for your Bulgarian passport transactions, during working hours from our contact numbers. You can visit our office if you wish, you can get help from our representatives on matters you are curious about.

Required Documents for Getting Bulgaria Passport

Passport Applications for 0-14 Years Old Children

  • Both the parents and the child's personal presence is required.
  • Valid passport / parental identification card (lichna karta) (original and photocopy),
  • Petition (Zayavleniye)
  • Bulgarian birth certificate and identity card photocopy and the original,
  • A current, colored photograph (35x45 cm) taken in passport format.

Second Passport Application (for the second passport taken until the age of 14)

  • Because of the Bulgarian passports are issued for 5 years, if you want to take a passport until 14 ages;
  • Both the parent and the child must be present in person.
  • A valid passport / parental identification card,
  • Petition (zayavleniye)
  • Bulgarian birth certificate and identity card photocopy and the original,
  • Original and photocopy of the previous passport,
  • Receipt of the consular fee,
  • Current, colored and 35x45 cm photos.

The required documents for the passport issued until the age of 14 are almost identical. Only the consular fee varies.

Passport Application for Persons 14 to 18 ages

  • Valid Passport / Parent's ID Card,
  • Petition (Zayavleniye)
  • The personal presence of the child and his / her parents is required.
  • Original birth certificate with ID card and photocopy,
  • Colorful biometric photograph of the child (35x45)
  • Previous passport (original and photocopy),
  • Consular fee receipt

Passport Application for Persons 18-58 ages

  • The applicant's personal presence is required.
  • Petition (Zayavleniye)
  • Current and colored photograph of the applicant (measuring 35x45 cm),
  • Valid or expired: passport, ID card, ELV (driving license) or Bulgarian birth certificate,
  • Consular fee receipt

Passport Application for Persons 58-70 ages

  • Applicant's presence is required.
  • Petition (Zayavleniye)
  • Current, colored photo should be 35x45 cm,
  • Valid or expired: passport, ID card, ELV (driver's license) or Bulgaria birth certificate.

Passport Application for People Over 70

  • The personal presence of the applicant is required.
  • Petition (Zayavleniye)
  • Photograph of the applicant (current, 35x45 cm)
  • Valid or expired: passport, ID card, ELV (driver's license) or Bulgarian birth certificate must be provided.

If the documents submitted for passport application are Missing or Incorrect

If the related consular unit identifies a deficiency in the documents submitted after the application of the passport, the applicant will notify the applicant within 7 working days. Following this notification, the applicant is expected to complete the missing documents within 30 days. If  reply is cant received from the applicant, the application process ends.

Both parents must be present to issue a passport. (Up to 18 years of age) Only one parent can apply for a passport if the following conditions are met.

These conditions;

  • In order to issue the passport by the parent who is not personally present, he or she must provide a notarized power of attorney. The original power of attorney must be submitted.
  • Documenting the deprivation of parental rights of the other parent by court order.
  • There must be a court order specifying that a document can be declared for the child's passport without the consent of one of the parents.
  • Document that one of the parents is dead.
  • A court order documenting the disappearance of one parent. (Should approve by the Bulgarian Court)
  • Passport applications can be made with one of the parents if the child's father isn't known.


When a new passport is issued as a result of the names and surnames changed by the citizens' marriage, the original and photocopy of the Bulgarian marriage certificate must be submitted. In such a case, people should update their identity information.

Gender, citizenship, name's in case of change, the person must submit new personal Bulgarian documents within 30 days.

Biometric fingerprinting procedure is not applicable for children under 12 years. For persons who cannot sign the application (citizens with disabilities, etc.), the content of the statement is read by the competent authority in the presence of 2 witnesses. When approved, witnesses sign the application.

If the necessary procedures are not fulfilled for the applications (incomplete submission of documents, not signed form, the photograph being out of date or taking the desired features, etc.), your application may not be accepted by the consulate unit.

In case of changes in marital status (marriage, divorce), documents and copies of the validity of the new conditions must also be submitted for application.

A document showing the fact that the passport is lost, stolen or destroyed should be submitted to the local police.

If the passports expire, they must be returned to the relevant consular units within 3 months. The old passport must be submitted to the authorities for the issuance of a new passport.

Finalizing Time of Passport Application

Although passport applications are finalized within 90 days, this period is not final. Passports can be taken in person or by the person assigned by power of attorney.

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