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How to Get a Visa? Where to apply for a visa?

A visa is a permit obtained from the authorities in order to travel to a foreign country. A visa must be obtained in order to travel abroad for holiday or business purposes. Before going to many countries that require visas from citizens of the Republic of Turkey, to prepare documents for visa according to the purpose of travel and visa applicants are required to perform at least one month in advance.

There are multiple answers to the question of where to apply for a visa. In order to get a quick visa, you can call our customer representatives, get the visa requirements of the country you want to go and start the visa application process immediately.

Visa Procedures

Visa applications must be made from the nearest place of residence. Visa applications can be made to individual consulates as well as by visa consultancy firms and all visa processes can be managed. If you do not have enough time for detailed and exhausting visa procedures, you can get support from a reliable and expert visa consultancy firm like EAGVS.

Required Documents for Getting a Visa 

In order to apply for a visa and to obtain a visa, first, you must prepare some documents. Different documents may be requested for each visa application. Call our customer representatives to find out what visa documents you need to prepare according to your destination country and the type of visa. We have compiled the following usually required visa documents for you:

  1. Passport
  2. Biometric photo
  3. Fully accurate sample of population registration
  4. Bank account statement
  5. Residence certificate
  6. Vocational status certificate
  7. Marriage certificate for married persons

If you wish to obtain a European visa, please consult our customer service representatives for information of European visa requirements before you begin preparing your documents. Euroasia GVS is among the firms that can apply for Schengen visas. After the Schengen visa documents have been prepared, you can apply for a Schengen visa and get your visa quickly. Travel abroad also requires travel health insurance, hotel and flight reservations.

Getting a Visa Appointment

Our visa authorities will get the visa appointment process for you as soon as possible. They will also accompany you during your visa appointment.

How long does the getting a visa take?

The length of the visa issuing process will vary depending on the country of visa, the purpose of the visa and the date of travel. Depending on the intensity of the consulates and holidays, there may be a prolongation of visa periods.

Although our company specializes in obtaining visas, it is up to the consulates whether or not the visa is issued. In order not to reject the visa applicant, the documents must be completed in full.

Required Additional Details for Visa Applications

In order to apply for a visa to Bulgaria, you must include your flight / bus ticket and hotel reservation information in your visa application documents. Green passports are also required for those traveling to Bulgaria by car. Be sure to have your documents showing the hotel reservation details to show to the police in case of possible police dialing in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria Visa Types

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