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Consulate Services in Bulgaria

Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria has diplomatic representatives in four different cities in Turkey. The consulates is located in Istanbul, Edirne, Bursa and Ankara.

Among the duties of diplomatic representatives,

  • To provide consular services to the citizens of their country of origin,
  • Obtaining passports and identity cards for their citizens,
  • Legal issues and so on. provide support in transactions,
  • Trade between Turkey and Bulgaria, cultural, situated execute tasks like social relationships.

Diplomatic representations contribute to the strengthening of the relations between the two countries. However, in addition to the services provided by diplomatic representatives, there are also services that cannot be provided. For example, Bulgarian consulates don't provide visa and passport services for other countries unless authorized. In this page, we would compile the services that consular units can and cannot offer to people in order to be useful.

What services does the Consular Units provide?

  1. To provide up to date information on visas and other procedures for travel to Bulgaria.
  2. Residence of Bulgarian citizens living in Turkey, business, education, social and medical care for the rights reports
  3. Identity card for Bulgarian citizens living in Turkey, passport, driving license, Bulgaria applications, based on operational procedures for issuing identity documents, give help for damage to the documents, which have, lost or remove a temporary passport stolen
  4. Provision of temporary travel documents for citizens of the European Union
  5. To ensure that the civil status documents prepared by the local authorities are also recorded in the residence memory in Bulgaria.
  6. To accept and submit applications for Bulgarian citizenship to the Ministry of Justice of Bulgaria
  7. For Bulgarian citizens, to contact the relevant administrative authorities for legal arrangements, such as inheritance rights in Turkey and provide support to citizens
  8. Helping the Bulgarian citizen by informing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and his / her family in case of a serious illness or death in case of an accident, a victim of an accident abroad, a serious illness or death
  9. In case of abduction and disappearance of Bulgarian citizens, contact the local authorities and request information.
  10. Informing the close relatives of the Bulgarian citizen as a result of his/ her arrest in another country outside his/ her own country

Which Services The Consular Units Can't Offer?

  1. Providing visa services for other countries if not authorized
  2. Book your travels, provide the hotel
  3. To keep your luggage and valuables
  4. Paying your hotel, medical expenses and invoices
  5. To provide lawyer, to cover the costs of litigation
  6. Pay the cost of law services
  7. Representing persons in the case
  8. To get him/ her out of prison and arrange special treatment for Bulgarian citizens in prison
  9. Covering the funeral expenses of the dead Bulgarian citizens
  10. Covering your food, transportation, accommodation and medical expenses, paying a pension
  11. To be the guarantor of loans or other financial transactions
  12. To provide work permit for every situation
  13. Investigating crimes

As you have seen, the diplomatic representation in matters that don't fall within the jurisdiction in Turkey it can not provide support to both the Bulgarian citizens of Turkish citizens. Therefore, when a service outside the jurisdiction of the consulate is requested, these services cannot be met.

There is no police force in the countries where the Bulgarian diplomatic missions are located and they cannot give orders to the institutions of the country where they are located. In the host country, it is in charge of regulating and conducting its relations in accordance with Bulgarian laws and international treaties to which it is a party.

Bulgarian consular units are responsible for visa procedures for citizens of their respective countries, and citizenship, residence, identity and passport and so on. Provides services related to transactions. It is essential to make an appointment before the consular units. However, some consulates may not request an appointment for each transaction due to lack of demand. You can confirm the appointment by calling the relevant consulate.

Consular authorities are obliged to inform citizens of changing procedures or updated information. For this purpose, it makes announcements to citizens through the communication channel of choice. Visa fees, documents and so on. They inform the applicants of any changes that may occur on the website or through announcements posted on the consular premises.


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