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Citizenship of Bulgaria

In barter years (1938- 1951-1968-1978) immigrants from Bulgaria to Turkey, even though they have given up their rights can take back to their Bulgarian citizenship. Children who become citizens of Bulgaria can also make their children and grandchildren citizens. You can find detailed information about the procedure for becoming a Bulgarian citizen and the current list of documents to be prepared.
Citizenship procedures involve a long and complex process. The slightest deficiency in your documents will further extend your citizenship application process. We recommend that you seek advice to avoid unexpected surprises during this challenging process.

Euroasia GVS,

  • Determination of your Bulgarian citizenship,
  • Getting a Birth Certificate,
  • To apply for a D Visa for citizenship,
  • Getting a residence permit
  • And last but not least, you will be with you at all stages until you apply for citizenship. To do this, you need to contact our authorities and make an appointment. If you give a proxy to our officials in our expert staff, your application procedures will be followed quickly on your behalf.

Bulgaria Citizenship Documents

  1. Photocopy of T.C. passport
  2. Bulgarian citizenship determination form
  3. 2 pieces of biometric photos
  4. Name Equivalence Certificate: Obtained from the District Population Directorate and must be apostilled.
  5. Population Registration Sample: It should be taken from the Population Directorate and should be apostilled. It should be taken with the maiden name for women.
  6. Example of Marriage Registration: Must be apostilled.
  7. Power of Attorney: Must be notarized and apostilled.
  8. Documents from Bulgaria

Bulgaria Citizenship Procedure

1. Identify Your Upper Lineage

Before applying for a Bulgarian citizenship, the person must prepare some documents. The most important of these is the identification of the upper lineage that was born in Bulgaria. The applicant must receive the highest population genealogical records from the Population Directorate is connected to the place where they live in Turkey and should apostille from the governorship.

2. Get Birth Certificate

Another important document for citizenship application is the Birth Certificate. Some migrants with official documents located in the dates of birth, dates of birth may not be the same in Turkey in Bulgaria. If this is the case, the applicant must obtain a Birth Certificate from the mayor of the provincial district village or town where he/ she is registered in the Bulgarian register. Then it is necessary to apply to the court for correct the dates of birth in Turkey. If you delegate to our authority, we can get your "Birth Certificate" without having to go to Bulgaria.

3. Apply for Citizenship

Citizenship application is made to the Ministry of Justice of Bulgaria after obtaining the Name Equivalence Certificate and Birth Certificate. According to the citizen or non citizen gets a response from the Ministry of Justice, and the Bulgarian citizenship application process starts.

Questions to be Answered for the CV of the Applicant

  • Which date were they migrated to Turkey?
  • What is the name (3) used in Bulgaria?
  • Place of birth (province, district, village or town) in Bulgaria.
  • The last place of residence (province, county, village or town) before migration from Bulgaria.
  • Three (3) names of applicant's mother, place of birth and date of birth.
  • Three (3) names of applicant's father, place of birth and date of birth.

After all the documents required for Bulgarian citizenship application are completed, the application can be made.

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