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Opening a Representative Office in Bulgaria

Another way to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria is "open a commercial company". The person or persons appointed as the manager of the company's Bulgarian office is entitled to obtain residence permit through this office. For this purpose, firstly a company is established in Bulgaria, and then a visa application is applied to the Consulate General of Bulgaria and Bulgaria or Embassy of Bulgaria through this company. With this visa, the representative or manager of the representative office in Bulgaria can apply for a “Residence Permit”.

Opening a representative office in Bulgaria and starting a business in Bulgaria requires a long and complicated process. For this reason, we recommend that you seek advice before you start opening representative offices. Euroasia Global Visa Services provides professional advice on opening a representative office in Bulgaria. You can get in touch with our officials to see the current list of documents and details of the procedures for opening a representative office. In addition, if you give a power of attorney to our authority, we carry out your opening process without having to go to Bulgaria. If you declare the necessary documents about opening a representative, our authorized person will complete your transactions in a short time.

In 2017, the list of documents required to open a representative office in Bulgaria was changed. According to the amendment of the Bulgarian Foreign Law, which was published in the Official Gazette on 20 June 2017, the necessary documents were added to open commercial representative offices. You can find detailed information about the current list of documents and the procedure in 2020. If you don't want to lose a long time with the application procedure, just call our office. Our authority will be with you at all stages from the preparation of your documents to the establishment of your company. In the meantime, the documents to be prepared regarding the opening of commercial representative offices must be notarized, apostilled and approved by the governorship and the governorship.

Required Documents for Open Representative Office in Bulgaria:

  1. Photocopy of the passaport
  2. Notarized Power of Attorney: You will need to submit it to carry out your transactions in Bulgaria. (Apostilled)
  3. Company income expense report: The balance sheet of the company in the previous year should be submitted. In this document, the company representative must have a notarized signature and seal. (Apostilled)
  4. Tax Documents which is received from the Tax Office from Turkey (Apostille)
  5. Representative Signature Statement 2: A document must be submitted in which the person to be appointed as representative in Bulgaria declares the signature to be used in Bulgaria. (Apostilled)
  6. Power of Attorney: The rights of the representative appointed to the company in Bulgaria must be certified by a notary public. (Apostilled)
  7. Clean Tax Debt Certificate: A certificate from the Tax Office of the province where the company is located. The document must show that the company doesn't have any tax debts.
  8. Notarized Decree
  9. Company Activity Certificate: Should obtained from the Chamber of Commerce. (Apostilled)
  10. Commercial Register Certification (Apostilled)

Required documents to obtain a residence visa for through the Representative Office:

  1. Visa Application Form
  2. Original passport (valid for at least 2 years)
  3. Biometric Photo: Current date, background white photo.
  4. Chamber of Commerce Registration (Resenie)
  5. Chamber of Commerce Registration Certificate (Certificate)
  6. Bulstat certificate
  7. Bank Reference Letter (document showing a minimum of € 3,000 in an account opened in Bulgaria)
  8. Lease or Deed Certificate: Lease or Deed Certificate for at least 1 year for the address of the commercial representative office in Bulgaria.
  9. Fully Inclusive Population Registration Example: Must include family and contact details
  10. Criminal Record: Must be taken from the courthouse and apostilled.
  11. Business Plan: A plan letter containing the job description of the company to be represented, how many people work in the firm and the job descriptions of the employees. Written on company letterhead.
  12. The company's operating certificate in Turkey.
  13. The tax board from the companies in Turkey.
  14. documents showing the share capital of the company in Turkey.
  15. Company registration certificate from the Chamber of Commerce in Turkey.
  16. Documents showing how many people employee in your company in Turkey

How to obtain a residence permit by opening a representative office in Bulgaria?

Send your documents to our office: After you have learned the current list of documents required for opening a representative office in Bulgaria, you can prepare your documents and send them to our office. Our officials will review your documents and inform you if you have missing documents. If you give us a power of attorney, we will start the process of establishing a company in Bulgaria on your behalf.

We arrange your appointment: After establishing a representative company in Bulgaria, a lease and a bank account are opened in Bulgaria on behalf of the person to apply for a residence permit. The next step is to apply for a residence permit by opening a representative office in Bulgaria. D visa applications are personally made to the Consulate General of Bulgaria in Istanbul and the Embassy of Bulgaria. However, due to the intensity, it may take a long time to get an appointment from these two agencies. Our representative will arrange your appointment on your behalf. On the date of the visa appointment, you will need to take your documents in person and submit them to the Consulate and Embassy. The consular officer may call you for a face-to-face interview if your visa is deemed necessary.

What is the next step for D visa application?

Due to the opening of a representative office in Bulgaria, the person applying for D visa must go to Bulgaria after the visa is issued. After going to the country, he/ she goes to the Foreigners Department in the city where he/ she lives and applies for a residence permit. Within 15 days, the card becomes the owner of the session.

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