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Citizenship Procedures in Bulgaria

Not only immigrants can apply for Bulgarian citizenship, also Turkish citizens who fulfill the necessary requirements can apply too. The Bulgarian citizenship application procedures and the documents required to be prepared vary according to the applicant's year of migration and personal circumstances. We therefore recommend that you seek advice on citizenship procedures before applying.

You can find the list of required documents to apply for Bulgarian citizenship in this page. When you give power of attorney to our experienced officials, we can carry out the follow up of your documents on your behalf.

Required Documents for Citizenship Application to Bulgaria

Personal Documents:

  1. Photo
  2. Photocopy of the passaport
  3. Fully Inclusive Population Registration Example: Must belong to the highest lineage.
  4. Birth Certificate: Notarized.
  5. Name Equivalence Certificate: Should obtained from the District Population Directorate.
  6. Marriage Registration Example
  7. Resume: Detailed resume written in Bulgarian. (For those under the age of 14, parents should also send resumes.)
  8. Certificate of Education: Notarized document should obtained from the Bulgarian Ministry of National Education proving that the applicant speaks Bulgarian.
  9. Criminal Record: Must obtained from Bulgarian and Turkish authorities.
  10. Health Reports: Health Report of the Board of Delegations should showing that the applicant has no health problems.
  11. Bank Statement: A document of the bank account opened in Bulgaria.
  12. Commitment: Certified document obtained from a Bulgarian notary public that will be a permanent resident in Bulgaria.
  13. Lease Contract: Residence must belong to the Bulgaria.

Additional Services

Those who apply for Bulgarian citizenship must definitely have travel health insurance. This document can be taken from our office upon your request. In addition, you can easily handle the documents such as notarization and translation required for citizenship application from our office.

How to Obtain Citizenship from Bulgaria?

1. We receive your birth certificate

The most important step in the application for Bulgarian citizenship is the preparation of documents. The name equivalence certificate and birth certificate are indispensable for the citizenship application. The applicant must obtain the Name Equivalence Certificate. But it is necessary to go to Bulgaria for the birth certificate. If you don't have time and don't think that you can't take the time, our officers (by giving a power of attorney) can get your birth certificate. If your date of birth in official documents  is spelled differently in Turkey and Bulgaria, you can fix it by referring to the Civil Court 

2. We make your citizenship determination

If your name equivalence and birth certificate are ready, it is time for you to apply to the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice for citizenship. The applicant must also go to Bulgaria for this procedure. If you do not have time, we can do your citizenship inquiry by giving power of attorney to our authority without you having to go. According to a response from the Ministry of Justice to "a citizen of Bulgaria" or "not a citizen of Bulgaria", the application for citizenship may be initiated.

3. Apply for a D visa

If the answer is "citizen of Bulgaria", you can apply directly. But if the answer is "not a citizen of Bulgaria" , the person before applying to the embassy Consulate of Bulgaria in Turkey and Bulgaria must receive a D type visa . The D visa issued in 2 months can be taken from Bulgaria for an indefinite 5-year residence permit. The applicant must visit Bulgaria twice for this procedure.

4. Application for citizenship after 3 years

A person who lives in Bulgaria for 3 years with a residence permit is entitled to apply for Bulgarian citizenship at the end of this period. The person prepares the Bulgarian citizenship application documents and makes an appointment to two years after (fifth year of his/hers residency) the General Directorate of Citizenship of the Ministry of Justice of Bulgaria.

5. Calling for an interview

On the date of appointment, the applicant is interviewed and his/hers application is completed. Application for citizenship in Bulgaria is carried out by the General Directorate of Citizenship of the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice. Applications are evaluated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Municipalities. In addition, the citizens' units dealing with the citizenship of the police centers are carried out. Approximately 1.5-2 years after the application, the person can become a citizen. The person receiving the certificate of citizenship may issue a Bulgarian passport.

Costs for Bulgarian Citizenship

Expenses in Bulgarian citizenship procedures vary according to the number of documents to be prepared. The amount you pay for services intermediary institution,  translating cost and notaries costs are required to leave a budget for expenses such approval.


  • The required documents for Bulgarian citizenship applications must be translated into Bulgarian through original, apostilled, sworn translators and certified by a notary public.
  • If one of the parents is a Bulgarian citizen, the person can become a Bulgarian citizen; but it must have written permission from the parents. Citizenship cannot be obtained without this permission.
  • The person applying for Bulgarian citizenship should not have been convicted of a crime.
  • The applicant must have a job to make a living in Bulgaria.
  • Persons which his/hers age is 18, may apply for Bulgarian citizenship in person.
  • For applications under the age of 18, parental leave must be declared. One of the parents must have a nationality.

Who Can Apply for Citizenship in Bulgaria?

Citizenship for 1951-1978  Immigrants

1951 -1978 years in the waves of immigration that took place between hundreds of thousands of people came to Turkey from Bulgaria. According to the agreements made between the two countries; It is accepted that those who migrated in 1951 forcibly and those who emigrated in 1978 voluntarily. But those who come in both periods have the right to apply for Bulgarian citizenship, provided they are still alive. as well as leakage from the outside of the mass exodus to Turkey's important to remind that they can apply for citizenship. Once the applicant has acquired her citizenship, she can also apply for Bulgarian citizenship for her children and grandchildren, provided that she waits 5 years for each generation.

Obtaining Bulgarian Citizenship for Children

Children under the age of 18, whose parents are Bulgarian citizens, are eligible for Bulgarian citizenship. Citizenship application procedures are made through the mother or father. The documents required for citizenship application, ‘Name Equivalence Certificate’, ‘Birth Certificate’ and other documents are prepared in a notarized and translated form, and the Bulgarian Identity Number (EGN) is required for the child. EGN must be certified by the Ministry of Justice. A Bulgarian passport can be applied for the child whose EGN is obtained.

Getting Bulgarian Citizenship Due to Family Ties

Those who are not Bulgarian citizens but among Bulgarian family members can apply for citizenship. Parents whose children are Bulgarian citizens, or children over the age of 18, whose parents are Bulgarian citizens, have such a right.

Getting Citizenship of Bulgaria through Marriage

Persons who marry a Bulgarian citizen are entitled to Bulgarian citizenship. First of all, the marriage must be documented. Then, the person must apply for a visa for Bulgaria D and apply for a residence permit there. After waiting 5 years, a residence permit can be applied for citizenship.

Receiving Bulgarian Citizenship by Investor Identity

Turkish citizens have the right to acquire Bulgarian citizenship, although they do not have a family bond with a Bulgarian citizen. One way is to invest in Bulgaria. When the company founders purchase a Government Bonds worth 512 thousand Euros, they can apply for Bulgarian citizenship with their Investor Certificate.

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