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Bulgaria Driver's Visa

A Bulgarian driver's visa is a type of visa for drivers that Bulgaria's freight and / or passenger for should apply for. It isn't a visa for a long term residence permit in Bulgaria. You will need to prepare the following documents to get a driver's visa. You must prepare and submit the documents required for your Bulgaria driver's visa applications according to the scope of your trip. As Euroasia GVS, we support you at every stage of your Bulgaria driver's visa applications and follow up your application.

Required Documents for Bulgaria Driver's Visa 

  1. Passport (should taken within the last 10 years)
  2. 2 biometric photographs (35x45 mm, current, on white background)
  3. Request document for visa application (Should stamped and signed by the Bulgarian Consulate on the letterhead of the company)
  4. Signature Circular of the Company
  5. Photocopy of Trade Registry Gazette
  6. Operating certificate
  7. SSI Declaration of Employment and Service breakdown
  8. Photocopy of Identity Card and Fully Accurate Population Registration Example (Including family members and address information)
  9. Travel health insurance with 30.000 Euro guaranteed International validity (available from our Institution)
  10. Driver's license

Employer Documents:

T.C Employer certificate (should include the following points)

  • Confirmation of the working relationship
  • The license plate number 
  • T. C. Identification number, retirement allocation number if available
  • Planned check in and check out dates
  • Information on contract partners in Bulgaria

Documentation of the planned and previous transportation and delivery 

  • SGK Insurance Certificate
  • C2 shipping permit
  • Vehicle licenses

How Many Days Takes a Bulgaria Driver's Visa Be Taken?

The average duration of the Bulgaria driver's visa issuing is 10 business days. This period may be extended when the Consulate is busy and because of the public holidays.
As Euroasia GVS, we are with you for your residence permit applications in Bulgaria. You can contact us at our call center or ask your questions by sending email to ask@eagvs.com.

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