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Bulgaria Transit Visa Required Documents

A Bulgarian transit visa is a type C visa that allows foreign nationals to visit Bulgaria for a limited period of time. In this article, we explained the necessary documents and procedures for the transit visa in Bulgaria. The required documents for transit visas are the same regardless of every person's professional criteria. However, documents showing professional status vary. You can find detailed information about 2020 transit visa documents and visa procedures. You can call our authorities to find answers to your 2020 transit visa fee and any other questions you may be interested in.

Required Personal Documents  for Transit Visa in Bulgaria

1. Passport

To apply for a transit visa in Bulgaria, you must have a passport valid for 6 months after the expiration date of the visa. The passport must contain at least two blank pages for the visa to be affixed.

2. Biometric Photo

Biometric photographic background for visa application is should be white and 35x45. If you tell photographer that which country you have obtained to visa, you will have a photo taken with the features requested by that country. It should be noted that the ears and forehead should showed.

3. Fully Precise Population Registration Example

The Fully Inclusive Population Registration Sample required for a transit visa application must include family, sibling and address information. Available from the e-government portal. In order to avoid lack of information, it is recommended that you apply with the Population Registration Sample obtained from the Population Directorate.

4. Bank Account Statement

When applying for a transit visa, a breakdown of the last 1 month of the bank account with a balance of at least 5000 TL to cover your travel expenses should be included in the visa application documents. The bank statement should be signed and stamped by the bank. Bank statement documents shouldn’t be older than 10 days.

5. Documents Showing Professional Status

If you are retired; you must place your pension card in your transit visa application documents.

If you are the owner of the company; the taxpayer, the company's activity certificate, signature circular, photocopy of the registry newspaper and petition documents must be prepared for the visa application in Bulgaria.

If you are an employee of the company; the company's taxpayer, activity certificate, employment declaration and payroll must be included in your visa application documents.

If you are a student, you should include the current and new student certificate from your school in the visa documents.

Travel Health Insurance and Green Insurance (Abroad Vehicle Insurance)

For Bulgaria transit visa applications , you will need to take out an internationally valid travel health insurance with 30,000 Euros indemnification . If you wish, you can get your travel health insurance by contacting our office or our authorities. If you are going to transit from Bulgaria with your vehicle, you have to take out ‘Green Insurance’. You can fill your hotel and flight reservations, forms and petitions in our office, you can have your Travel Health Insurance, Green Insurance and international driving license from our institution.

List of Documents for Going to Bulgaria by Own Vehicle

1. Copy of vehicle license
2. Internationally valid car insurance (international car insurance) - green insurance
3. Internationally valid driving license
4. Power of Attorney

Bulgaria Transit Visa Procedures

You can contact us at our contact numbers for detailed information about the procedure you need to follow for Bulgaria transit visa procedures. The contents of our page are prepared to help you to travel smoothly by facilitating your visa application process.

We advise you to keep the main travel country documents with you during the transit. For example, if your main destination is Macedonia or Serbia and you are planning your journey through Bulgaria;

1. The main travel country's visa
2. Travel health insurance for travel
3. Accommodation and transportation reservations
4. Documents proving the adequacy of the financial situation and so on. Such as travel documents. In addition to the documents counted according to your travel situation, you may need to submit other documents. We will assist you if you share your travel details with our representatives.

Who can apply for transit visa?

Bulgarian transit visa can given to Turkish citizens or other foreign national persons (who has residence permit) nationals can apply. Foreign citizens who have a residence permit must submit photocopies of the residence card in addition to the other documents.

Multi Entry Bulgaria Visa

In order to obtain a multi-entry Bulgaria transit visa, the applicant must provide proof that he / she will travel continuously. However, the fact that the evidence has been submitted does not guarantee that a multi-entry visa will be obtained. The authority in this respect is entirely with the Bulgarian Consulate.

Bulgaria transit visa holders have the right to stay in Bulgaria for 48 hours. You may face an administrative fine if the time is violated.

At Euroasia GVS we support you with your transit visa applications and guide you through the process faster. In order to complete your transactions through our company, you can call our call centers and talk to the Bulgarian department and share your questions with our representatives without hesitation.

Should a Schengen Visa Holder needs Obtain a Transit Visa?

Multi-entry Schengen visa holders don't need a transit visa in Bulgaria. A valid Schengen visa can be used for transit. However, the authority to enter and leave the country is entirely in the border police.

