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Bulgaria Name Equivalence Certificate

What is the equivalence certificate?

After the  Bulgarian citizens emigrated to Turkey by the various reasons, most of the names have changed with Turkısh names. This change brought about a procedure that must be followed in order for immigrants to acquire Bulgarian citizenship afterwards. Migration of immigrants from Bulgaria to Turkey with different names and then they change their names. That's why they should take names equivalency certificate for citizenship procedures. With this document, the person proves that the previous name and the current name belong to the same person. 

The name equivalence certificate, also known as Udostoverenie za İdentiçnost na İmena (the term used by migrant citizens for these procedures, although the Turkish equivalent does not mean exactly), should be issued by the competent authorities. However, please note that this document is not the same document as the Name Equivalence Declaration. (declarations are used for some operations, the space used is limited.)

Subsequently, the previous name and surname of the persons who acquire Turkish citizenship are also recorded in the population records. Subsequent persons, descendants, or spouses of persons who subsequently acquire Turkish citizenship may request this document. Parents, guardians and those who submit special power of attorney may also request these persons. Upon request, the former name and surname of the person who subsequently becomes a naturalized person and the information on the acquisition of Turkish citizenship shall be included in this document.

The name equivalence certificate must be issued through the authorized institutions. The certificate can then be issued for persons who have acquired Turkish citizenship and who have previous name and surname information on the population register.

If there is no information in the previous records;

  • If the applicant has Bulgarian citizenship besides Turkish citizenship, you can have the Bulgarian passport translated (notarized) and apply to the relevant authority along with the current passport itself and its translation. If there is no record of your Bulgarian citizenship at the end of the application, the certificate cannot be issued.
  • You will need to prove your Bulgarian citizenship before the certificate can be issued. For this purpose, the birth registry should be issued from the competent authorities of Bulgaria, translation and approval procedures must be performed and approved by the Turkish Consulate there. You will then prove your citizenship by submitting the document to the competent authority.
  • If you are immigrant status, or on behalf of your descendants, on behalf of your lineages this document does not edit the translation must conduct a certified birth records taking samples from the population register must make your application to the competent authorities in Bulgaria and in Turkey.

How to get Name Equivalence Certificate?

One of the most important documents that Bulgarian immigrants need to prepare in order to initiate citizenship procedures is the Name Equivalence Document. People with different names than in previous names and Turkey are going to emigrate from Bulgaria have proved that they are actually the same person with this document. This document, which was previously only obtained from the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs of Ankara, can be valid to issued from the District Population Directorate since 24 April 2017.

The person who wants to get a Name Equivalence Certificate can apply to the Population Directorate to which the address of residence resides. It is questioned whether the first and last name of the person applying for the name equivalence certificate is in the database of MERNIS (Central Population Management System) before they first become Turkish citizenship. If the name exists in the system, the certificate is issued.

If the name and surname of the person is not present in the MERNIS database, the name and surname information is completed according to the Turkish translation of the identity document or notarized passport of the country of citizenship and the name equivalence certificate is issued.

The application steps are as follows;

  • The application for the name equivalence certificate can be made personally by the District Population Directorate or by the persons who are given power of attorney.
  • After questioning the existence of the requesting person in MERNİS (Central Population Management System) after the application, the document is issued to the applicant if the conditions are appropriate.
  • If the required information of the applicant cannot be reached after the interrogation, the procedure shall be carried out according to the approved translation of the identity information or passport of the country where the applicant is a citizen. After the information is completed by the system, the applicant is presented with a document.
  • If the information is claimed to be inaccurate or incomplete, the applicant's petition and the document submitted shall be sent to the General Directorate of Population. If an arrangement is required as a result of the examination made by the General Directorate, the document is delivered to the applicant after this arrangement is made.
  • As a result of the applications made, if there is no objection in the issuance of the document, it is printed out by the District Population Directorate and signed and sealed by the authorized person. It is then sent via the communication channel of the applicant's choice, or information is provided for personal delivery.

The Name Equivalence Certificate received doesn't have a validity period. The applicant may use this document at any time.

One of the factors that caused the problem of name confusion is that the names taken after the citizenship of Turkish citizenship are written in accordance with Turkish and a new surname is chosen. As a result of this change, people face problems in Bulgarian citizenship procedures. This problem has been tried to be prevented with the equivalence document.

Inquiry of Name Equivalence Certificate 

As a result of the application for the name equivalence certificate, you can query your transactions from the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs of the Ministry of Interior. You can check your application with your T.C ID number, date of birth and https://vatan.nvi.gov.tr/moduller/basvuru/denklikbasvurudurumbilgi.aspx .

As a result of your application, your process will vary according to certain circumstances. When the application is processed by the Population Directorate and necessary controls are made, if there is no problem in issuing the document, the document is delivered to the applicant after the transaction. However, if the applicant's citizenship information creates a problem for the issuance of the document, your processing may be further extended. In such a case, if the problem cannot be solved by the District Population Directorates, it is transferred to the General Directorate via the system. The Directorate General conducts the necessary research and transmits the result of the application to the District Population Directorate in the applicant's place of residence. The District Population Directorate informs the applicant about the situation.

Previously, applicants could only apply to the General Directorate of Population in Ankara. However, as of April 24, 2017, citizens have been entitled to submit their applications to the District Population Directorates. This completes the process more quickly and easily.

Required Documents for Name Equivalence Certificate

The applicant must provide a number of documents for this document. For applications;

  • Valid identity card or the Republic of Turkey Identity Card
  • Written statement (Petition)
  • A red passport (certified translation) should be provided if necessary.

If the documents required for application are submitted, your process starts. If there is no problem in the issuance of the document for your application, your application will be positive and when the document is concluded you will be notified by the District Directorate.


  • As a result of the fact that the previous names and surnames of the women who gained Turkish citizenship through marriage and demanded a name equivalence certificate are not included in the declaration of marriage, the approved Turkish translation of the identity and passport documents of the country of citizenship is sent to the Incoming Directorate. Then, an application is created for the requested document via MERNİS.
  • Persons who acquire foreign state citizenship and declare their multi-nationality cannot apply for a name equivalence certificate. It is sufficient for these persons to submit the Population Registration Sample for the transactions to be performed.
  • The application form for applications should prepared in electronic environment.
  • The form is issued separately for each person by the Population Directorates. In applications made by special power of attorney, power of attorney is examined and the identity of the proxy is checked. An approved photocopy of the official document or a notarized copy of the official document shall be attached to the application form. The required fields of the form are signed by the applicant and the application is completed.

How to fill in the application for equivalence certificate?

You must submit your request in writing to the District Population Directorate to apply for the name equivalence certificate. If you submit the necessary documents according to your request, the Directorate will make your application. If there is no problem in obtaining the document after the application, your application will result in a positive result.

In your petition, you must use expressions that clearly describe your request. It is useful to write down the dates of your Turkish citizenship and your previous names and surnames. This information will be checked during the process, so you should take care not to provide false information. If you submit a missing or incorrect request, your application for the document won't  start.

There is a petition sample on our page. You can shape your request according to this information. If you have any questions about the process, please contact our representatives at our contact numbers.

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