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How to become a citizen of Bulgaria?

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In our content on how to become a citizen of Bulgaria, we have compiled the citizenship procedures for you. You can find detailed information on the following page about obtaining Bulgarian citizenship and send your questions and comments to Euroasia GVS Bulgaria department by email or call.

Citizenship procedures are regulated by the Bulgarian Citizenship Law and related regulations. The procedures are carried out by the General Directorate of Citizenship, which operates under the Ministry of Justice of the country.

In order for citizenship applications to be initiated, individuals must first acquire citizenship. There are multiple ways to gain Bulgarian citizenship. The requirements for obtaining citizenship are discussed one by one. Bulgaria For more information about citizenship, please visit our other pages.

Bulgarian Citizenship Requirements

  1. Applicant must has a clean criminal record.
  2. He / she is required to have a permanent job in the country concerned.
  3. The person must be older than 18 years for the procedures. (Underage children can only obtain citizenship from their parents, who are Bulgarian citizens.)
  4. Document proving the knowledge of the Bulgarian language approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science
  5. Applicants must exit their other citizenship. However, persons who marry a Bulgarian citizen, citizens of member states of the European Union and the member states of the Treaty on European Economic Area, Swiss citizens, former Bulgarian immigrants, or nationals who have signed any reciprocity agreement with Bulgaria on this matter don't need to exit citizens of their own countries.

Application for Bulgarian Citizenship

Citizenship must meet certain conditions in order to qualify. Ways to gain Bulgarian citizenship;

1) Citizenship through marriage

Because of the marriage with a Bulgarian citizen, gives the right to apply for citizenship. However, there are procedures for this to be done personally by the applicant. First of all, the spouse must complete his / her residency in the relevant country and then he / she must obtain a certificate showing that he / she is proficient in Bulgarian language.

The Bulgarian citizen must go to the country with a d visa (residence visa) application made by his / her spouse and obtain a residence card and renew / renew his / her existing card regularly every year. If the couple has children, after 3 years, the Bulgarian citizen can renew the session over the child. A person can apply for citizenship in the 5th year in total, 2 years after the third year indefinite session (via child). However, if the couple doesn't have children, they must apply for an indefinite residence 5 years after applying for a periodic residence card. A person gets the right to apply for citizenship in 2 years after the end of the residence permit.

The applicant applies for citizenship by completing his / her residence period and showing that he / she has mastery of the Bulgarian language. After the necessary interviews, the waiting period starts. The application may take 12-15 months to complete. Fulfillment of all conditions does not mean that the citizenship applications will be approved.

2) Having Bulgarian Lineage

Citizens who prove that they have Bulgarian ethnic origin have the right to apply for citizenship without language and residence conditions. If you prove that you are a Bulgarian descendant, the application process can be initiated. This can be done through birth registers, birth records, documents obtained from the church (family tree certificate / birth certificate etc.).

3) Citizenship through investment

Citizenship can also be earned by investing a certain amount in the country (this rate may change at the moment but currently buying 512,000 government bonds). Applicants for investments made by investors in exchange for certificates received by the Bulgarian diplomatic representation in Turkey d located in the visa application.
Due to the contributions made, the state can give an indefinite residence permit for Class A investors. The investor renews his / her session each year and is entitled to apply for citizenship in the 5th year.

4) Acquiring citizenship through parents

If a parent has acquired Bulgarian citizenship after a child's birth, the child also has the right to citizenship. Language and residence conditions are not required for this.

5) Citizenship of persons who have completed their residence in the country

After a certain period of residence in the country concerned, the person may request an indefinite residence permit. The request for an indefinite residence permit is requested at different times depending on what the applicant has received a visa.

For example, if you have a child, you can go to the country with a visa obtained from marriage and get a residence card from the Foreigners Department and apply for an indefinite residence if you have a child.

Again, according to the status of the person indefinite session, sometimes in the 2nd and 3rd year of the citizenship is entitled to apply. After passing the required interviews, the waiting period for the conclusion starts.

6) Citizenship of former Bulgarian immigrants

Who emigrated to Turkey in certain years / citizenship of displaced individuals are entitled to get it back. The date of immigrated is an important detail for getting citizenship. The process of acquiring citizenship again may differ from one another according to the year in which they migrate.

For example, the process of returning citizenship between 1951 1989 immigrants and later immigrants is different. Late in 1989, immigrated didn't getting out of citizenship and that's why people can apply for Lichna card and passport in Bulgarian Consulate in Turkey or Bulgaria for their expatriation. However, the situation is different for immigrants from 1949-51; citizenship is first questioned. Because it is not known whether their citizenship is still protected. Therefore, the citizenship application of the immigrants on this date goes through long stages.

1938, 1951, 1968, 1978 In order to conduct the citizenship inquiry of immigrants, documents such as name equivalence certificate, nationality declaration, immigration certificate, birth certificate must be present. If the immigrant is not alive, the sub-descendants can also question citizenship.

If the result of the interrogation is “citizen” for the immigrant

Whether the immigrant person is alive or not, the descendants (first daughter / son, then grandchildren) can gain Bulgarian citizenship.

If the citizenship questioning result is “not a citizen”;

If the immigrant is no longer alive, the descendants no longer have a chance for Bulgarian citizenship. Because citizenship is transferred from one generation to the other only, when the vertical ranking breaks, there is no chance of applying for the downline.

If the immigrant is alive in this case, first the process of restoring their citizenship begins. This is done by going to the country by obtaining a visa and completing the residence time. The immigrant receives a visa and goes to the country concerned and applies for a residence card. In the third year of the session, it is now eligible for citizenship.

There is no language requirement for immigrants. When the citizenship is revoked, first the daughter / son of the immigrant and then the grandchildren are entitled to apply. Children can apply at the same time, but the immigrant and his daughter / son / granddaughter cannot apply at the same time.

7) To gain exceptional citizenship

Citizenship in this category is generally made up for artists, athletes, scientists, academicians, etc., who contribute greatly to the country.  They may apply for citizenship upon the proposal of the undersecretary or any minister. There is no requirement to reside in the country or the requirement of language mastery.

As Euroasia GVS, we give you consultancy services for your citizenship procedures. We carefully manage how to become a Bulgarian citizen again, especially for former Bulgarian immigrants, and provide our best support for your citizenship.

For this purpose, we provide professional support to you in the process of issuing birth certificate, citizenship determination and obtaining a visa. With the power of attorney you give us, we issue a birth certificate for the immigrant from Bulgaria and we plan your future processes.

After the citizenship determination, we give information about the way you should follow the result. If you want to ask about Bulgarian citizenship, you can send us an e-mail or call center. When you come with documents such as name equivalence certificate, immigrant registration, full-fledged population registration sample, declaration of nationality of the immigrant person, we serve you on how to proceed about your situation.

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