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Bulgaria Consulting Services

After the Bulgaria being a member of the EU, the Customs Union agreement between Bulgaria and Turkey customs duties has been reset. Corporate and income tax decreased to 10 percent. As a result of these developments, Bulgaria has been a gateway for Turkey to Europe and investors to enter the marks. As Euroasia Global Visa Services, we provide consultancy services not only for visa procedures but also for investors' legal, financial and human resources issues. Please call our authorities for your questions.

Accounting and Human Resources Services for Investors

  • Providing all kinds of human resources of investors
  • Preparation and follow up of documents for visa procedures
  • Preparation of monthly insurance, salary and accounting reports
  • VAT registration and declarations, annual closing declarations
  • Statistical institute reports, preparation of tax office reports

Financial and Accounting Consultancy Services

  • Account planning charts
  • Detailed follow up of accounting accounts
  • Arrangement of statements of accounts receivable and issuers and detailed information about it
  • Bank transactions reports
  • Preparation of Financial Reports, Balance Sheets, Income and Expense Movement Charts, Money Flow Reports
  • Capital Statement
  • Customs Declaration Procedures
  • Depreciation Planning and Accounting
  • Monthly declarations- VAT income-expense reports, issuance and issuance of VAT declaration
  • Intrastat declarations for incoming and outgoing goods;
  • VIES statements
  • All declarations and reports submitted to the Statistical Office
  • Financial appraisals economic analysis
  • Tax office checks and inspections
  • Preparation of all tax returns according to annual, monthly and accounting laws
  • Preparation of statements submitted to the Central Bank
  • All the necessary transactions for the letter of guarantee
  • Preparation and issuance of accounting reports required for bank credit
  • Letter of Credit Transactions
  • Protocol arrangements for procurement materials from Europe
  • Preparation of audit procedures and files from the Mutual Tax Office
  • Preparation of objections and connection letters if necessary

Human Resources Services

  • Salary slips - issued after work permits and health reports, according to working days
  • Salary reporting in terms of accounting
  • Charts for annual leave
  • Business travel reporting and accounting, daily hotel and travel tickets
  • SSK calculations
  • Organizing SSK receipts on a monthly basis
  • SSK audit procedures, preparation of required documents and completion of procedures
  • Preparation of civil contracts, declaration, declaration and all other documents and declaration on behalf of company
  • Occupational safety files - fill in books of orders for daily, monthly, periodic and overtime installations according to the workplace
  • Safety documents
  • Business safety records and declaration
  • Retirement files / UP-1 / - preparation of all necessary documents for retirement and submission to the insurance office
  • Organization of monthly SSK declarations / D1 and D6 / and declaration to the tax office on a monthly basis
  • SSK review controls and procedures
  • Obtaining private insurance number and registration procedures
  • Making and following up the necessary information, planning and procedures for the insurance of partners and managers.
  • Preparation of declarations and registered insurance premiums for the start of the work of the managers and partners
  • Preparation of insurance book for joint managers and approval from insurance office
  • Application and approval of the certifications showing the internship of the insured partners and managers in the International section of the Central Insurance Office.
  • Apart from these, we also provide services for the preparation of employment contracts for European citizens and follow-up procedures for residence permit cards from the Foreigners Department, preparation of documents and provision of cards.
  • We are carrying out a follow up of the preparation of documents and procedures to allow Turkey to be taken from the business travel procedures and the Ministry of Labor.

Visa Consultancy Services

  • Counseling the Visa options
  • Notification and preparation of necessary documents
  • Completing visa short-term Bulgarian visa (C) and long-term Bulgarian visa (D) files of partners and managers
  • Visa extension procedures
  • Foreigners branch transactions and follow-up - application of decision file, application for residence permit card, follow-up for issuance of card
  • Residence card extension
  • Preparation and follow up of visas and residence permit files for managers / partners' families / spouses and childs
  • Formal work permits and procedures for third country nationals arriving and working on visas under Bulgarian law.

Juristical Consultancy Services

  • Obtaining necessary declarations and permits for cosmetic product sales
  • Licenses, construction cabin; shipping licenses
  • Notarized announcement letters
  • Power of attorney regulations on all subjects and points
  • Controls and legal consultancy of contracts to be signed 
  • Objections
  • Preparing the necessary protocols in the distribution of Dividend and declaring where necessary
  • Juristical advice according to accounting and financial law
  • Municipality records
  • Preparation of contracts for vehicle purchase and sale and notarization
  • Registration and deletion of traffic police
  • Completion of procedures for obtaining permits, licenses, digital cards and certificates from the Ministry of Transport
  • Within the European Union we are carrying out all the necessary procedures for the preparation and issuance of work permits (A1 forms, construction sites) documents, and obtaining permits.

The Other Consulting Services

  • Customs records and all procedures for obtaining an EORI number (Customs clearance cannot be made without this number)
  • Registration and declarations to the Private Information Agency
  • Preparation of files for military registration and follow-up procedures for postponement
  • SIDDO documents information regulation
  • You can benefit from our consultancy services based on labor, tax and accounting law.
  • You can call our Office that the nearest to you for our consultancy service. We as Euroasia Global Visa Services, always with you in your consultancy needings.

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