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How to Apply for a Quick Bulgaria Visa?

You can find answers to your questions such as how to apply for a Bulgaria visa and how many days a Bulgarian visa takes. You can ask our customer representative for a residence permit in Bulgaria and citizenship in Bulgaria. If you want to travel to Bulgaria but don't know the procedure, Euroasia Global Visa Services is a phone call away.

You can get information and support about visa procedures during phone calls with our officials. You can also get detailed information about the current visa documents by reviewing our website.

1. Send your paperworks to us

Once you have decided on your Bulgarian visa type (tourist visa, commercial visa, transit visa, visiting visa), you can find out the current list of visa documents you need to prepare for your personal or professional situation on our website or from our authorities. You can apply for a Bulgaria visa by sending these documents to our Istanbul office by cargo no matter which city you live in.

2. Wait our call for information

When your visa documents arrive at our office, our authorities will check them meticulously. If you have incorrect or missing documents, you will receive a warning email or phone call from our authority. Our representative will advise you on the visa documents you need to correct or complete.

3. Pay your Bulgaria visa fee

When your documents are completed, it is your turn to pay the visa fee (visa payment). Our representative will send you an email with information about your personal situation and the visa fee you have to pay according to your visa type. This fee stated; visa fee, visa center service fee and the consultancy fee of our office. You can deposit this fee to our bank account number in TL or you can send it to our office as a foreign currency with your documents.

How Much is Bulgaria Visa Fee?

Bulgaria visa fee varies according to your visa type. You can call the Euroasia Global Visa Services authorities for information on current visa fees. The visa fee offered to you; Consular visa fee (depending on visa type) meets the visa center service fee and the consultancy service of our office. Our services include compulsory travel health insurance, green insurance, hotel reservations, and arranging your documents to be presented to the Consulate.

There is no fingerprint application during Bulgaria Visa Applications

As Bulgaria isn't among the Schengen member countries, it hasn’t yet introduced fingerprint scanning (biometry). For this reason, since the fingerprint isn't issued at the Bulgarian Consulate and Embassy of Bulgaria, there is no fingerprint application for a visa. If you send your documents to our nearest office or Istanbul office by cargo, we can apply for your visa without you having to come to our office.

After taking Bulgaria visa;

  • We send you your passport to you

After you get your Bulgarian visa, we get it from the Bulgarian Consulate. If you want, you can pick up your passport by personally due visiting our office. If you request, our representative will send it to your home or work address by cargo.

  • Check your Bulgaria Visa after receiving your visa

We recommend that you check your Bulgarian visa first when you receive your passport. Confirm that you have the right photo on the Bulgarian visa, whether your name and surname on your visa is correct, whether your visa starts and ends on the date you want it, whether your multi entry request is approved. If there is a mistake or deficiency in your visa, please contact our Euroasia Global Visa Services authorities immediately.

For those who will go to Bulgaria for the first time, it will be very useful to read our page about "how to get to Bulgaria and where to visit".

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