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Consulate General of Bulgaria in Istanbul

The Consulate General of Bulgaria in Istanbul makes works like "double citizenship, red passport issuance, extension, renewal, passport issuance, birth, marriage, death, notarization, translation" for Bulgarian citizens. General Consulate of Bulgaria also has the evaluation and finalization authority for foreign nationals residing in Turkey and  citizens of the Republic of Turkey.

Consulate General of Bulgaria in Istanbul Contact Information

  • Address: Ahmet Adnan Saygun Cd. No: 44 80600 2. Levent, Istanbul
  • Phone: +90 (212) 281 01 14 / +90 (212) 281 01 15 / +90 (212) 281 01 16

Information Line for Visa and Consular Transactions

  • Phone: +90 (212) 264 06 01
  • Fax: +90 212 264 10 11
  • E-Mail: Consulate.Istanbul@mfa.bg
  • Web Site: www.mfa.bg/embassies/turkeygc2

Bulgarian Consulate Working Hours

  • Monday to Friday: 08.00 / 17.30

Working Hours for Bulgarian Passport Application:

  • Monday to Friday: 09.00 / 12.00

Passport Delivery Hours: 

  • Friday: 09.00 / 13.00

Working Hours for Notary, Document Approval and Temporary Passport Procedures: 

  • Monday-Thursday: 08.00 / 11.00

Working Hours for Citizenship Interviews: 

  • Monday to Friday: 10.00 / 12.00

Working Hours for C Type Visa, Commercial and  E Type Visa Applications:

  • Monday-Friday: 11.00 / 12.30

Working Hours for D type Visa Application:

  • Monday to Friday: 14.00 / 16.00

Delivery of Passports for D type Visa:

  • Friday: 09.00 / 12.00

Getting An Appointment from Bulgaria Consulate

For the operations of the Consulate General of Bulgaria (passport renewal, issuance and extension, passport, citizenship interviews), the person must make an appointment with the Consulate General of Bulgaria in Istanbul.

  • Bulgaria Istanbul Consulate Appointment Numbers: +90 (212) 281 06 01 +90 (212) 281 01 15 +90 (212) 279 58 37 

Bulgaria Visa Application Form

Persons applying for a visa to the Consulate General of Bulgaria in Istanbul must submit a fully completed visa application form.

Scope of Authority Places of Consulate General of Istanbul

Citizens residing in the Istanbul, Çanakkale, Kocaeli, Sakarya provinces of the Republic of Turkey, can process their visas the Bulgarian consulate in Istanbul Consulate General.

Public Holidays of Istanbul General Consulate

Bulgaria General Consulate in Istanbul,  does not work in official holiday. The people should consider that the public holiday days for their visas, passports, citizenship applications, document application procedures.

  • January 2     New Year
  • 3 March       Bulgaria Independence Day
  • April 14-17  Easter Day
  • May 1          Labors Day
  • May 19       Atatürk Commemoration and Youth Day
  • 24 May       Bulgarian Education, Culture and Writing Day
  • 26-27 June  Ramadan Feast
  • 30th of August      Victory Day
  • 1-4 September     Feast of the Sacrifice
  • September 6        Bulgaria Unification Day
  • September 22     Bulgaria Independence Day
  • 25-26 December    Christmas Holiday

Officials of the General Consulate  of Bulgaria in Istanbul

  • General Consul of Bulgaria in Istanbul: ANGEL MILLE ANGELOV
  • Chief of Visa Section of the Consulate of Bulgariȧ: Nelly Nicolava Simeonova
  • Commercial Attaché of the Consulate of Bulgariȧ: Toshko Borisov Tomov

Transportation to General Consulate of Bulgaria in Istanbul

Consulate General of Bulgaria in Istanbul is in Besiktas, Ulus. If you want to reach the Consulate, you can go to Zincirlikuyu or Mecidiyeköy station by Metrobus or Metro.
For example, a person who wants to go to the Consulate General of Bulgaria from Avcılar can get off the Metrobus stop at Zincirlikuyu stop and take the bus number DT-1 and DT-2 to Etiler direction. You can reach the Consulate of Bulgaria when you descend at the Tourism Site stop and walk about 100 meters.

You can also reach the General Consulate  of Bulgaria from Mecidiyeköy and Zincirlikuyu by using the following buses.

Buses You Can Ride from Mecidiyeköy

  • IETT DT 1 - Ortaköy Dereboyu- Taksim
  • İETT DT 2 - Ortaköy Dereboyu- Taksim

Buses You Can Get From Zincirlikuyu

  • IETT U 1- Besiktas - Ulus - Zincirlikuy
  • IETT U 2 - Besiktas - Ulus - Zincirlikuyu
  • İETT 58 UL - Ulus - Kabata

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