How to Apply to a Bulgaria Transit Visa

1. Send us your documents

After preparing the necessary documents for your Bulgaria transit visa application according to your professional criteria, you can drop by cargo or come to our office in Istanbul.

2. Our representative will call and inform you

After the documents reach our office, our authorized person will call you and inform you. It will then check your documents and see if you have any incorrect or missing documents. If you have a missing document in your application file, we will contact you by e-mail or phone to warn you that you need to rectify your deficiencies.

3. You dont need to do a fingerprint application

The Consulate and Embassy of Bulgaria doesn't want fingerprint applicates by applicants during visa procedures. Therefore, there is no need to personally apply to diplomatic representatives. You can apply for a visa through the agencies accredited by the Consulate including us. But remember that; only the Consulates of Bulgaria have the authority to evaluate your visa and give you a positive or refusal.

For questions about how to obtain a transit visa in Bulgaria, you can apply for a transit visa without having to personally come with Euroasia GVS. You can complete your application process quickly and easily through our offices in different cities.

To apply for a transit visa, call our call centers and talk about your travel details. We will provide you with a briefing on the necessary documents and visa fees. If you decide to complete your application with our company when you review that email which is send you by us, you can contact us again and start your transactions from your location.

We complete the missing documents by examining the documents you have sent to our office addresses and make your file ready for application. We plan the whole process from beginning to end and prevent any setbacks and offer you a comfortable application service.

Bulgaria Transit Visa Fee

Bulgaria transit visa fee information can be requested by e-mail by calling +90 (212) 700 28 02. Our authorities will warn you that there is no shortage between your transit visa application documents and will start your application process. At this stage you will pay the visa fee. Our representative will email you the amount you have to pay. This fee includes the visa fee, the service fee of the intermediary company and our consulting fee. You can deposit this fee to our bank account number in TL or send it to our office with your documents in foreign currency.

We send you your passport

After your visa application is made, our authorized person will continue to follow your transactions and notify you as soon as it is concluded. After your visa finalized, you can get your passport from our office if you wish. If you want, our authority can send your passport by cargo to the address you have given. Remember to check your visa once you receive your passport. Make sure all information is correct. If there is a mistake in your visa, call our authority immediately and give information.

How Many Days Take Does Bulgaria Transit Visa Given?

The Bulgaria Transit visa will finalize within 5-7 work days. However, because the Consulate may sometimes request additional documents or due to public holidays, your transactions may be extended. We recommend that you apply for a transit visa 1 month in advance so you can make your travel on right time. Please note that applications made 3 months before the date of travel are not accepted as they are early. We also recommend that you do not finalize your flight and hotel reservations before your application is finalized.

Bulgaria Transit Visa Duration

  • Single entry transit visa

With a single entry transit visa that allows you to stay in Bulgaria for 2 days, you can only enter Bulgaria. However, with a single entry transit visa, you cannot return to the country of return through Bulgaria.

  • Double entry transit visa

With a double entry visa you can stay in Bulgaria for 48 hours for going to there and 48 hours for return.

  • Multi-entry 6 months-1 year transit visa

When applying for multi-entry transit visas, you must submit the necessary documents supporting the reason for this to the Bulgarian Consulate. For example: If you have companies or partners in Romania, Kosovo and Macedonia, you can get invitations from them. Or you can submit customs declarations of your imports and exports.


  • Schengen visa holders don't need a Bulgarian transit visa. Transit through Bulgaria. If you have a private (green), service (gray), diplomatic (black) passport, you are entitled to travel up to 90 days without a visa.
  • A valid Bulgarian visa, EU citizens and those with multiple entry Romanian visas do not need a transit visa.
  • A transit visa in Bulgaria is usually issued for 2 days and with a single entry. If you wish to have a transit visa for a longer period of time, you must provide documentation to support your valid reason.
  • Transit visa is a type of visa that will be more useful for road transport such as cars and buses than air travel.
  • A transit visa in Bulgaria is not a type of visa you can obtain at the border gates during your journey. Bulgaria doesn't give a visa at the border. Therefore, you must get your transit visa before you start your journey.
  • Once you have your transit visa, take your ‘Green Insurance’ and ‘International Driving License‘ with you on your way to Bulgaria. Border police may want to see these documents during your transit to the country.

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