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Documents Required for Bulgaria D Visa

What is D Type Visa - Who can get D Type Visa?

D visa is a type of visa required for long-term stay in Bulgaria. This application can be made by those who go to the country for education, those who go for marriage, those who own a company in Bulgaria, work permits, who open a representative in the country, who are retired and apply for residence permit. The documents that the applicant must submit and the procedures to be followed are different from each other. The documents required by the applicants for visa application are outlined in our page. Once you have clearly defined your purpose, you should prepare your residence permit (D visa) for the purpose for which you want it, and complete your application from the appropriate category.

Euroasia Global Visa Services supports you with your Visa Applications!

Euroasia GVS guides you through your visa applications and tells you how the process is progressing. Completing your application on your own can force you through this process. It is more useful to complete the procedures with a tool that knows well. Because the documents you need to prepare for a visa application must be accurate and complete, as well as translation and certification procedures. Our visa service provides translation and approval of all documents for your application.

Instead of dealing with long and complicated processes in order to make an application, you can call our representatives at our call centers and contact your representatives and complete your visa application quickly. Our representatives are highly experienced in long-term stay procedures. When you contact us, they will share detailed information about the process. We answer your questions about the documents you need to prepare for Bulgaria D visa application, where and how these documents should be obtained, and speed up your application process. You can send your documents to our office by cargo after getting the d type visa application documents from our representatives. 

All your transactions are done by Euroasia GVS

You must submit your documents to the relevant consulate. Euroasia GVS supports you in the exhausting process before you submit your documents. Applicants are required to obtain travel health insurance for the planned trip. Our visa service, health insurance and additional accommodation and transportation reservations are made on your behalf.

Required Documents for Bulgaria D Visa

The documents that are required to be submitted to the consulate unit for visa D applications are more complicated than the c type visa documents. After talking to our representatives, you can get information about the documents you need to prepare. Then you can start your application process by sending the documents you have prepared to our office by cargo.

The documents required for the Bulgaria d visa must be appropriate for your purpose. For example, students don't need to submit documents such as activity certificates requested from company owners. The list of documents for every purpose on our site is listed on separate pages. You can browse the sections under Session permission. The documents required for long-term stay are outlined below;

  1. Passport with a validity of at least 2 years
  2. Travel health insurance
  3. Criminal registry
  4. Accommodation, residence etc. information on how to meet conditions
  5. Marriage certificate if the person is married (Grajdanski Brak)
  6. An example of a registered population
  7. Bank account statement
  8. Student document obtained from the school of student (Udostoverenie za Priemane)
  9. For the residence permit of immigrants, name equivalence certificate, birth certificate, lease contract and so on.
  10. Erasmus Certificate of Acceptance for Travel Erasmus Program
  11. Document proving that there is no tax liability for owners and shareholders

The documents listed above are not sufficient for any application. People are required to add different visa application documents for travel purposes. For example;

  • Owners of companies in Bulgaria should submit a document proving that at least 10 Bulgarian citizens are employed.
  • Persons traveling for educational purposes must submit a commitment that their family cover their expenses during their stay.
  • Persons wishing to open a representative office must obtain a certificate of approval (Udostoverenie) from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • As Euroasia GVS, we assist you in the preparation of all these documents. Our representatives give you detailed information about the documents you need to prepare.

After receiving information about the documents;

  1. Bring your prepared file to our office.
  2. We check the documents we have received to see if they are wrong or missing.
  3. If there isn't any wrong in your documents, we  translate your prepared documents and certified in Bulgarian.
  4. After all of this, wee  request an appointment for you from the consulate.
  5. What you need to do is to be at the consulate on the day and time of your appointment and submit your documents in person.
  6. Remember, during the process the relevant consular unit has the right to request additional documents from the applicants and to call the applicant for an interview.

Bulgaria  D Type Visa Fee

Visa fees for applications may vary depending on the number of days you will stay, your travel purpose. If you meet with our representatives and talk about the details of your trip, the visa fee you have to pay is shared with you. Consular visa fee and service fee of our company are included in the visa fees we share with you. You must pay the consular fee for your application to be processed. Add the visa fee receipt to your application documents. The embassy determines the fee for this consular visa. According to your D visa application documents purpose on our website, residence permit for education, residence permit for marriage, residence permit for retirees, residence permit for Bulgarian citizens, residence permit for erasmus, residence permit for commercial institutions, residence permit for 1978 immigrants, residence permit for company owners the residence permit categories for the family of the person residing in the country concerned are described separately. You can get information by reading the relevant categories before you apply. You can ask your questions by contacting our representatives and you can visit our office if you wish.

When the D type visa applications are finalized?

We carry out your visa application process from the beginning to the end and follow the finalization. Applications are finalized within approximately 45 days. Result times may vary depending on the documents submitted by the person and the density of the consular unit. You can reach our representatives at any time during working hours. You can visit our office to discuss with your representatives about your application. Euroasia GVS continues its efforts to provide you with a comfortable application process.


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